Sarah Scrivener with her husband Rory Culkin

Sarah Scrivener: Rory Culkin, Career & Net Worth

Known for his movies such as Scream 4 and You can count on me, Rory Culkin is an award-winning American actor in Hollywood.

And who is he married to, you might ask? He is married to Sarah Scrivener, and in this article, you will find all you need to know about her.

She is also the sister-in-law of Macaulay Culkin, the iconic actor from the Christmas classic Home Alone series.

While Rory Culkin likes to work in front of the camera, his wife, Sarah Scrivener, likes to work behind the camera.

Sarah Scrivener with her husband Rory Culkin
Sarah Scrivener with her husband Rory Culkin

She is a cinematographer and a talented make-up artist. She met the love of her life, Rory, also while working on the set.

Sarah and Rory dated for a long time before jumping to any commitments. This turned out to be a fruitful decision since they have so much time to get to know each other.

In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about Sarah Scrivener.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know much about the talented Sarah Scrivener.

Full name Sarah Scrivener
Date of birth Not Available
Age Not Available
Birthplace California, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight 54 kg
Spouse Rory Culkin
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Net Worth $800 thousand
Marital Status Married
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Cinematographer and Makeup artist
Current project For Life
Nickname Scrivs
Salary $54 thousand
Social Media None
Debut year 2011 AD
Last Update 2024

Sarah Scrivener: Early Life

Sarah is quite secretive about her life before Rory Culkin. Her exact birth date has not been revealed.

Her father’s and mother’s name are unknown. And so is the information about their whereabouts and profession.

From what we could gather, Sarah Scrivener is a single child and has no siblings. She grew up with a lot of care and attention from her parents.

She has not revealed where she went to high school. But it is confirmed that she went to high school since she went to college to learn cinematography.

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Sarah Scrivener: Personal Life

Sarah is an American citizen. She follows Christianity as a religion and is caucasian when it comes to ethnicity.

Sarah is Cancer in terms of zodiac signs. Cancer is a water sign and known to be very emotional.

Cancer people have traits such as being loyal, caring, intuitive, moody, and vindication.

Married Life

Sarah and Rory met while they were on set. They met on the set of the movie Scream 4 in 2011.

Sarah was working her magic behind the camera as the camera assistant while Rory Culkin was portraying the role of Charlie Walker.

They started as friends and got to know each other. The more they got to know each other, the more the sparks seemed to fly.

Sarah Scrivener and Rory Culkin appearing together in an event.
Sarah Scrivener and Rory Culkin together in an event.

Eventually, they went out on a date, and the rest was history.

The couple stayed in a relationship for seven long years before jumping into a serious commitment.

So when Rory dropped down on his knees to propose, she did not hesitate to say yes.

The couple decided to tie the knot on April 3rd of 2018. The ceremony took place in New Orleans of Lousiana.

The ceremony was private and intimate. Sarah and Rory invited only close friends and family.

Sarah and Rory seem to be very content with their married life. There has been no rumor of an affair or conflicts in their marriage.

The couple does not have children together.

The couple has recently turned into uncle and aunt with the arrival of their niece.

Sarah Scrivener: Career

Sarah initially started her career as a make-up artist. Her first known credit was on the set for a short movie called Stuntman in 2009.

Then in 2010, she worked as a cinematographer for the short movie called Margaret and Izzy. She also worked in the production team of The Ideas of March.

In 2011 she worked as a camera assistant for the movie Scream 4.

And in the consequent year, she joined the production team of the movie Oz the great and the powerful.

From 2014 to 2016, she worked as the second camera assistant for hit TV Series called The Good Wife.

After working for 44 episodes, she moved on to work for the TV series Divorce from 2018 to 2019.

During that time, Sarah also worked as a cinematographer for a movie called Murder.

Sarah was the second camera assistant for TV series like Instinct and City on a Hill in 2019.

The audience can see her most recent work of cinematography on the TV series For Life in 2020.

