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Shannon Courtenay: Weight Loss, Boxing & Net Worth

When Shannon Courtenay was young, her mother, Jane, wanted her to be a ballet dancer.

Shannon had practiced ballet for several years and gained an excellent stance and body movements. However, several years later, the stunning woman became a great boxer.

Shannon Courtney wasn’t always the biggest fan of boxing. Unlike several other fighters or athletes, Shannon had no idea that she would be a boxer until she started boxing in 2014 at 21.

Shannon Courtenay
Shannon Courtenay

Before getting into boxing, Shannon was a depressed and overweight woman with a smoking problem.

Moreover, she recalls her past years and claims that she is blessed to have entered into something she grew to love.

Shannon is an extremely talented boxer who won her first match. Her victory gave her immense confidence, and she has been continuously involved in bettering herself.

Quick Facts

Before getting to know more about this talented boxing champion, let’s look at some facts about her:

Birth name  Shannon Courtenay
Birthdate  3 July 1993
Birthplace Abbots Langley, United Kingdom
Nickname The Baby Face Assasin 
Religion  Not Religious
Nationality British/Irish
Ethnicity  White Irish
Horoscope  Cancer
Father’s name Not Known
Mother’s name Jane Courtenay
Siblings  Two (1 sister, one brother)
Sibling’s name Harriet Courtenay (Step-sister)
Current Address London, United Kingdom
Age 30 Years Old
Height 5′ 5″/165cm
Weight  Super Bantamweight/122 pounds (55 kg)
Stance Orthodox
Reach 64″/163cm
Shoe size Not Known
Hair color Light Brown
Hair Type Straight
Skin tone Olive/Tan
Eye color Brown
Marital status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single
Children  None
Profession  Boxer, Model
Debut 23 March 2019
Division Bantam
Boxing Affiliations Matchroom boxing
Sky sports
Total Fights Seven
Total Wins Six
Losses  One
Net worth $1 million- $5 million
Social media handles Instagram, Twitter
Matchroom Boxing Merch Podcast, Boxing Equipments
Last Update May, 2024

Shannon Courtenay: Early Life and Parents

The Bantamweight boxer, Shannon Courtney, was born on July 3, 1993, in a large village and civil parish, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom.

Shannon was a beautiful child born to Jane Courtney, her mother, and an unnamed father.

Shannon mentioned that her father was never on sight since she was a young child.

Moreover, he had walked out of the family when she was only 10. She said that her mother had played the role of both mom and dad in her life. 

At that time, Courtenay’s mother ran a pub and taught driving to support Courtenay and her brother. 

Young Shannon and Her Mother.
Young Shannon and Her Mother.

When Shannon was 11, her mother, Jane, remarried to Lee (stepdad), who took in Shannon and her family.

In several of her social media posts, Shannon has mentioned that she is forever grateful towards her stepdad Lee for playing a role more significant than her biological dad. 

Shannon also seems close to her grandfather and grandmother, who have supported her since her childhood.

Besides having a brother, Shannon also has an adorable step-sister named Harriet.

Shannon Courtenay with her younger sibling.
Shannon Courtenay with her younger sister.

The elder sister seems overly fond of her younger sibling as she captioned one of her posts, saying, “I do everything I can to be the best role model possible for this little girl.” 

The 30 Years Old has indeed been a brilliant role model for her sister and several young aspiring girls and male boxers worldwide. 

Shannon Courtenay: Childhood Interests

She didn’t have a background in Boxing or a similar field; the boxer was trained as a ballet dancer when she was young.

Shannon shared that her mother, Jane, wanted her to be a dancer when she grew up, but Shannon had something else in store for her.

Besides, Shannon also played football as a middle schooler and high schooler. 

Similarly, the boxer also played soccer at a reasonably high level but had to quit it for some unknown reason.

Shannon Courtney: Weight Loss Journey

Having graduated from high school and working several shifts as a cook in a restaurant, Shannon had a pretty lousy lifestyle in her late teens.

Shannon opened up about her situation back then, saying that she was depressed and unhappy with her life.

Before joining Boxing, Shannon was a heavy drinker and a chain smoker. 

In an interview with Sky Sports Boxing, the young boxer said, “I was smoking 30/40 a day. I was drinking every day (heavy). I was surrounded by the wrong people, and I was just in a really, really bad place.”

At that time, Shannon weighed 75 kgs, mostly the product of her unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diet.

However, in 2014, Shannon made an incredible resolution to join the fitness club and boxercise. 

Nonetheless, it wasn’t an easy resolution for Shannon, as she completely hated the idea of working out for the first few months.

It was indeed very overwhelming and tiring for her to have this drastic change in her lifestyle.

She would often make excuses not to train as she often went outside in the pretense of urinating but would instead smoke cigarettes.

But as Shannon’s trainer noticed her shortcomings, he encouraged her to be more attentive if she wanted to lose some weight.

Furthermore, her trainer also noticed her natural talent for potent punches, so he recommended Shannon join the Finchley boxing gym.

She said that she was intimidated at first to find that all of the members there were males, but she adapted with them.

After she began working out frequently and regularly, Shannon could see a drastic difference in her weight.

Currently, Shannon weighs 55kgs, which is 25 kgs less than what she used to be.

