Neiva Mara: Fitness, Relationship & Net Worth

Neiva Mara is a Spanish model and an internet celebrity. She gained a lot of acknowledgment from her curvy figure, buttocks, and glutes.

In 2015, everything changed for her as she realized that she was not happy with how she looked. So, she started her fitness journey.

Following that, she felt the gravity of the situation and committed to fitness. Soon, she saw the progress in her body and even the way she felt.

Neiva Mara taking a mirror Selfie
Neiva Mara taking a mirror selfie

In an amount of only two years, Neiva changed her whole body physique.

The change brought not only her happiness but also a lot of success in the field of fitness.

Quick Facts

Here are a few things about Neiva.

Full Name Neiva Mara
Place of birth  Valencia, Spain
Place of residence  Spain
Birth Date May 2, 1986
Age 38 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Latina
Religion Christianity
Profession Instagram model, Fitness Guru, and Entrepreneur
Height 5’4″ (162.5cm)
Weight 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
Bust 34″
Waist 24″
Thighs 34″
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Hour-glass physique
Sexuality Straight
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Not available
Martial Status Unmarried
Languages English, Spanish
Eating Habit Non-vegetarian
Favorite Food Mexican
Dream Holiday Destination Santorini
Favorite Colors Pink and Black
Net Worth $2 million – $3 million
Brand Endorsements Fashion Nova, Jen’s Pirate Booty
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Fashion Nova’s Merch Sneaker, Trench Coat, Sweater
Last Update 2024

Age, Height, Weight, and Horoscope

Born and raised in the third-largest city Valencia of Spain, Neiva is 38 Years Old, as of 2024.

The fitness guru’s Zodiac Sign is Taurus, as she celebrated her birthday on May 2, 1986. Similarly, her zodiac animal is a Fire-Tiger.

The Spanish model stands at 5 ft 4 inches and has a bodyweight of 121 Lbs.

Neiva Mara: Family, Education, and Childhood

Fitness model Neiva has not revealed any information about her early life.

In fact, she is reticent and secretive about her personal life. She is cautious about what information she reveals. 

There is no information about her father or mother. She has not revealed the whereabouts of her siblings also. But it is believed that she is an only child. 

However, we do know one thing about her childhood. Neiva used to be an overweight kid throughout her elementary and high school years. Due to this, she was constantly bullied upon. 

Neiva Mara: Relationship

As mentioned earlier, she avoids sharing her personal life with the public. She hides every personal information from the limelight and the attention of the public. 

The model had never shared a single picture of her boyfriend if she has any.

Also, she never mentioned anyone as her romantic partner. It is a mystery how she manages to hide these things.

But there is a rumor going around that Neiva is dating someone. This someone is who she met at the gym.

These two were seen walking together. Neiva has not confirmed any of this. She still has not unveiled her partner. 

Neiva Mara: Career

Modeling Career

You can say that Neiva’s modeling career started back in 2015 when she realized that she wasn’t happy with her looks and wanted to change her physical appearance. She began to hit the gym rigorously.

While doing so, she simultaneously started to film herself and post the transformation pictures and videos on her Instagram account.

She completed her whole body transformation in about 2 years, but she had already become popular by the time she was finished and started modeling.

Neiva Mara striking a pose
Neiva Mara striking a pose.

While uploading one such popular post, Neiva was recognized by an Instagram agent. This agent invited her for her first-ever photo shoot.

With this photoshoot, she became even more popular, which led to more photoshoots by famous brands and companies. 

Neiva gained more popularity when she shared videos that included her teaching a few workout routines.

The routines consist of squats, lunges, and hamstring kickbacks, along with many other exercises.

In 2017, Neiva competed in the “Arnold Classic Europe fitness competition.”

In the competition, she was crowned as the first runner-up in the bikini competition. The year before, she had competed and made it to the top 3.

Previously, Neiva was a model image of a popular fashion brand called Fashion Nova. Today, she owns the title of globally being the sexiest teacher.

Next to having a career in modeling, Neiva also worked alongside famous Instagram models like Paola Skye.

Entrepreneurial Career

Besides having a career in modeling through Instagram, Neiva is also the company’s CEO, Decor lovers.

She is the founder and the brand ambassador of this online company. 

