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Who Is Meghan Maloof From Drive Hard The Maloof Way? Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

The Netflix show Drive Hard: The Maloof way provides a peek into the lives of car enthusiast Sammy Maloof. Recently, his daughter Meghan Maloof has come to light for her appearance in the show. 

The Maloof family owns a highly successful car business. They are involved in the production, races, engine building, and stunts. The owner Sammy Maloof wants to pass on the legacy of Maloof engines to his children.

Meghan Maloof, a member of the Maloof family, is a part of the legacy that Sammy Maloof wants to create. 

Who Is Meghan Maloof? Wikipedia And Age 

Meghan Maloof has been drawing attention from the audiences after the release of the trailer of her family’s show Drive Hard: The Maloof way. This is her debut for Netflix. 

Meghan Maloof works for the Maloof family’s car company specializing in Engine production, stunts, and races. Meghan has risen to fame after fans noticed how beautiful she is. 

Meghan Maloof Source: Showbizcorner

However, Meghan Maloof is also a stunt woman and expert in car mechanics. She has worked as a stunt woman in multiple projects and is starting to receive well-deserved recognition. Meghan Maloof has also participated in track racer. She is popular for her technical stunts.

Her sister Kaitlyn is also a track racer like Meghan.

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Hannah, who has previously been on Netflix’s Fastest Car, is another sibling she has. The program was a well-liked reality television series broadcast in 2018. Meghan and her sisters are dispelling the myth that young men are the only ones who like driving.

Sammy Maloof And Jeniffer Maloof Are Proud Parents Of Megahan Maloof 

American stunt performer, race car driver, engine builder, reality television personality, and the father of Meghan Maloof, Sammy Maloof is most known for his work on the series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way.

He has acted in the motion pictures Deja Vu, Wrath of Man, and 2 Fast 2 Furious (2006).

Meghan Maloof with her family Source: Netflix

She also has siblings. Her brother’s name is Trevor Maloof. 

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Meghan Maloof has two sisters. They are Kaitlyn Maloof and Hannah Maloof.

The family seems to be a joyous and loving one. We understand that Meghan gets her passion for stunts and cars directly from her father. It is safe to say that Meghan Maloof’s family will be involved in their business for a very long time. 

Meghan Maloof Networth

According to information cradle, the young stunts woman Meghan Maloof has a net worth of $1 million. Likewise, the Blurred Reality claims that her father Sammy Maloof has a networth ranging from $10 million to $12 million

The family has worked in the automobile business for a significant time. Additionally, they now have a Netflix show that acts as an important promoter of their products. Hence, their net worth is more likely to increase. 

Meghan Maloof with her sister Hannah Maloof
Meghan Maloof with her sister Hannah Maloof Source: Netflix

With the rise of her popularity, Meghan has bagged newer, more diverse opportunities. For instance, she received a chance to act as a stunt driver in the 2021 Billboards award. She was able to perform alongside the four-time Grammy winner Weeknd. The performance was observed and acknowledged worldwide. 

The mechanic received praise for her work on the 2014 and 2015 movies “Santa Claws” and “Tattooed Love,” respectively. She is also commended for her performance as the director’s assistant and stunt rigger in the video short “Doritos Stuntdouble.”

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As an engine builder for Maloof Racing Engines, Meghan contributes greatly to the family business.

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