The 20 Most Expensive Happy Meal Toys from McDonald’s

What could be the most expensive happy meal toys? If you enjoyed McDonald’s, you know the best part of a Happy Meal is the toy.

Normally, Happy Meal Toys cost less than a dollar when you purchase them with the food.

Even if you buy them without food, they are just over a dollar and nothing more.

However, some Happy Meal toys are so valuable that they cost hundreds of dollars!

So, what makes them cost such a hefty amount? We all know that these toys represent the latest pop culture icons. Thus, the available toys in the late 70s or early 80s are of great significance today.

Because, of course, McDonald’s stopped creating them. As they get older, their value increases. So, if you got some of your favorite McDonald’s collectibles with you, keep them safe!

So let us have a look at some of the most expensive happy meal toys.

20 Most Expensive Happy Meal Toys

20. Hot Wheels

American toy manufacturer Mattel introduced Hot Wheels in 1968. These toys were one of the most popular toys in the world at that time.

They grew even more popular after 1983 when Mcdonald’s decided to use regular Hot Wheels mainline models as happy meal toys.

McDonald’s also released a whole set of 14 Hot Wheel cars.

most expensive happy meal toys
A McDonald’s Hot Wheels Happy Meal toy.

They used it until 1990 and discontinued after that. Thus, currently, it has a very high value. Each one of those 14 cars costs at least 40 US Dollars.

19. Hakuna Matata

McDonald’s introduced this toy first in October-November 1998, following the release of Lion King II.

The Lion King is one of Disney’s successful movies of all time. Thus, everybody wanted a Hakuna Matata for themselves.

The price and value of this happy meal toy went up following the release of The Lion King movie in 2019.

However, we know these toys are rare. Therefore, one of these toys will cost you around 50 US Dollars.

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18. Sky Dancers

These are one of the most popular and expensive happy meal toys. However, Sky Dancers were considered the most dangerous happy meal toy as well.

So, what was the reason? These dolls can dance or fly in unpredictable directions. This can hurt both children and adults. However, that does not stop people from collecting these toys.

One Sky dance toy costs at least 50 US Dollars on eBay.

17. Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies is the 1984 American animated TV series and one of the most popular TV series or cartoons of that time.

Moreover, Muppet Babies are the childlike or baby versions of the Muppet characters.

Thus, it was able to catch McDonald’s’ attention due to its soaring popularity.

In the early 90s, McDonald’s decided to introduce them as a happy meal toy. They discontinued it, making these toys valuable now.

Thus, one Muppet Babies toy will cost you around 50 US Dollars.

16. Star Wars Toys

Star Wars is an American space movie. Around 1977, it became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.

Thus, McDonald’s combined Jedi and Sith’s characters to create the McDonald’s Star Ward Happy Meal toy.

This was during 2008 and 2009 when Star Wars was still very much popular.

McDonald’s also introduced Star Wars-themed meal boxes. If you have preserved them to this day, you can sell them for 50 US Dollars each.

15. Transforming Food

These toys were also famous as “Changeables.”

Meaning, the toy would represent a robot that could transform itself into actual chips or soda.

Obviously, many children found it fascinating. Likewise, McDonald’s introduced it in 1987.

So, McDonald’s introduced a new changeable every week or two so that their young customers would purchase food every week.

expensive happy meals
The McDonald’s Changeables.

However, they discontinued it in 1990. Thus, these toys are one of the most expensive Happy Meal toys now.

One of these costs at least 70 US Dollars each.

14. Halloween Bucket

On the list of the most valuable Happy Meal toys is the Halloween Bucket.

McDonald’s first introduced them in the late 90s, and let us tell you; people went crazy!

They came in various colors. Moreover, they were glow-in-the-dark buckets. They also had golden arches in the handle.

McDonald’s really upped their game with this one.

Therefore, they are expensive to this day because of that feature. One Halloween Bucket will cost you more than 100 US Dollars.

That’s a hefty price to pay for a plastic bucket, but these are precious.

13. Mr. Potato Head Dolls

Mr, Potato Head is an American plastic toy. The toy contains detachable ears, nose, shoes, and other parts.

The Potato Head doll was first made in 1949. At first, they sold a real potato with detachable plastic parts.

In 1987, McDonald’s introduced these as their Happy Meals toy, all plastic.

Moreover, the toy gained instant popularity among kids. Many kids wanted a happy meal only for the toy.

Thus, if you still have your favorite potato head toy from the 80s, you can sell it at a hefty price. One of these will cost you around 100 US Dollars.

12. Space Rescue Toy

We know McDonald’s collaborates with popular games, TV shows, or celebrity figures to bring out new happy meal toys.

However, in 1994, McDonald’s had no exciting collaboration.

Thus, they decided to launch their own “pointless” toy to keep their customers engaged. It was called the Space Rescue Toy.

Likewise, they discontinued it soon after. Thus, although there is nothing special about this toy, it is valuable.

Currently, you can sell one Space Rescue Toy for about 100 US Dollars. This makes the toys one of the most expensive happy meal toys.

11. Super Mario

This Nintendo Star got his own happy meal toy from McDonald’s.

