Norm Abram Illness

Norm Abram Illness And Health Update: Weight Loss Journey

Fans are concerned about the health situation of Norm Abram after his announced retirement and apparent weight loss.

Norman L. Abram, better known as Norm Abram, is an American carpenter, writer, and television personality.

The PBS television series This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop are most associated with the master carpenter and pioneer of the home renovation television genre. He has written numerous books and essays regarding the subject.

Norm Abram Illness And Health Update: He Has Decided To Retire And Rest

There have been concerns, and speculations over the health of Norm Abram after his appearances on his show started to get minimal. There were also rumors that the reality show presenter had Cancer. Some even said he was dead, which turned out to be a hoax.

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However, Norm Abram has been private about his personal life, including his health matters. He has not openly discussed them. Norm has never confirmed whether he has Cancer or not.

The experienced professional is retired and was sent off with a one-hour tribute special, The House That Norm Built. The special highlighted 43 years of Norm’s incredible career featuring classic moments, archived footage, interviews, and more.

Norm Abram net worth
This Old House Aired a special tribute special to Norm Abram.
(Source: This Old House)

Norm announced he was officially leaving the show and hanging his toolbelt in March. We can deduce that his health may not be good at the moment. He may be facing some health issues, or it might just be aging.

At this moment, it is just guesses and speculations. We hope to hear from Norm soon when he feels like opening up about his health.

A Look Into Norm Abram Weight Loss 

Fans also noticed that Norm Abram has started to appear thinner than before. Due to the weight loss, the 73-year-old could no longer do the heavy work.

Again, Norm has not revealed the cause behind the rapid shift in his weight. 

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Currently, Norm lives in his Carlisle, Massachusetts home with his wife, Elise Hauenstein. Inspired by his dad, Norm built the ‘custom modified classic two-story Colonial home.’ The couple reportedly enjoys cooking, boating, fishing, and visiting art galleries and museums.

He was previously married to Laura Cone, whom he divorced in 1996. Norm and Elise have been together since 1999.

Norm Abram Net Worth: He Is One Of The Wealthiest In His Field

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Norm Abram has a net worth of $2.5 million. It has been possible through his decades of hard work. Over his 43-year career, Norm has transformed from a humble carpenter to a national celebrity.

Throughout his career, Norm appeared in over 1000 episodes of This Old House, hosted more than 280 episodes of The New Yankee Workshop, and worked on over 50 home renovations. 

Thanks to his dedicated craftsmanship, humility, and trademark plaid shirt, Norm is where he is now.

Norm Abram This Old House
Norm Abram worked for four decades in This Old House.
(Source: This Old House)

Norm’s legacy has influenced many impersonations on popular sitcoms, bits on TV shows, nationally syndicated cartoons, and his place as the trailblazer in home improvement.

It all started on Christmas Eve 1958 as Norm went with his Father to install hardwood floors. It led to many weekends and summer breaks, learning the discipline and skills of the craft from his dad. Twenty years later, TV producer Russell Morash discovered Norm; the rest is history.

117 Emmy nominations and 20 Emmy victories have been given to the programs This Old House and Ask This Old House. The 49th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards also gave This Old House a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Rhode Island native founded his own Construction Company, Integrated Structures, Inc. Furthermore, Norm has authored eight books on carpentry.

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