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You must have heard the actor and comedian Joel Mchale’s name from NBC Sitcom Community and CBS Sitcom ‘The Great Indoors.’ Who is Joel McHale married to? Well, he has been married to Sarah Williams for over two decades now.

Joel is a pretty famous persona in the Hollywood industry. He has also been a part of great franchises such as The Spy Kids: all the time in the world.

Sarah Williams came into the spotlight after marrying the actor. They reportedly started dating in the nineties and ever since have been together.

Sarah Williams with her husband, Joel.

Apart from being a very supportive wife to her husband, Sarah is also known to be a super mom.

When their first child Edward was born with two holes in his heart, the family fought hard times together.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick and interesting facts just if you did not know about the beautiful Sarah Williams.

Full name Sarah Williams
Date of birth August 10, 1970
Age 53 years old
Birthplace Washington DC, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Washington
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Sally Williams
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 5’6″/1.68 m
Weight 54 kg/ 123 lb
Spouse Joel Mchale
Children Two sons
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Net Worth Not Available
Siblings Richard Williams
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Artist
Current work Carrington Arts
Nickname Sarah
Salary Not Available
Social Media Instagram
Joel Mchale Merch Live from Pyongyang, Thanks for the Money (Book)
Last Update May, 2024

Sarah Williams | Early Life

Sarah Williams was born on August 10th of the year 1970. She was born in Washington DC in the United States of America. But she was raised in Seattle of US.

Her father’s name is unknown to this point, but her mother’s name is Sally Williams. Apparently, her father passed away in a car crash when she was just ten years old.

Sally also has one sibling, a brother by the name of Richard Williams. The brother and sister duo are extremely close as they grew up with each other.

Growing up, Sarah lost her father at a young age, and it made things difficult for her mother. Her mother, Sally Williams, worked many jobs so that Sarah and Richard could have comfortable lives. Being a single mother can be difficult for anyone, but Sally never gave up.

The family is extremely close-knit, as they could only lean on each other. Sarah and Richard Williams are just two years apart in age.

Sarah still remembers her father on occasion, such as Fathers Day. She took on the social media platform to share pleasant memories of her father.

Sarah’s mother, Sally, currently has Alzheimer’s, which is a difficult condition to deal with. Yet, the family tries to find the silver lining and find joy in her mother’s humor.

We do not know where Sarah went for her high school education. But when she graduated high school, she went to the University of Washinton for her college education. She graduated from there with a Bachelors’s degree in Psychology.

Sarah Williams Personal Life

Sarah is an American citizen. She is caucasian in terms of ethnicity and follows Christianity as her religion.

Being born in August, she is a Leo when it comes to Zodiac signs. About this zodiac sign, Leos are often known to be ambitious, loyal, and fierce.

The two are also known to be very protective of their close and dear ones, a clearly seen trait in Sarah Williams.


Husband – Joel McHale

Born on November 20th of 1971, Joel Mchale is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and television host.

He is usually known in Hollywood for being the lead in the show of CBS called The Great Indoors.

Likewise, Sarah Williams is married to Joel Mchale, who also went to the University of Washington. He was a part of a fraternity there and also played in the Washington Huskies Team.

Sarah Williams and Joel McHale
Sarah and Joel Mchale.

Joel is an all-rounder. He has hosted the Netflix hit The Tiger King series and also performed in The Masked Singer. His filmography list is very long, ranging from Spiderman-2 to Ted.


Joel Mchale met the love of his wife Sarah in the year 1995. Both of them were in the early twenties during the time. They were undergraduates at the University of Washinton at the time.

Joel confesses to not being lucky with the ladies and the love department. He did not have much relationship experience before meeting Williams.

But after meeting Sarah, McHale instantly liked her. So he took a chance to ask her friend if Sarah would go on a date with him. Their friend replied by saying it would be a fat chance.

But Joel was ready to take on that risk, and he just went for her. And it turns out fate had good plans for them. The two started dating and were inseparable from each other.

After a few good months of dating, Joel knew this was the woman he wanted to marry. So when he popped the ring, she did not hesitate to say yes. Then on June 20th of the year 1996, the couple tied the knot.

In the wedding ceremony, Sarah wore her mother’s wedding dress from the year 1967. This was a special moment for young Williams, and she wanted to have something meaningful. At the same time, Joel wore a simple black tie suit.

The two have now been married for 25 years, and on their 24th wedding anniversary, Sarah posted their wedding photo. The photo was in black and white, and the couple looks so excited and in love.

When asked how the couple makes it work for many years, they reply by saying that you have to choose your partner every day.

They believe they were naive back then, and all of it is how you choose to make it work.


After the couple was married for nine years, they decided to have kids. They reportedly had miscarriages in the past, but finally, in the year 2005, they were blessed with their first kid.

Sarah and Joel saw it as a blessing from the heavens. Their first child was a son, and they named him Edward Roy Mchale. But soon, the joy of the family would turn into instant devastation.

Soon after Edward was born, they realized that he had two holes in his heart. This was horrifying news for the parents. But they decided to start dealing with it.

Similarly, Edward got open heart surgery in the next few months. He was still an infant when it took place. But fortunately, the surgery worked, and Edward was cured.

Sarah with her entire family.

But this was a dark time for the couple because as they were in and out of the hospital, they saw all these kids in the ward.

They said that it is a dark tunnel for each parent, but luckily, they got out in the end, but the tunnel never ends for some.

Sarah and Joel welcomed their second son in the year 2008. They named him Isaac Hayden Mchale. He is three years younger than his brother.

Both their kids have dyslexia, and that is still a struggle for the parents. But it is something that they can get over.

The family lives together happily in their house in  Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. They have three dogs and one rabbit as their pets.

Sarah Williams | Career

When Sarah graduated college, she did not know what she wanted to become in life. Then art fascinated her, and she became an artist.

After graduating from the University of Washington, she took a flight to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to work as a youth worker at the community center. She worked there for a brief amount of time.

When she returned home from Belfast of Ireland, she moved back to Seattle. There she worked at the sportswear clothing line. But soon, she moved on to being a creative director for a greeting card company.

In the 200s, the whole family Sarah with her husband had to move to Los Angeles. It was to pursue Joel’s acting career even better.

That is when Sarah also decided to pursue arts. She started taking classes at the Barnsdall Art Park.

She also studied with artist Franklyn Legal Art center college of design in Pasadena. Currently, Sarah is working as an artist in the Carrington Arts as of January 2021.


Sarah Williams Net Worth

Sarah William has not revealed much about her income or net worth. We do not know how much she makes in one year.

But her husband is worth $14 million. And that is a good amount of wealth for the entire family to live comfortably.

Sarah Williams | Physical Appearance

In the height department, Sarah is 5’6″ tall. She weighs about 54 kgs in terms of bodily weight. Despite being a mother of two, she has a very fit and toned body shape.

Sarah has brown eyes. She has blonde hair color with darker roots. Williams has a fair skin complexion.

Sarah Williams | Social Media

Even though she is the wife of such a famous Hollywood star, Sarah likes to keep it low-key. Sarah is not much active on any social media other than Instagram.

She has more than eight thousand followers on her Instagram. Sarah shares adorable pictures of her family and dogs on her Instagram.


How long have Sarah Williams and Joel Mchale been married?

Sarah and Joel have been married for over 25 years now.

How many children does has Sarah William have?

Sarah Williams has two sons, Edward and Isaac.


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