Mario or Super Mario was popular during the 80s and 90s. Thus, McDonald’s introduced them in their happy meals based on its hype.

As children were obsessed with playing Mario Kart, there had to be something that takes their eyes off the screen.

This toy thus proved to have that superpower. But, unfortunately, McDonald’s later discontinued it.

However, there still are many Mario fans. Therefore, this toy is equally valuable today. However, if you want to make it yours, you got to pay 100 US Dollars.

10. Yogi Bear

The Yogi Bear is an anthropomorphic animal that appears in various comic books, animated television shows, and films. This character first appeared in 1958.

Likewise, in 2010, a movie was released based on him. In the 90s, everyone loved the Yogi Bear, and it was very popular.

Thus, Mcdonald’s collaborated with the creators to release the Yogi Bear happy meal toy in 1991.

expensive happy meal toys
The Yogi Bear Happy Meal toy.

The bear is riding a scooter or skateboarding as a toy.

Thus, this popular happy meals toy is also expensive. A Yogi bear toy still costs 100 US Dollars today.

09. Despicable Me

Despicable Me is an American computer-animated media franchise.

Moreover, the first movie was released in 2010, followed by Despicable Me 2 in 2013 and Despicable Me 3 in 2017.

Likewise, Mcdonald released the Despicable Me happy meal toy series in 2013 after the release of the movie’s second sequence. Although that was just nine years ago, these toys are valuable.

The price sky-rocketed soon after the release of the third sequence. The price of one of these toys is at least 120 US Dollars.

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08. American Girl Doll

McDonald’s first introduced the American Gir doll happy meal in 2009. The dolls are diverse and come in different colors.

The dolls also dress up as various Disney characters, from Minnie Mouse to Cinderella.

They also had specific themes. Thus, at that time, these dolls gained a lot of popularity. Even to this day, these dolls are valuable.

One American Girl Doll costs you at least 130 US Dollars.

07. 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is one of the rarest Happy Meal toys.

The movie 101 Dalmatians is based on a fashion designer and computer-game writer who rescues Dalmatian puppies from a cruel woman.

A set of 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal toys.

The show aired in 1996 and gained instant popularity.

Thus, McDonald’s introduced the 1010 Dalmatian Happy Meal toys in collaboration with the series.

If you managed to collect over 100 puppies, then there’s good news.

An entire set of this Happy meal toy will sell for about 150 US Dollars.

06. Muppets

The cartoon show Fraggle Rock was famous from 1983 to 1987. It is actually a spin-off show. The original Muppet show was a cast of puppets.

However, this one overshadowed the original show “Muppets” and gathered a huge fanbase.

Moreover, it was one of the best children’s shows. Thus, Mcdonald’s released happy meal toys based on their popularity.

Today, the price of a Muppet happy meal toy is about 200 US Dollars.

05. Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is an 1865 novel. It tells you the story of Alice, who explores a fantasy world.

Likewise, children to adults love that novel and movie based on it.

Thus, Mcdonald’s released the Alice in Wonderland-themed collectibles as a happy meal toy.

As they expected, children begged their parents for a happy meal to get these toys.

Now, the toy can be sold for a whopping 300 US Dollars price tag. It is one of the most expensive happy meals toys.

04. Go Go gadget

Inspector Gadget, a 1999 comedy film, has inspired the Go-Go gadget toy.

Inspector Gadget is a half-man and half-robot. Children loved this action and comedy movie.

Thus, McDonald’s had to strike with the Go-Go Gadget happy meal to attract its young consumers.

It is a limited edition toy, and you don’t get it anymore except on few reseller websites.

Thus, it is one of the most expensive happy meal toys with a hefty price tag of 350 US Dollars.

03. Mystery toy

The Mystery Toy is McDonald’s own unique toy collection. Moreover, each happy meal toy is a mystery.

Sometimes it can be a cowboy, or a police officer, or robots fighting each other.

Whatever it is, the thrill of getting a unique toy each time is immaculate. Thus, children and even adults loved the mystery toy collectibles.

McDonald’s introduced it in the 80s and discontinued it later.

However, they are popular to this day, thanks to those grown-up children. One Mystery toy might cost you over 400 US Dollars.

02. Beanies and Babies

Beanie babies are one of the most prized possessions for collectibles lovers.

They are bean-filled dolls that represent various animals like bears, skunks, etc.

Likewise, Mcdonald’s introduced beanie babies in the early 2000’s as a happy meal toy keeping the popularity in perspective.

Beanie babies are themselves expensive. Thus, when you pair them with a happy meal, they are even more valuable!

One Beanie baby happy meal toy costs about 750 US Dollars.

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01. Furby

Furbys are adorable toys for children. McDonald introduced them in 1999 as plastic toys. However, in 2000, they upgraded them into furry keychains.

They come in many animals like Tiger, Tree Frog, Elephant, Monkey, Raccoon, Lamb, Giraffe, Fox, Dinosaur, Owl, Cow, and Diamond Back Snake.

As McDonald’s released them, they were famous as McFurbys.

A collection of McDonald’s Furbys.

Thus, collecting each one of these was every child’s dream. They are very popular to this day.

One Furby costs 900 US Dollars, making these toys the most expensive happy meal toy.

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