Big Sky Kitchen: Who Is Eduardo Garcia Wife Becca Skinner? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Mexican chef Eduardo Garcia is the owner of many restaurants in Mexico City and is married to his lovely partner Becca Skinner.

Similarly, he is frequently regarded as one of Mexico’s best chefs and is well known.

As a dishwasher for Chef Scott Adair at the Purple Cactus Cafe in Atlanta, Garcia started his career in the food service industry. He was brought into the kitchen after Chef Adair noticed his fantastic talent.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Garca was renowned for bringing accessible, stylish, and hyper-seasonal meals to Mexico City’s dining scene.

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Big Sky Kitchen: Who Is Eduardo Garcia’s Wife Becca Skinner? 

Since July 2019, Eduardo Garcia has happily married his partner, Becca Skinner.

She is an environmentalist, photographer, and explorer for National Geographic. Currently, the pair is staying together in Montana.

In just three months of dating, his bride said she already knew Garcia was the one she would love to wed. Garcia and his wife have an unbreakable bond. 

 The couple established Maximo Bistrot in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City in December 2011, and since then, the area has attracted the city’s hottest new eateries. Since then, Maximo has received many honors.

Maximo Bistrot was voted #41 by William Reed Business Media among the top 50 restaurants in Latin America for 2015.
Celeb Chef Eduardo Gracia And The Future Of Bionic Limbs Source: Youtube

Eduardo is available on Instagram under the handle of @chefeduardogarciawhereas his wife is available under @beccaskinner, with more than thousands of fans and followers.

When scrolling through their feed, they have shared a few of their pictures and seems to be very happy together. Not only that, their comment section is filled with appreciation, love, and concern for them.

However, there is no idea about welcoming or any plans to have a kid as no such information is yet shared. 

Eduardo Gracia Family Details

Manuel Garcia was the father of a well-known personality, Eduardo, who was a cook and fisherman. 

When Garcia was eight years old, his parents immigrated to the United States as migrant farm workers and tasked him with cooking basic meals like chicken soups and beef and vegetables. This is when Garcia first developed a love for cooking.

Similarly, his mother taught Montessori and was an author and astrologer. To return to Mexico and go fishing, his father left him and his two siblings, twin brother Eugenio and sister Ellie, behind.

Furthermore, Garcia was not even 13 when he first met his father, but he regrettably lost his father in 2017 and missed him a lot.

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Eduardo Garcia Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Eduardo Garcia’s net worth is $2.5 million. The bionic chef’s food business, Montana Mex, and his job as a professional chef have helped him accumulate enormous wealth.

Throughout college, Garcia worked at a Japanese diner called Saitos. He worked as a cook for two and a half years on the 107-foot yacht Dorothea after graduating.

Also, he spent 11 years working as a chef on numerous boats around the globe and gaining knowledge of diverse ethnic cuisines. In 2010, Garcia co-founded Montana Mex, a range of flavored salts, hot sauces, and salsas with a Mexican influence.
Celeb chef Eduardo Garcia recovers from near-death Source: Today

Late in 2011, he lost his left arm after suffering a severe electrical shock while out hunting. He received a prosthetic hook in September 2013 and then a bionic hand.

Garcia’s recipes have been published on,, and Refinery29, and his documentary feature film Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story was released in 2018.

He has additionally participated in Chopped as a guest judge. Along with being an athlete, motivational speaker, and outdoor enthusiast

In addition, because of his involvement in so many areas, he is the owner of a multi-millionaire.

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