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The 10 Best Short Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons

Moral stories are an excellent way to teach children about life lessons and values. Moreover, they are important life values that are disguised as stories.

They are quite entertaining, but they will also compel you to think about the character’s choices and question their morality. Thus, you learn that any wrong behavior they exhibit is not a good one.

That is how you start making better choices yourself.

Anyways, have you heard these stories? Many schools also include moral stories in the curriculum, which helps them make the right decisions during their growing years.

But we are never too old for a good story. After all, we learn through either our own life experiences or through others.

Let us have a look at the best short moral stories that give us valuable lessons.

10 Best Moral Stories

10. A funny Joke

This story is about a wise man. He holds a big seminar one day and invites everyone in the city.

He was a very respectable man; thus, many people gathered in his seminar only to hear his words.

Then, he told a joke, and everybody laughed. After a minute, he told them the same joke, and a few people smiled.

The wise man did this a couple of times, and no one laughed anymore. Moreover, they wondered why he acted so weird.

Then he said, “You couldn’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why do you cry about the same problem over and over?”

This short story gives us a valuable lesson: Never hold on to your miseries and move on. This also teaches us that it’s okay to feel sadness, but we should always let those things go.

9. The Rich Neighbour

This story features two neighbors; one of them was envious, angry, jealous of the other. Likewise, the other neighbor was a wise and kind man.

The envious neighbor lived in an old house, and the kind neighbor lived right beside his house. Likewise, the envious neighbor always tried to harm the wise and kind neighbor.

One day the envious neighbor collected all the dirt in his house and dumped them in front of his neighbor’s porch. The wise neighbor instantly knew who did that, then went to his neighbor’s house and knocked on his door.

The envious one was delighted as he finally got an opportunity to quarrel with the wise one. But as he opened the door, the wise man smiled and handed him a bag of apples from his garden.

He then said, “If you are rich in something, then you share it with others.” Thus, this story gives us a lesson to be kind and share what we have.

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8. Two Best Friends & The Bear

This is one of the most inspiring moral stories.

This story features two best friends who loved wandering around the forest. One of them, Raju, could climb the trees, but Vijay could not.

One day, they went deep into the forest and encountered a bear. Raju frantically climbed up a tree without even thinking of his friend. Thus, Vijay was left alone.

He quickly thought of something and pretended to be dead, hoping the bear does not try to kill him. The bear sniffed him, thought the boy was dead, thus went away.

moral stories
Two Best Friends & The Bear

After that, Raju got down and asked his friend, “What did the bear whisper in your ear?” Vijay smiled and said, “The bear asked me to stay away from friends like you.”

Thus, this story gives a lesson: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

7. The Lion and the Poor Servant

Once there was a poor man who served a rich, cruel man. The rich man was also notorious for being unkind and inhumane. Thus, the poor man ran away from home into the forest.

In the forest, he saw an injured lion and helped him. Furthermore, he stayed with him for a few days. The lion went away, and the poor servant was caught and taken back home.

Likewise, the cruel man also caged the same lion and brought him home for a circus show.

He then ordered the poor servant to be caged with the hungry lion for his entertainment.

But the lion recognized the poor man and did not hurt him. Moreover, the servant opened the cage and set the lion free. The hungry lion then devoured the cruel man.

Moreover, the moral of the story is that karma always gives you the fruit, either good or bad.

6. A boat for all feelings

One time, there was an island where all the feelings and emotions lived in harmony.

Likewise, the kindest of them was Love, and the most stubborn of them was Ego.

One day, a big storm came out of nowhere, and their island was certain to drown.

Thus, love made a boat and asked all the feelings to jump into it and escape the island. However, Ego did not as he was stubborn.

Love then stayed with the ego because he was kind. However, before all the emotions sailed away, they begged Love to leave Ego.

He did not, and the storm killed him. Every other emotion was left alive, but Love was killed by Ego.

Thus, the moral of this story is never to let ego come in between a loving relationship.

5. Shark Bait

Once a marine biologist experimented with a shark. He kept the shark and other small fishes in the same tank. Thus, the shark attacked and killed all the fishes.

After that, the biologist kept clear fiberglass in the middle of the tank.

Therefore, no matter how hard the shark tried, he could never reach the fishes.

Shark Bait
Shark Bait

He was aggressive at first and tried to attack the fishes but eventually gave up. After many days, the biologist removed the barrier.

But even then, the Shark did not attack the fishes as he believed there still was a barrier between them.

Thus, the moral of this story is never to give up, no matter how many times we fail. After failure, we create a barrier in our minds, which is actually never there.

4. The Struggles of Life

Long ago a daughter complained to her father that her life was full of hardships and misery. She explained to him that it was destroying her.

The father then took her to the kitchen and then filled three pots with water. After that, he kept them on the stove.

Likewise, he placed potatoes in one pot, egg on the other, and some coffee powder in the next.

After some time, he kept the potatoes and egg on the plate and poured the coffee into a cup.

He then asked his daughter to touch all three items and report to him what she observed. She said, “the potatoes are soft, the eggs are hard, and the coffee is giving a wonderful aroma.”

Then he explained, “all of these items went through the same hardship, the boiling water.

The hard, strong potato lost its strength, the fragile egg came out stronger, and the coffee transformed itself into something better.”

Thus, she then understood the moral of the experiment. No matter how tough situations get, how you transform yourself out of it is in your hands.

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3. Unnecessary Doubts

This is one of the most inspiring moral stories that teaches the importance of honesty.

Once, there were two best friends, a boy, and a girl. One day, they brought each other gifts.

The boy brought a handful of marbles, and the girl brought a handful of candies. The girl gave him all her candies, even her favorite ones.

However, the boy kept the biggest and the shiniest marbles to himself and gave the rest to her.

At night, the girl was happy that she got the marbles and slept peacefully with no worries.

However, the boy stayed awake, wondering if the girl also hid her favorite candies from him.

Although he enjoyed all the candies, he was doubtful as he also hid his favorite marbles from her.

Moreover, the moral of the story is that when you don’t give your 100% to your friends or partners, you will also doubt them. Thus, honesty is necessary for all relationships.

2. Cherish the Struggles

Once a little girl saw a cocoon of a butterfly in a garden. The butterfly was trying to hatch and was struggling quite hard.

The little girl could not stand to see it, and then she had an idea. She ran back home, grabbed a pair of scissors, and went back to the garden. She then cut open the cocoon to help the butterfly hatch.

The butterfly now did not have to struggle, and the girl was happy thinking she helped him.

However, the butterfly’s body was now swollen, and it had underdeveloped wings.

It could not fly and had to crawl with its big body for life. Despite trying to help, the little girl did not understand the importance of struggle and made life even harder for the butterfly.

Thus, the moral of this story is, you need to understand the importance of struggle. While it may seem hard in the time being, it is actually rewarding later in life.

1. It’s Never Too Late

This story is one of the most motivating real-life moral stories. Once there lived a man in a village in Kentucky.

He had no job at the age of 55 and lived off his social security checks and a beat-up car.

The man started making fried chickens with his own recipe, and his family and friends absolutely loved it. He then decided to travel across Kentucky and sell his recipe.

He tried out over a thousand and nine restaurants, but none of them accepted his offer.

But he was determined. Finally, the thousand and tenth restaurant accepted his offer.

moral stories
This real-life moral story is inspired by Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC.

Have you guessed his name? Yes, he is Colonel Hartland Sanders, the founder of KFC, one of the biggest fast-food chains across the world.

His story is motivating, proving that you are never too old to pursue your goals and dreams.

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