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Dominic Di Tommaso: Injuries, Personal Life & Net Worth

Australian Parkour and Free runner Dominic Di Tommaso is a household name. He is an active member of elite teams, Team Farang and Crew 42.

His fans popularly know Tommaso by the alias name Domtomato. He is an athlete who Red Bull sponsors.

Also, he was sponsored by the Australian Academy of Parkour, Exercise, and Self Defence. Moreover, he became the face of GQ Australia.

Tommaso usually scale cliffs, jumps off rooftops, and rebounds from window ledges. In addition, he attempts several daredevil stunts, which are breathtaking.

Also, he was a contestant on Channel Seven’s gaming show, Running Man Style Ultimate Tag. He featured as the Dominator who chased the other participants.

Dominic Di Tommaso doing Parkour moves.
Dominic Di Tommaso while making Parkour moves.

It was a primetime Television show which gained him immense popularity and also various sponsor deals.

Tommaso was into figure skating and ballet during his childhood. He competed in the skating championship and even received the winning title.

In addition, he has IMDb credits for movies and series like Ultimate Tag, ABC of, and Twist.

Tommaso has been a shining armor in the field of Free running and has taken Parkour’s moves to the next level.

If you want to know about this talented personality, then keep scrolling.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Australian free runner Dominic Di Tommaso:

Fullname Dominic Di Tommaso
Nickname/Celebrated name Domtomato
Date of birth May 14, 1992
Age [calculate_years datestring=”05/14/1992″] Years Old
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Nationality Australian
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Body Type Athletic
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Shoe Size N/A
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
High School N/A
University N/A
Hobbies Figure Skating, Ballet, Parkour
Profession Free Runner, Parkour, and YouTuber
Representing Country Australia
Skills Figure Skating, Ballet, Parkour
Awards N/A
Team Team Farang and Crew 42
TV Shows Appearances Ultimate Tag, ABC of, and Twist
Years active 2007 – Present
Net worth $1.5 million
Free Run Merch Shoes
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Dominic Di Tommaso: Body Measurements

Australian Athlete Dominic Di Tommaso’s exact body measurement is not revealed.

As for his facial features, he has a fair appearance with a dashing smile. In addition, he has light brown eyes with brown hair.

Tommaso has an athletic body type and often exercises to maintain his physique.

During the covid times, Tommaso trained in the cityscape and hardly missed his practice.

He consumes nutritious food and maintains a balanced diet.

Dominic Di Tommaso: Early Life and Education

Dominic Di Tommaso was born on 14th May 1992 in Sydney, Australia. He spent most of his childhood in Canterbury, where he grew up.

In addition, he has a sibling, a sister named Phoebe Di Tommaso, who is very close to him. However, the details of his parent are not known.

Tommaso was very athletic as a young child and wanted to try various sports. Before stepping into the world of Free running, he used to do figure skating and ballet.

As he was from a figure skating family and ballet background, he practiced it from a very young age.

He competed in the figure skating championships during the 2010-11 season and was the senior national winner.

Moreover, the athlete felt that during his time in Canterbury, he thought he couldn’t fit in.

Also, his choice of sport, which was figure skating, was not popular those days. Tommaso lacked in social interactions, which made it difficult to adjust.

So, at the young age of eight, he started visiting a sports psychologist to improve his skills. Tommaso then exercised to make his body agile since figure skating made his body pretty stiff.

He went on to love practicing Parkour moves as it gave him a sense of freedom. Tommaso and his friends filmed themselves climbing walls in different locations and posted it on YouTube thrice a week.

In addition, he worked as a garbage collector before becoming a professional, free runner.

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Dominic Di Tommaso: Career

Dominic Di Tommaso is professionally a free runner who made his debut as a free runner in 2007. He competed in many gaming events in countries like Europe and Thailand.

Along with other famous free runners Pasha Petkuns and Jason Paul, he represents Team Farang.

The athlete became an official member of the team in 2016 after working with them since 2011. In addition, they have an Instagram account with over 283k followers. 

Dominic Di Tommaso doing Parkour moves at Eqypt
Dominic Di Tommaso was making Parkour moves at Eqypt.

Tommaso has been a part of the Red Bull Art of Motion free-running competition for a long time. It is a free-running and parkour game event created by the Red Bull company.

He created free running videos in the Swiss Alps, Bruges, and Cairo during his sponsorship with Red Bull. The shot was incredible and received lots of praise.

