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Claudia Doumit: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

If you are a gamer and familiar with the Call of Duty games, you must know Claudia Doumit for her role as Karim.

Additionally, you might have seen her in the Amazon Prime series The Boys, where she portrays the role of Victoria Neuman.

Claudia Doumit smiling
Claudia Doumit smiling (source:

Claudia is an Australian actress of mixed descent who has been in the acting industry for about a decade. 

Initially, she started as an additional cast in The Hamster Wheel’s TV series.

She later became famous for her roles in the American series Timeless and The Boys.

This article looks into the early life, career, net worth, and income of Claudia Doumit.

Quick Facts

Real Name Claudia Doumit
Date of Birth March 31, 1987
Age 37 years old
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Education National Institute of Dramatic Art, Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Profession Acting
TV Debut The Hamster Wheel
Movie Debut Losing in Love
Video Games Disney Infinity, Call of Duty
Mother Mary Zavaglia
Father Morrie Doumit
Brother James Doumit
Sister None
Marital Status Unmarried
Height In feet: 5 feet 8 inches
In centimeters: 172 cm
Weight In kilograms: 54 kg
In pounds: 120 lbs
Zodiac Aries
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Source of Income Acting and Promotion
Net Worth $2 Million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Updated May, 2024

Claudia Doumit: Appearance

Claudia Doumit is of Lebanese and Italian descent. The actress has a Bulbous nose that she shares with her mother as a distinctive feature.

Additionally, Claudia has a dimpled smile, which adds to her beautiful looks.

Moreover, she has fuller eyebrows and lips, high cheekbones, and sharp jawlines.

Talking about her physique, the actress stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall with a bodyweight of 54 kilograms.

Similarly, the actress has a slim body with a bust of 33 inches, a waist of 27 inches, and hips of 34 inches.

Additionally, Claudia wears a size six dress in the US and shoes of size 7 in the US.

Call of Duty used Claudia’s natural appearance for the character design of Karim. As a result, the character Karim is a mirror figure of Claudia.

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Claudia Doumit: Early Life

Claudia was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 31, 1987. She was also raised in Australia.

Although she was born in Australia, she is Lebanese and Italian descent.

Her mother is of Italian descent named Mary Zavaglia. Similarly, her father, Morrie Doumit, is of Lebanese descent.

A family picture of Claudia
Claudia in a family picture (source:

She grew up as an extrovert and outgoing person and loved being the center of attention.

Claudia was interested in acting from a young age. Therefore, she decided to join the Actors College of Theatre and Television and The Actors Centre for study.

She later graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), located in Kensington, Australia.

After graduation, Claudia moved to America to pursue an acting career.

She also took an intensive program in Los Angeles. In addition, she attended the program with the Stella Adler Academy of Acting for two-year.

Claudia Doumit: Career

Before moving to America, Claudia worked as an additional cast for a single episode of an Australian comedy series called The Hamster Wheel.

She then graduated and moved to America in pursuit of success in the acting industry.

However, Claudia did not land a significant role until 2016. Before that, she worked in many minor roles in different series.

Early Career

Claudia worked on different single-episode roles before achieving a significant role. 

During this time, she appeared in series such as Faking It, New Girl, Mike & Molly, etc., for a single episode.

She also portrayed Aide’s role in Scandal for three episodes in her early career.

Additionally, Claudia appeared in some episodes of a short TV film named Nasty Habits in 2014, 2016, and 2017.

Moreover, she played the role of a side character in the series ‘How to Be a Vampire’ for six episodes.

Similarly, the actress was also in Supergirl during the ‘Ace Reporter’ episode as Beth Breen.

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Timeless and The Boys

After multiple minor roles, Claudia finally landed a lead role in the NBC series Timeless.

The series started in 2016 with Claudia portraying the role of Jiya Marri. Additionally, the show ran for 28 episodes and concluded in 2018.

Claudia during the Timeless shoot
Claudia during the Timeless shoot (source:

The show helped Claudia gain success. And it also brought Claudia’s acting skills into the limelight.

Doumit later earned a significant role in The Boys series, where she reunited with Goran, Malcolm, and Eric from Timeless.

Media announced the casting of Doumit as Victoria Neuman for the Amazon series during its second season.

Victoria Neuman is one of the Supes species which are superhumans and have powers. In addition, her powers are molecular combustion.

Doumit has appeared in five episodes of the second season of the Amazon hit superhero series.

Moreover, she was also featured in the series’ third season trailer.


She has appeared in multiple minor roles in different movies since 2016.

To clarify, she has worked on movies such as Anything, Dude, Up There, Where’d You Go, Bernadette as minor side characters.

Moreover, she is currently focused on her Television career and has not worked on films for two years.

Video games

Claudia’s career is not limited to only films and television. She has extended her acting career into video games as well.

Her first work in video games was for Disney’s game Infinity 3.0.  In addition, she worked as a voice actor for the project.

Her more successful and well-known work in the video games industry is in the Call of Duty games.

Claudia and her character Karim
Claudia and her character Karim (source:

She has a character named Farah Karim built based on her appearance and voice. 

The character is a female lead and also a playable character. 

Additionally, Farah Karim has appeared in two Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare and Warzone.

For their similarities, the character is also compared to another character from a different game, the Last of Us.

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Claudia Doumit: Personal Life

As Claudia only recently came to the limelight, not much personal information is known about her personal life.

Claudia had a boyfriend named Blake Lewis back in 2016/2017. However, recently she has not posted anything related to him.

Nevertheless, there are multiple pictures of the couple from back when they went to concerts together.

Claudia is very close with his brother James Doumit. They often spend a lot of time together. 

In addition, whenever Claudia is not busy with her work, she is excited to catch up with his elder brother.

Claudia also loves spending time with her friends and can be seen going crazy with her friend group.

Net Worth and Income

She predictably earns around $60 to $70 thousand from her acting works.

Claudia Doumit has an estimated net worth of about $2 million.

In addition, she may have other sources of income that are not disclosed.

In conclusion, Claudia lives a comfortable life and does not have any financial problems.

Claudia Doumit: Social Media

Claudia is active on Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, she has a following of 96k on Instagram with a verified account.

However, she does not have a verified Twitter account but still has a following of 15.4k.

Doumit mostly posts photos of her with her friends and family.

Additionally, she posts things related to her work and projects.

Claudia Doumit: FAQs

Will Claudia Doumit be in the third season of The Boys?

After appearing in five of the Boys‘ episodes, Claudia’s character, Victoria Neuman, plays a vital role in the storyline.

Hence, Claudia is a regular for the third season of the series.

What does Claudia think about her character Karim in Call of Duty?

Claudia has revealed that Karim is similar to her role models, Middle Eastern women.

In addition, she never thought that she would play a character that she always believed to be never written.

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