Conan Gray Boyfriend

Conan Gray Boyfriend: Who Is He Dating? Gender And Sexuality

Conan Gray’s boyfriend has been a mystery since he seems to be a private person while sharing about his relationship in public.

The first studio album by former YouTuber turned musician Conan Gray, Kid Krow, was released in March 2020. Conan began his YouTube career when he was nine years old. 

His most frequently published vlogs focused on his life in Georgetown, Texas. He also shared song covers on the channel, which helped his music become known worldwide.

His first EP for Republic Records, Sunset Season, has received over 300 million streams. His breakthrough song, Maniac, has over 100 million streams and has been certified Platinum in Australia.

Conan Gray Boyfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Conan Gray isn’t currently dating anyone at the moment.

Conan is renowned for sharing his experiences with love and heartbreak through his contagious pop music. Still, you might be surprised to learn that he has never been in a committed relationship. 

The “Telepath” singer admitted that he “lives vicariously” through his friends’ relationships in his most recent interview with GQ. You’ll probably be shocked to learn that I’ve never actually been in a relationship, he told the publication. “I feel embarrassed! It makes me anxious to date.”

Conan has written songs about turbulent crushes and relationships over the years, such as “Crush Culture,” “Maniac,” and “Telepath.” 

He’s never been on a date, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced the powerful feelings of falling in love.

Was Conan Gray Dating Olivia Rodrigo? 

Since the release of her album Drivers License, Olivia Rodrigo’s private life has come under intense media scrutiny. Olivia made headlines again, this time due to an alleged relationship with Conan Gray, after fending off rumors about a relationship with co-star Joshua Bassett.

Olivia Rodrigo
Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo (Source:

Two songs from Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of Fearless were leaked by Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray in early April 2021, one day before the album’s official release. 

Fans claimed that Olivia and Gray appeared to be dating in the two videos they filmed together.

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The focus shifted from Taylor’s songs to a potential Conan and Olivia romance. When Rodrigo revealed to Capital that Conan was her friend and the man who produces most of her music also produces most of his, she quickly put an end to the rumors.

Conan Gray Sexuality: His He Gay?

Conan’s sexuality came under discussion after he rose to the status of the global megastar. Fans and interviewers have repeatedly asked Gray about his sexuality, but he deftly sidesteps the questions.

conan gray
Conan Gray found it annoying when people started questioning about his sexuality (Source:

He rebuffed the label of “gay” and said that people should stop attempting to categorize his sexuality. He claimed on Twitter that people irritate him and only want to label him. In addition, he asked for permission to exist.

Conan Gray Talks About His Highschool Crush

Conan admitted to Billboard in January 2019 that he had a bad love life and hadn’t even gotten his first kiss. He assured his followers that his upcoming album in 2020 would spill all of his secrets, and it didn’t let them down.

He describes a pair of best friends who, out of fear of their friends’ reactions, kept their feelings for one another a secret in The Story.  Conan swears revenge in Checkmate on two lovers who dumped him so they could date one another. Conan is seen in the song’s music video attempting to hold onto a boy and girl in love.

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Conan’s love life is perhaps most openly discussed in “Heather.” He recently unveiled the song’s music video, which discusses his efforts to imitate Heather, a girl who was the love of his high school crush.

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