Maria Victoria Henao is now an author.

Maria Victoria Henao: Career, Pablo Escobar & Net Worth

Maria Victoria Henao is an author, writer, entrepreneur, and the widow of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most notorious drug lord.

Additionally, Maria and Pablo were married for 17 years. Moreover, she claims she had no insights into her husband’s drug dealings.

Furthermore, she voluntarily remained with her drug lord husband’s side, Pablo Escobar, through all the problems in their marriage until his death.

Maria Victoria Henao.
Maria Victoria Henao posing for a photo

Despite her enjoyment of the classy and luxurious life, Maria Henna was subjected to a seemingly displaced life after Escobar’s death.

Moreover, Maria had to move from place to place as a refugee to avoid public scrutiny.

The article discusses her personal life, marriage, and life with Pablo Escobar, net worth, career, and social media. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Maria Victoria Henao: 

Full Name Maria Victoria Henao
Birth Date 1961
Place of birth Colombia
Residence Bueone Aires, Argentina
Nationality Colombian
Religion Christian
Hobbies Writing
Education Local Private School 
Nickname Tata
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Carlos Henao Vallejo
Mother’s Name Leonor Zuleta
Siblings Pastora Henao Bayen and Carlos Maria Henao Vallejo
Age 63 Years Old
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 75 kg (165 pounds)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Author, Writer, and Entrepreneur 
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Pablo Escobar (1976 – 1993)
Children Juan Pablo Escobar and Manuela Escobar 
Net Worth  $554,000
Social Media Not Active
Last Update April, 2024

Maria Victoria Henao: Age, Height, and Weight

Maria weighs about 75 kilograms and stands at 5 feet and 6 inches. Moreover, she is 63 Years Old.

Even though her exact birth date is unknown, it is believed that she was born under the Taurus astrological sign.

Furthermore, Taurus’ official flowers are roses, daisies, and poppies. Moreover, Taurus is known for his extravagance and contentment.

In addition, people with the zodiac Taurus are known to value integrity above all else.

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Maria Victoria Henao: Personal Life

Maria was born in Colombia in 1961 to a Colombian father and mother.

Furthermore, her parents, Carlos Henao Vallejo and Leonor Zuleta, decided to raise her in the small town of Palmira Valle Del Cueca.

Maria (12) and Pablo Escobar (23) fell in love.
Maria (12) and Pablo Escobar (23) fell in love.

Moreover, Maria was raised alongside her two brothers, Pastora Henao Bayen and Carlos Maria Henao Vallejo.


Maria and Pablo Escobar had two children: a daughter and a son.

Moreover, Maria and Pablo’s children’s names are Juan Pablo Escobar and Manuela Escobar. Juan and Manuela were born in 1977 and 1984.

Furthermore, her children have also made a name for themselves in their respective fields.

Manuela, her daughter, makes sure that her family stays out of the tabloids.

In addition, she has also never spoken publicly about her father and has severed all ties with her family.

On the other hand, Juan has written a book titled ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father.’ He is also an architect and a professor.


Maria claimed that Pablo pushed her to have an abortion when she was 14 years old. In addition, she went into labor with her first child while at school.

Victoria started to feel “strange” after meeting Pablo, and a few weeks later, she suspected that she was pregnant. 

Furthermore, after notifying him, Pablo took her to a residence in a poor Medellin suburb where a woman told her to lie down.

Moreover, Maria was then implanted with several tubes into her uterus, with Victoria instructed to remove them if she began to bleed.

She lay in bed for the next few days, crippled by stomach problems and bleeding heavily in what she now thinks was an abortion.


As the drug money flowed in, Pablo and his family relocated to the extravagant Hacienda Napoles.

Furthermore, the estate is a lovely 7.7 square mile property in the Antioquia area.

According to Victoria, Pablo led a double life there, dividing his time between his family, friends, and mistresses.

“To encounter with his lovers, Pablo dared to build a flat hidden behind the stables, close to the main residence,” she revealed in her book.

Maria Victoria Henao: Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was an infamous Colombian drug lord recognized as the “King of Cocaine.”

Furthermore, he was regarded as the most heinous, strong, and wealthy cocaine trafficker in history.

Moreover, he established the ‘Medellin Cartel,’ with other criminals’ assistance to ship drugs to the American market.

Furthermore, Pablo Escobar, along with the ‘Medellin Cartel’, had a near-monopoly in the cocaine trafficking business in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s.

In addition, they used to ship almost 80% of all drugs brought into the country. As a result, Escobar had amassed billions of dollars by the early 1990s.

In 1989, Forbes listed him as the world’s seventh-richest person. With his unprecedented wealth, he lived a luxurious life.

Furthermore, his kingdom included 400 luxury mansions worldwide, private planes, and a private zoo with exotic animals.

