Mike Powell: Family, Controversy & Net Worth

Discipline is the bridge between goals and success. That is exactly the road Mike Powell dared to take to become one of the best long jumpers in history.

Mike Powell is a former American track & field athlete and holds the world record for the longest jump at 8.95 meters.

He has successfully become the world Champion two times and even has won two silver medals at the Olympics.

Mike Powell at a sporting event.

Even though Mike retired from the 1996 Olympics, he did try to make a comeback in 2001 to compete in the 2004 Olympics. But that dream was not complete.

But Mike continues to make his mark in the athletic world by coaching in California.

Along with being a great athlete, he is also a great father. His daughters followed in his footstep, and one of them, Micha, had even entered the Olympics in 2016.

In this article, we have mentioned all that you need to know about Mike Powell.

Quick Facts

Here is some quick about the talented Mike Powell:

Full name Michael Anthony Powell
Date of birth 10th of November, 1963
Age 60 Years Old
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-African
Education University of California, Los Angeles
Father’s name Preston Powell
Mother’s name Carolyn Powell
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 77 kg
Spouse Rosey Edeh
Children One daughter
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Bald
Eye color Brown
Net Worth Around $1-$3 Million
Siblings Josh Powell
Sexual Orientation Straight
Current status Retired
Profession Former track and field athlete
Current  job Coach
Nickname Mike
Salary Not Disclosed
Social Media None
Debut year 1990 AD
Merch Trading Card
Last Update May, 2024

Mike Powell: Early Life

Mike was born on November 10, 1963. His full birth name is Michael Anthony Powell, but he goes by the name Mike.

He was born in Philadephia of, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. But later, his family moved to California, where he was raised.

His father’s name is Preston Powell, and his mother’s name is Carolyn Powell.

However, Mike has not revealed any information regarding their occupation or their whereabouts.

His parents got divorced in the 1970s. So Carolyn moved with Mike to California in 1974.

From what we know, Mike is a single child and has no siblings. This meant that he grew up with complete attention and nurture from his parents.

Mike started showing his talents at a young age. He would jump over the neighbor’s cars and shock people.

His maternal grandmother, Mary Lee Eaddy, influenced him a lot, with whom he had lived for a while when he was a little boy.

His grandmother took him to church every Sunday and instilled in him Christian values.

Growing up, Mike had an affinity for sports. He started competing in the High jump competitions in his teen years.


Powell went to Edgewood High School in West Covina, California, for his high school education. He graduated from there in 1981.

At Edgewood, Powell’s favorite sport was basketball, even though he was only six feet tall.

In his high school days, he participated in the CIF California State Meet in 1981. He landed the second position in the High jump category.

After the athlete graduated from high school, he wanted to go to college close to home. So he joined the University of California in Irvine.

But later, the athlete transferred to the University of California in Los Angeles. There he was part of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and graduated in 1985.

Mike Powell: Personal Life

Mike Powell is an American citizen. And he follows the Christian religion and is of African-American ethnicity.

Being born in November, Mike is a Scorpio in zodiac charts. Scorpio is a water sign.

Scorpio people have traits such as being organized, practical, liable, ambitious, and goal-oriented.

Mike showcases the ultimate worker bee side of Scorpio people who do not mind the hustle.

Married Life

Mike Powell is married to Rosey Edeh. Unfortunately, the exact date of their wedding is not available to the public.

Rosey Edeh, much like her husband, is a former track athlete. She competed in the Olympics in 1988, 1992, and 1996.

She even set up a Canadian record for 400 meters hurdles race which stood for 23 years.

In recent years Rosey has shifted her career to television. She is currently the co-anchor of CTV Morning News Live Ottawa.

Mike Powell’s wife, Rosey Edeh.

Rosey, in the past, worked for Global News at Noon as an anchor and senior reporter for ET Canada. She is even the CEO of Micha Muse Media and has directed her own movies.

They have not been very vocal about their relationship on media. They like to keep their life quite private.

The couple has one daughter together. Their daughter is named Micha Powell and was born on the 12th of January in 1995.

Born in Quebec, Montreal, she is a Canadian citizen.

Like a mother-like daughter, Micha is also a track and field athlete who is currently competing in the 400 meters category.

She is also studying journalism at Philip Merill School. Micha hopes to work for the United Nations in the future.

Powell has been a very devoted father and has helped his daughter train since she was a child.

Mike Powell: Professional Career

Powell started his career in the late 1980s when he competed in the Summer Olympics.

In 1988 he won the Silver medal in the long jump at the Summer Olympics in Seoul.

Then Mike Powell was coached by Randy Huntington, who was one of the most sought-after coaches at the time.

Moreover, they formed a five-year plan.

The 1991 World Championship in Tokyo was one of the highlights of Powell’s Career since he broke the 23-year-old record of Bob Beamon by jumping 8.95 meters high.

Mike Powell at the Olympics.

Moreover, it is a record to this day. With this, he won the James E. Sullivan Award and the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award in 1991.

Mike also holds the non-legal jump record with 8.99 meters at high altitude in Sestriere, Italy, in 1992.

The same year, he brought home the silver medal from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

Then in the 1993 World Championship, he became victorious once again. But in 1995, he only managed to land the third position at the same event.

Mike decided to retire after the 1996 Olympics. He did make a comeback in 2001 with claims to compete in the 2004 Olympics, but he did not make the American Team.

Coaching Career

After retiring, Mike initially started working as an analyst for Yahoo Sports Olympics Track and Field Coverage.

Powell started coaching at Cal State Fullerton in 2000 and stayed there for four years. He had also managed his own business alongside.

He also coached at UCLA, where he worked for three seasons.

Currently, he is coaching at the Academy of Speed in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Mike also works as a motivational speaker and volunteers at the Olympic Aid.

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Mike Powell: Controversy

Mike Powell has only gotten into a few controversies in his entire career. His biggest one was, in fact, after he retired.

After the doping incidents in 2016, the Chairman of UK Athletics, Ed Warner, proposed scrapping all the old records and starting a new history for sports.

This statement angered Mike Powell, and he said that he held onto his record for over two decades.

Without even considering the competition and human genetics someone had to go through to get there, it would be wrong to do so.

He added that you could not penalize someone because one person did wrong; that particular person should have his record scraped off.

And Cheating happens in all walks of life, but it seems unfair to punish people disproportionately.

Mike said that he had worked 25 years to set the record, and just one guy in a chair in an office gets to decide to remove it. He threatened to slap anyone who will try to do so.

Ed Warner replied to the situation agreeing with Mike Powell. But he said that they would have to find a way to rectify all these anomalies in the record.

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Mike Powell: Net Worth

After being a part of the sports industry for so long, Mike has earned quite a fortune.

Mike Powell has a net worth Around $1-$3 Million.

His exact salary is unknown. But Mike used to earn from his public appearances and brand endorsement deals also.

With his earnings, it is obvious that his family is living a very comfortable life.

Mike Powell: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Mike stands six feet and two inches tall. He weighs around 77 kgs.

Mike is bald and has brown eyes. He has a dark skin complexion.

His exact body measurements and shoe size are unknown.

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Mike Powell: Social Media

Mike is uninterested in social media. But, from what it seems, it is unlikely that he will stay away from social media’s limelight.


How far did Mike Powell jump in 1991?

Mike jumped 8.90 meters in the 1991 World Championship in Tokyo.

Is Mike Powell still married?

Yes, Mike Powell is still married.

How old is Mike Powell?

Mike Powell is 60 Years Old.

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