Kamala Harris Arrested

Is Kamala Harris Arrested? What Happened To Her? Controversy Explained

People are searching on the Internet whether or not Kamala Harris was arrested. Here’s what you need to know about the controversy.

Kamala Harris historically took office, becoming the first woman to serve as President “a heartbeat away.”

Her first year as vice president, however, had not been easy.

It has been a challenging task. Ms. Harris’ popularity has plunged. The president has assigned her functions that range from difficult to nearly impossible. High-profile resignations have plagued her office.

Is Kamala Harris Arrested?

No, Kamala Harris is not arrested

Democratic rising star Kamala Harris traveled to nearly every corner of California during her successful 2016 Campaign to replace Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate, and she’s continued to do so somewhat since taking office.

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The Central California Women’s Facility houses nearly 3,000 inmates and is located in the Chowchilla farmlands, about three hours from San Francisco, where Harris was elected district attorney in 2003.

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Harris, the first black woman in that position, was acutely aware of inequities in the prison system.

Days after her visit to the prison, Harris would introduce legislation with Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Richard Durbin of Illinois.

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Harris will ask lawmakers to fund programs specifically designed to assist women who have been released from prison. She reintroduced the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, legislation that would create a top-to-bottom review of the justice system, with colleagues from both parties.

Kamala Harris Controversy: What Happened?

According to a November poll conducted by USA Today, Ms. Harris had a public approval rating of 28%, making her one of the least popular vice presidents in modern history, ranking lower than Iraq War architect Dick Cheney, who Democrats reviled.

That “comically bad” poll, was the catalyst for the flood of “what’s wrong with Kamala Harris” stories which dominated the latter half of 2021. The poll effectively framed the vice-president debate as one of struggle and disappointment.

Kamala Harris speech
Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 189 union hall (Source: foxnews.com)

According to Cliff Young, president of U.S. Public Affairs at polling firm Ipsos, the forces dragging down Ms. Harris are the same as those dragging down her boss – the Covid pandemic and the economy. Mr. Biden’s approval rating will rise if Americans believe those issues are being addressed, according to Mr. Young, and her popularity will increase as well.

He mentions a silver lining for the vice president. Most polls place her at the top of the list of potential Democratic presidential nominees for 2024. She still appears to have political clout, at least within her Party, particularly among women and minority voters.

Kamala Harris Tough Portfolio

Ms. Kamala has been tasked with two high-profile tasks since taking office. The first step is to address the underlying causes of undocumented migration to the United States from Central American countries. 

During the first year of Biden’s presidency, the number of immigrants crossing into the U.S. from the “Northern Triangle” of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increased. The administration sought ways to stem the flow while reversing some of Trump’s more draconian policies.

The job, as described, was challenging but doable. In the Obama administration, Mr. Biden served in a similar capacity as Vice President. It’s probably no coincidence that Ms. Harris’ slide into disapproval began when the entire immigration issue was hung around her neck.

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She is also tasked with implementing national voting reform. However, the vice president’s efforts have been doomed to failure due to unified Republican opposition and intransigence from some Democrats.

The recent administration push on the subject only highlights the futility of the effort, and being associated with futility is not a recipe for political success.

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