The main objective of her own brand is to provide healthy diet plans and weight loss workout routines for anyone willing to do so.

The 90-day training program is a popular one from her website.

Her business site provides customers with custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, supplements, diet and fitness plans, and other accessories with various stickers and prints.

Additionally, her merchandise’s price ranges from $9.95 – $50. With this affordable price, things get sold out like hotcakes. 

As of today, Deporlovers has over 800k followers on Instagram.

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Neiva Mara: Training

When we glance at Neiva, it’s quite clear to see that she likes to work out and keep herself in shape.

She maintains her curvaceous body by engaging herself in a couple of routine training sessions, like cardio, body weight, and resistance weight training.

Lower Body

Furthermore, she enjoys doing squats, lunges, and hamstring kickbacks for her legs. In fact, these are her favorite exercises. 


Additionally, Nevia is fond of walking, jogging on the beach, and interval skipping for her cardio. These help her to keep her weight in check. 

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Neiva Mara: Diet

Neiva’s diet is considered to be healthy, balanced, and super nutritious. She once shared that exercise alone is not enough; one needs to have a good diet.

Furthermore, she added that she prefers having small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals a day.

The food that goes into the mouth should also be considered. Thus, she suggests having egg whites, chicken breast, and fish as the source of protein for the body.

As for carbohydrates, Neiva indulges in eating complex carbohydrates.

She is into simple carbohydrates when she is working out, as these provide her with energy.

Besides, she includes food such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oils in her diet.

Neiva Mara: Fun Facts

  1. Neiva gained a million fans and in just a matter of two years.
  2. She got into the fitness industry with her will to feel better about her body.
  3. Her transformation video is the one that made her as famous as she is today.
  4. She has worked with other popular Instagram models like Rola Rodriguez and Paola Skye.
  5. Neiva took part in a fitness competition and got second place in 2017.
  6. She is an animal enthusiast, as seen from her Instagram posts.

Neiva Mara: Net Worth

The Spanish social media star earns a lot from her posts on social media accounts, Deporlovers, and modeling for Fashion Nova.

With over 7 million followers on her Instagram accounts, she makes a ton of money from sponsorships.

The advertisers pay her a hefty sum per post.

Furthermore, by founding and owning Deporlovers, she is sure to earn money. Even though the price of the merchandise is affordable, they do get sold out time and again. 

Additionally, working at Fashion Nova, one of the most popular fashion brands worldwide, earned her good money.

She also earns from the promotion of other reputed brands and dresses.

To sum it all, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million – $3 million.

And as her career flourishes further, so will her wealth. But we can see from her social media posts that she sure does like to live a luxurious life and spends a ton of money.

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Neiva Mara: Social Media

Neiva, who is famous because of her Instagram, is grateful for this platform.

The model has over 7 million followers on her first Instagram account alone. 

Similarly, she has another Instagram account. On this account, she has about 600 posts on it. At the same time, the number of followers is over 10.6 million. 

Neiva Mara candidly posing
Neiva Mara candidly posing (Image Source: Flickr)

Likewise, Neiva is available on Twitter. She joined Twitter in November of 2019 and has over 230k followers.

Furthermore, the fitness guru also has a Facebook account as well. There are over 98k people who like this page and over 1 million followers.

As a fitness instructor and model, Neiva has a huge following. Most of which is comprised of millions of males followers.

Whenever she posts something, there are always men lurking around the comment section.

They are generally appraising her astounding physique while women are complaining about their jealousy. 

Neiva Mara: Website

Besides the social media accounts, Neiva also has her own website

On this site, you will get a hearty welcome by Neiva herself. Further, she talks about herself.

Also, you can get to see her fitness plan, come upon her social media accounts, discover her entrepreneurial journey and activities and lastly, see her best pictures and videos.

But as of 2021, she has two more websites. Neiva is linked in her first Instagram account. At the same time, soyneiva is another site that is linked to her second Instagram account.


Does Neiva Mara have a tattoo?

No. She has not inked her body.

Besides working out, what is Neiva’s favorite thing to do?

Neiva’s hobbies include traveling and dancing.

Who does Neiva admire as an actor/actress?

Neiva is fond of male actors Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans and actress Katie Holmes.

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