Moreover, Pablo also even has his army of soldiers and highly experienced criminals at his disposal. His vast empire was founded on murders as well as other crimes.

He was, however, also well-known for his support to the football clubs and charitable causes.


One of her brothers was said to be a member of Pablo’s team in the early days of Pablo Escobar’s illegal business.

Maria allegedly met Pablo through her brother, and the two quickly fell in love.

In addition, Maria met Pablo on several occasions due to her brother’s involvement in Pablo’s business. Moreover, they quickly fell in love and decided to get married.

Furthermore, Maria’s family was opposed to the marriage because of Pablo’s lower social status.

However, the family’s decision only forced them to elope in 1976. Escobar was 27 years old, and Maria was only 15 years old at the time of their marriage.

Even though Maria and Pablo were happily married, Pablo had numerous affairs and extramarital affairs.

Moreover, his scandal with Virginia Vallejo, a journalist, is well-known and well-documented.

Furthermore, Maria was well aware of Pablo’s other mistresses, but she never relinquished him.

Additionally, Pablo Escobar’s many character flaws were also tolerated by Maria. Many believed it was due to her love and devotion to her husband. 

Moreover, many people also speculated that Maria Victoria Henao was hooked to the extravagant life she shared with Pablo.

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After Pablo’s Death

Maria became self-sufficient thanks to Pablo’s drug money.

However, following her husband’s death, she fled Columbia with her two children in 1994.

Furthermore, the Colombian officials seized all of their money, leaving her bankrupt. Maria then sought refuge in several nations for brief periods.

However, due to her husband’s background, many governments refused even to consider them.

To avoid the police, she moved to Argentina and altered her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero.

Currently, Maria is living in Argentina with her son.

Maria Victoria Henao: Career

Maria’s family refused Pablo Escobar. Furthermore, it was allegedly due to Pablo’s lower social standing.

In addition, she and her son were charged with a variety of offenses, including money laundering.

According to the report, Maria was involved in cocaine dealing and was familiar with Pablo’s business.

On the other hand, Maria was cleared of all charges, claiming that she was only Pablo’s wife and had nothing to do with his criminal activities.

Moreover, there was also no proof against Maria’s connection to Pablo Escobar’s business. 

Then, in 2015, Netflix debuted a series based on Pablo Escobar, the cocaine king’s life.

Maria, one of the show’s central protagonists, was portrayed as a strong-willed individual. In addition, she was seen in numerous episodes counseling Pablo on business contracts.


Maria is also a writer by trade. Furthermore, she has written a book about her experiences as the wife of a notorious drug lord.

Furthermore, the book is titled Mrs. Escobar: My Life with Pablo. Moreover, she shared the story about the true man behind the legend.

Furthermore, Maria was the nearest you’ll ever get to the most notorious drug lord in modern history, as told by the person who stood by his side.

The story of Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s richest, most powerful, and most violent criminals, has captivated the world.

In addition, her second book that came after a year, Pablo And Me; My Life with Escobar, is also of the same category.  

Maria Victoria Henao: Net Worth

Pablo Escobar had a net worth of about $30 billion at the time of his death.

However, Pablo’s money was seized by the police after his death. 

Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao.
Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao, later in their life. 

In addition, Maria Henao, on the other hand, is expected to have a net worth of $554,000. Her income comes from her various networks and her book.

Furthermore, Pablo Escobar’s life is told and documented in a variety of networks. Her life is also included, which has contributed to her increasing wealth.

Maria Victoria Henao: Social Media

The 62 years old likes to keep a low profile.

Furthermore, being related to Pablo Escobar will not give you good news in the social media world. Moreover, Maria isn’t available on any social media platforms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Maria Victoria Henao now? 

Maria currently lives in Buenos Aires with her son, Juan Pablo Escobar, and his girlfriend. 

Why did Maria Victoria Henao claim she had no information about Pablo Escobar’s dealings? 

Many people believe that her unconditional love for Pablo drove her to acknowledge all of his crazy antics.

Moreover, the author of the book ‘Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar‘ claims that she was also addicted to the lavish lifestyle that her husband was providing.

How did Maria Victoria Henao’s ex-husband Pablo Escobar die? 

By tracing Pablo’s cell phone transmission, police were able to pinpoint his exact location. Moreover, they were also assisted by a Colombian electronic surveillance team.

However, Juan Escobar, Maria’s son, believes his father committed suicide and took his own life.

Who played Maria Victoria Henao on the Netflix series “Narcos”?

Paulina Gaitan is a famous actress in Mexico. Furthermore, she has featured in numerous movies in her home country.

Moreover, she also portrayed the role of Maria Victoria Henao on the show “Narcos.”

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