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Is Drew Dreschel Still In Jail? What Happened- Arrest And Charge

Drew Drechsel, the winner of season 11 of the popular American reality show “American Ninja Warrior,” is in jail, awaiting judgment as his court date approaches.

Due to his involvement in American Ninja Warrior and SASUKE, the program that gave it its Japanese name, Drew Drechsel, has become well known. 

He participated in both the American and Japanese versions for many seasons because he was an established figure in the gaming industry.

He was trouble-free until August 2020, when, in response to federal investigators, he was detained in Florida and charged with several sex-related offenses after being accused of seeking sex with a young person from New Jersey.

Is Drew Dreschel Still In Jail?

In a federal jail in the city of Philadelphia, Drew Drechsel is currently awaiting trial. The court routinely rejected his request for release, and his legal team continually postponed the trial date.

Regarding the claim that he had improper contact with a juvenile in 2015, Drechsel is awaiting the outcome of the court’s docket. The verdict from the jury, as well as the court’s decision, are still pending.

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His accusations include the creation of juvenile pornography, enticing a teen to engage in illicit sexual activity, traveling with a minor in order to commit a crime, and using interstate commerce to seduce a child.

Investigators claim that while conducting their inquiries, they discovered several sexually explicit photographs of the victim taken when she was a young child on his mobile. 

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Drew Dreschel Arrest And Charges

Drew Dreschel would be subject to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 if found guilty.

While he awaits his child sex charges trial, Drew Drechsel is being held in custody. The outcome has not yet been announced by the court. He had sex with a juvenile in New Jersey, according to what the FBI discovered. The investigation team also claimed that he exposed the teen to obscene images and videos.

He was accused of producing child pornography and using children in illicit sexual acts by those who investigated him.

His bail was frequently denied by the court, and the trial date was continually postponed by his legal team.

Drechsel is awaiting the judgment of the court with regard to the allegation that he had improper contact with a minor in 2015. The verdict from the jury and the ruling from the court is still pending.

Is Drew Drechsel Married?

No, Drew Drechsel is not married to his longtime partner April Beckner. He is currently imprisoned in prison in Philadelphia. 

Drew Drechsel girlfriend
Drew Drechsel with his girlfriend April Beckner

After Drechsel was taken into detention, she cut off all communication with the public and the media because she seldom gets any attention. Additionally, the couple has a son named Korey. He’s getting close to three.

When she was a young girl, she used to work as a teacher at the New Period Fitness facility in Connecticut. 

Drew Drechsel Career Details

Drew Drechsel is a fitness trainer and American Ninja Warrior champion. Drew Drechsel’s net worth is $2 million as of 2022. He got to prominence after winning the American Ninja Warrior Championship. He is also one of the most well-known foreigners to complete a SASUKE.

Drew has competed in over 17 championships, and his performance continues to improve with each participation. He accomplished so much in his profession and has become an example to others.

He has been interested in fitness since childhood and began competing in numerous championships before becoming well-known in the United States as a Real Life Ninja. He has competed in a variety of tournaments throughout the world, including American Ninja Warrior.

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