Further, she worked in a total of 13 episodes of the series.

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Sarah Scrivener: Husband

Sarah’s husband, Rory Culkin, was born on the 21st of July 1989. The actor was born and raised in New York City of the United States of America.

His full name is Rory Hugh Culkin. He is an American citizen, and his ethnicity is mixed.

Rory was born to parents who were already in the movie industry. His father’s name is Christopher Kit Culkin, and his mother’s name is Patricia Brent up.

Rory Culkin holding mic during an event
Rory Culkin holding mic during an event

His father was a stage actor, and his mother was a homemaker. Patricia raised all the kids since they had a huge family.

Rory has seven siblings altogether. His three sisters are named Dakota Culkin, Quinn Culkin, and Jennifer Culkin.

His four brothers are named Macaulay Culkin, Shane Culkin, Christian Culkin, and Keiran Culkin. Among the brother, Macaulay and Kieran are both actors like Rory.

For his high school education, the actor went to the Professional Children’s School. After he graduated, he did not go to college since he started his career pretty early on.

He was the youngest of all his siblings and grew up in a pampered household. Rory is the nephew of actress Bonnie Bedelia.

From a young age, Rory had an interest in being on screen. For him, his older brother Macaulay and Kieran were his inspiration and guide in all of it.


Rory started his career in the shadow of his older brothers, often portraying their younger versions in movies.

He debuted in 1993 with the movie The Good Son as a baby.

Then he appeared as the Young Richie Rich, which was being played by his brother Macaulay Culkin in 1994.

After that, he played the role of ten-year-old Igby in Igby goes down, which cast his older brother Kieran.

After that, his breakthrough role was in the movie You Can Count On Me alongside actress Laura Linney. He played the role of Rudy Prescott and got much praise for his acting.

He went on to win Young Artist Award in 2001. Then in his teen years, he started getting more independent films like The Chumscrubber, Hick, and Down in Valley.

Other than that, he has appeared in the movie Signs with co-stars Joaquin Pheonix and Mel Gibson.

He has worked on the big screen in movies like Mean Creek, Scream 4, The night listener, and Gabriel.

Rory has also worked in TV shows like Law and Order and The Twilight Zone. He recently made news for playing the role of Willie in Castle Rock.

His TV series Waco made some stir after it was on Netflix in 2018.

Rory was also cast as Euronymous in a biographical film about Lord of Chaos based on a Norwegian Death Metal scene of the band called Mayhem.

He won the Independent Film Spirit Award in 2005.

His nominations also include Breakthrough Actor in 2015, Best Performance in supporting role in 2002, and Best Actor in 2018.

Not only the credit, but he has earned wealth with his performances. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of his roles.

Sarah Scrivener: Net Worth

Since she has worked in the movie industry for more than a decade, she has earned a pretty good fortune for herself.

She mainly works as a second camera assistant who makes an average of 54 thousand dollars each year.

Sarah scrivener’s net worth is estimated to be $800 thousand.

Seeing that she has worked in some of the most successful TV series, she has accumulated such a good net worth.

While her husband has a net worth in the millions, Rory Culkin’s net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars.

With the couple’s combined earnings, we can safely say that they live a pretty comfortable life.

Sarah Scrivener: Physical Appearance

When it comes to her height, Sarah is five feet and two inches tall. She weighs around 54 kgs.

Sarah has blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She has a toned well-maintained body with a fair skin complexion.

Her exact body measurements are unknown. She has not revealed her shoe size yet.

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Sarah Scrivener: Social Media

While her husband Rory Culkin is comfortable in front of the camera, Scrivener is more comfortable behind the camera. This may also justify her passiveness regarding social media.


Do Sarah and Rory Culkin have kids together?

Although the couple has been together since 2011, they have yet to welcome a newborn to this world.

Does Sarah Scrivener have a Twitter?

Unfortunately, Sarah Scrivener has been very passive regarding social media and doesn’t have an account on any social networking sites.

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