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Holly Monteleone: Paramedic, Night Watch & Net Worth

Holly Monteleone was touched by the fact that her friend saved a 17-year-life old’s and became interested in being a paramedic.

She is a paramedic and television personality from the United States of America.

Holly Monteleone taking a selfie (Source: Twitter)

She is a fully qualified EMT-P in the New Orleans area. She is also known for her role in the series Night Watch.

The article focuses on the personal life, career, and net worth of Holly Monteleone. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Holly Monteleone: 

Full Name Holly Monteleone
Birth Date September 24 
Birthplace New Orleans, United States of America
Nationality American
Education N/A
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac  Libra
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Sibling N/A
Age N/A
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 66 kg (145 pounds) 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Profession Paramedic and TV Personality 
Partner Derek Blanchard
Daughter Violet Sherman 
Net Worth  $100,000
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Paramedic Merch  Travel Mug, Books
Last Update May 2024

Holly Monteleone: Age, Height, and Weight

Monteleone stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 66 kg.

This lovely paramedic has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her current age, however, is unknown.

Moreover, Holly was born under the astrological sign of Libra.

Charisma, cleverness, bluntness, charm, and flawless communication are all traits associated with the sign.

Additionally, Libra also has a rose as its official symbol. Being a symbol of peace and love, Roses is an excellent match for Libra’s keen sense of what is right.

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Holly Monteleone: Personal Life

Holly Monteleone was born in New Orleans and currently resides there. She was born on September 24.

She has always been assertive and self-assured. Holly’s family consists of a mother, stepfather, a baby brother, and a sister.

Her family’s background, on the other hand, remains unknown.

Furthermore, the reality star is very close to her family, and she demonstrates her love for them regularly.

In addition, she has a tattoo signifying her love for her family. 

Holly explained on Twitter that her right-hand tattoos signify her parents’ names and the year her mother married her stepfather.


Even when she was a child, Holly Monteleone had always received great grades. Monteleone began high school at the age of sixteen.

She is a high school graduate and has a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university.


Holly is in madly love with her boyfriend, Derek Blanchard, as indicated by her Instagram posts.

The pair have kept their meeting date and location a secret. On the other hand, the duo was sighted in New Orleans during the 2017 French Quarter Celebration.

Holly Monteleone with her husband and daughter.
Holly Monteleone is posing with her husband and daughter.

On August 2, 2018, she even shared an image of herself clutching a pregnancy tester with the pregnant conclusion.

Additionally, the pair were thrilled to share their happiness with their fans and relatives on Instagram.


The couple has a baby girl named Violet Sherman; however, Violet’s actual birth date is uncertain.

In addition, the couple has a godchild. Furthermore, the couple enjoys spending time with their godchild.

Holly Monteleone: Career

Holly Monteleone wanted to be a lawyer at first. However, she never had a distinct idea of what a paramedic was.

While undergoing training to benefit a friend who may be eligible for a bonus due to the program, she began her training as an EMT.

However, Monteleone got hooked after a week of working and has never looked back since. Moreover, she is currently employed as a paramedic.

She has also starred in reality television shows such as Nightwatch (2016).

The show Nightwatch is a life-saving event broadcast nationally from the front line. 

On the other hand, the show focuses on the responsibilities of emergency responders in the fast-paced city of New Orleans.

Her job is challenging while also being interesting. Furthermore, Holly has saved hundreds of lives by utilizing her abilities and skills.

Moreover, Holly once stated, “The value of my job is incalculable.”

“Through this employment, I gained a second family. Every day, I assist others. As a result, I have a sense of self-worth, and I feel wanted,” she added on. 

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Holly Monteleone: Net Worth 

Holly lives a comfortable life as she works as a paramedic. Paramedics in the United States make an average of $75,000 per year.

Holly has appeared on reality television shows, which also increased her net worth.

The unintended paramedic seemed to be making a decent life. But, on the other hand, Holly has kept her finances a secret.

The estimated net worth of Holly Monteleone is around $100,000.

Holly Monteleone: Social Media 

Holly Monteleone can be found on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Moreover, there are also a few Holley Monteleone profiles on Facebook, but there is no information about the official Facebook account.

Holly Monteleone often shares photos of her family on social media.
Holly Monteleone posing with her child

She also frequently posts images of her family, friends, and pets on social media networks.

She has over 89K followers on her Instagram account. On Twitter, she has over 31.8k followers.

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Does Holly Monteleone have tattoos? 

Holly Monteleone does have tattoos on different parts of her body. However, the details about the tattoos are not known. 

What is the most challenging component of a paramedic?

Holly Monteleone responded, “I’ve witnessed death. Young and elderly, natural, unusual, unforeseen, self-inflicted, accidental We’ve seen everything “.

She added the worst part is that you never get a chance to save.

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