Tommaso is a member of the Aapes company, a community gym focusing on Free running and Parkour.

He is sponsored by them and frequently trains with the Australian crew, Crew 42. 

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Dominic Di Tommaso: Personal Life

Australian athlete Tommaso is not married and doesn’t have children. However, during his interview with GQ Australia in June 2020, he said that having a girlfriend has motivated him.

Also, in 2019, the Daily Mail posted a picture of him with Ellison and called her his partner. However, Tommaso hasn’t confirmed anything about his relationship.

As for his hobbies, he likes watching television and gaining knowledge about the media arts in his leisure time.

Tommaso consumes a heavy meal for his diet. However, he finds his mother’s homecooked meal, Spaghetti bolognese, the best.

From the various places, he visited he liked Barcelone the best. Tommaso loves movies and would like to swap life with famous actor Vin Diesel if given the opportunity.

Moreover, he loves shoes and becomes happy if he receives them through sponsors or as gifts. During his work as a garbage collector, he used to find some new-looking shoes.

Dominic Di Tommaso: Injuries

From the YouTube channel Team Farang, Dominic Di Tommaso shares his parkour journey. Also, he talks about his Parkour failures and his injuries.

He injured his wrist and split his chin during a failed fall. Also, his back was swollen, and he hurt his leg & toe. 

During his failed fall in a Parkour event in China, he fractured his cheeks and dislocated his wrist.

It took him around three months to recover from his injury, and he had to visit a physiotherapist. Moreover, in 2019 Tommaso somersaulted the stairs of Lyon, France.

The steps were 6 meters long and had around 25 steps. However, the stunt fractured Tommaso’s foot.

Dominic Di Tommaso: Net Worth and Merchandise

Dominic Di Tommaso is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. He earns money from competing in free-running championships.

Moreover, he has personalized merchandise called Classic Tomato, which includes Tank tops, t-shirts, and Long sleeve T-shirts.

The clothes cost around $50 and are available in black and white colors.

Tommaso’s brand clothes include Long Tomato, Splat Tee, Tuck Tee, Kong Long Sleeve, and Dominate Tee.

Dominic Di Tommaso's merchandise
Dominic Di Tommaso’s merchandise.

His associated team, Team Farang, sell Hoodies for $80, Tank Top for $38, Cargo Pants for $72, tee for $38, socks for $7.65, and beanie for $25.20.

As a YouTuber, he earns some money from the views received for his videos. He generates income at a range of $3,400 to $40,000 from his one million views.

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Dominic Di Tommaso: Social Media

He is active on Instagram with a whopping 1.7 million followers. On the site, he shares several Parkour moves like jumping, climbing, and scaling buildings.

His followers can see high-quality free running clips from his Instagram page.

Also, he is present on Twitter with 3.77k followers. He joined the site in March 2009.

Tommaso usually tweets what’s going on in his head and interacts with his fans often.

Moreover, Tommaso has a Facebook page that has 193k likes and around 227k followers.

Similarly, he has a YouTube channel with 220k subscribers. He uploads videos often and updates his fans about his free running and Parkour journey.

Tommaso is pretty active in all of his social networking sites.


Who are the widely known Free runners of today?

As of [current-year], many new individuals want to try out free running or Parkour as their career choice.

Athletic personalities like Tim Shieff, Ryan Doyle, Pasha Petkuns are amongst the famous free runners.

When did Free running first become popular?

It was in the 1980s when Free running first became popular. In addition, France was the country to make it known to the world.

People found the daredevil moves astonishing and started trying in their surroundings.

As a result, free running or Parkour has become a part of some significant sports of this century.

There are around eighty active YouTubers who create free running videos for their channel.

Which Free running Youtuber has the most subscribers?

Storror has the most followers on Youtube, with a whopping 7.22 million subscribers.

In addition, they are a seven-member group of renowned free-running athletes.

Also, their videos generate millions of views and likes. Moreover, they have merchandise and sell hoodies and T-shirts.

Who is the wealthiest athlete?

Retired basketball player Michael Jordan holds the number one position as the wealthiest athlete and has a net worth of $2.2 Billion.

As we all know, athletes earn a lot of money from participating in competitions and gaming events. Other rich athletes include Tom Brady, Lewis Hamilton, Floyd Mayweather, and others.

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