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Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Mike Heiser Cause Of Death

Who is Mike Heiser?

Michael S. Heiser is a co-owner of the most popular sushi and hibachi restaurants in Northeastern Pennsylvania and also an American biblical old scholar and Christian author. Heiser was raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and also has expertise in the bible and spiritual realm in the nature of the Divine Council and hierarchy of the spiritual order. He is a distance learning professor at Liberty University and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Executive Director of the School of Ministry at Celebration Church in Jacksonville Florida. He was also a scholar in residence at Faithlife Corporation and also runs his own podcast, The Naked bible called Miqlat, dedicated to the production and dissemination of his content and received an MA in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA and Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Heiser also appeared in the documentary film Fragments of truth in 2018 and in the documentary film The Unseen Realm in 2019. Heiser also released a book The World Turned Upside Down: Finding the Gospel in Stranger Things in 2019, referencing the Netflix series as analogies to Christian theology. He has spoken out critically against proponents of ancient astronauts theories, Zechariah Sitchin, and also appeared in Ancient Aliens Debunked as an expert on the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern texts.

Mike Heiser Cause Of Death

Most popular sushi and hibachi restaurant co-owner Mike Heiser passed away at the age of 44 years old on July 31.

Heiser and his business partners Joshua Crownover and Gui Yun Lin, group ownership of several restaurants including Shogun Japanese restaurant inside the Woodlands and MYST in Jim Thorpe.

Many people are concerned particularly those who are close with the family and want to know how Mike died. Since Heiser’s family has not disclosed a statement about his death. All his friends and well-wishers have to wait for the news.

Monday evening, Crownover expressed love and sorrow for a man who he referred to as a best friend but not just a business partner and called Heiser called Heiser”The most generous person” and ”He was like a big brother to me” who would do anything for anyone.

They met at Mohegan Sun Pocono about eight years ago working as a bartender as his barback and became friends. Crownover also stated he took me under his wing, and we eventually went into business together…The rest is history and My life is completely different because of him…he gave me my life.”

Earlier this year, It was announced that they purchased the former Lanahu Ales building on Kirby Avenue in Mountain Top to open a new hibachi restaurant this year after the popular MYST along with another new restaurant in the group’s portfolio, Steak, and steel Hibachi INC.in Bethlehem.

Crownover said.”The legacy that he started, we’re going to continue it” that’s what mike would have wanted, and ”we’re going to press through it”

Heiser’s death has also prompted his Facebook page to receive over 100 posts and an outpouring of support, condolences, and counting mourning his loss and celebrating the best man he was.

”You were THE BEST guy to work for and I’ll never forget your kindness, generosity, and love for your family and friends,” reads one post.

Heiser’s fiance, Jennifer, and his son Jonah are the only survivors left

And it is still unknown about Mike Heiser’s death, according to Hacken.



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