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Shannon Courtenay: Love For Boxing

Shannon was utterly in love with Boxing; she felt like it was just the thing she was made to do. She even said, “If it wasn’t for boxing, I dread to think what I would be.” 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration when Shannon says that Boxing has changed her life completely. She admits that she isn’t the person she used to be before joining Boxing. 

Shannon Courtenay in Matchroom fight camp.
Shannon Courtenay in Matchroom Fight Camp.

Moreover, in an interview with The Guardian, Shannon said that choosing Boxing changed her life dramatically.

She knew it was where she was meant to be. She walked out of the gym, threw her cigarettes in the bin, got up at 5 am the following day, and went running. 

Before making Boxing an integral part of her life, Shannon was internally depressed and was quite a loud person because she was so insecure that he tried to compensate by being extra.

However, currently, Shannon admits to being a happy person who loves to go with the flow.

Boxing made her happy, and the weight started decreasing because she wasn’t smoking or drinking anymore.

Though it has roughly been six years since Shannon started to box, she feels an intimate and inseparable connection with the sport.

Moreover, she is wholly devoted to Boxing and looks for ways to brush her skills every day. 

Shannon Courtenay: Career

Shannon acknowledges that she doesn’t have a long history or background in the field of Boxing, but she doesn’t let that fret her.

The 30 Years Old is a devout boxer who has massive goals.

Courtney, in 2015, won five out of five matches as an amateur. It was evident that she had a career in Boxing.

It is amusing to know that besides Boxing, Shannon has also been an IMDB figure as she has been featured in the “esports Boxing Club,” a video game.

Furthermore, Courtenay also did her first TV advert and Billboard Campaign in 2019 about getting women into sports for Reebok and DW fitness. 

Moreover, she has also been seen in a talk show called “Fight Camp Bubble Trouble” (2020).

Similarly, on March 23, 2019, Shannon made her professional debut by scoring a four-round points decision victory over Cristina Busuioc at the Copper Box Arena in London.

Moreover, it was televised live on Sky Sports, UK. Likewise, that marked the initiation of Courtenay’s professional career. 

Shannon: Boxing Record

Shannon has now fought seven matches, among which she has won 6 and lost 1.

She won 3 matches by TKO, three by PTS, and lost one match by PTS.

After her professional debut, her second match was with Roz Mari Silyanova on April 20, 2019. The match was held in The O2 Arena, London, England. Shannon won the match by PTS.

Shannon’s third match was held on June 21, 2019, in York Hall, London, against Valerija Sepetovska. Courtenay won the match by TKO.

Likewise, on October 26, 2019, Shannon fought Jasmina Nad in The O2 Arena, London, and won the match by PTS.

On December 19, 2019, Shannon consecutively won another match via TKO against Buchra El Quaissi in York Hall.

Similarly, Shannon had her first defeat in a match held in the Matchroom Fight Camp on August 14, 2020, against Rachel Ball. Courtney lost the match by PTS.

Moreover, on December 4, 2020, her latest match against Dorota Norek in The SSE Arena, London, England. Shannon won the match by TKO.

 Shannon Courtenay: Lifestyle

Courtenay is a glamorous and talented woman who currently lives in London, England.

Moreover, her relationship status isn’t known. Shannon is quite a friendly and charismatic person.

While she isn’t in her boxing attire, Shannon wears elegant and trendy clothes that emphasize her perfect curves. She has straight blonde hair and perfectly tanned skin.

Furthermore, Shannon also seems to be a car enthusiast as she occasionally posts pictures of herself and her car.

Shannon Courtenay beside the train tracks.
Shannon Courtenay beside the train tracks.

As a boxer, Shannon has to maintain a consistent and healthy diet and train vigorously to keep herself fit and muscular.

The 2020 global pandemic had affected her matches as she had only two games in 2020.

But, since the situation is becoming routine and bearable, Shannon promises that she will soon return to the Boxing Arena.

Moreover, after her debut, Shannon has been under the eyes of fans and the media.

Though she loves her fans, there have been instances when the public has made Shannon uncomfortable.

For instance, Shannon shared that she was being requested to sell her socks for 10,000 pounds by some creepy men on the internet.

She also said that she frequently receives messages from men making weird and lewd requests.

However, Shannon has grown to ignore such requests or any hate she receives through online platforms. 

Moreover, she confessed that she has been using her social media platforms to spread positivity and inspire young athletes to try their best and never give up.

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Shannon Courtenay: Net Worth

Having debuted only one year ago, Shannon has been quite a popular figure in the boxing realm. 

It is estimated that Shannon Courtney has a net worth somewhere between $1 million – $5 million.

Shannon Courtney: Social Media

Shannon is pretty active in all of her social media. The gorgeous boxer has an Instagram account with over 115k followers.

Likewise, on Twitter, Shannon has over 43.7k followers, but her account is protected, and only approved followers can see her tweets.


Who won the match between Shannon Courtenay and Rachel Ball?

In the fight between Shannon Courtenay and Rachel Ball on 14 August 2020, Shannon Courteney lost to Rachel Ball. Rachel won via PTS.

Is Shannon Courteney married?

The 30 Years Old boxer is not married yet. Furthermore, she likes to keep her relationship private.

Who is The Baby Face Assasin?

British Boxing Champion Shannon Courtenay goes by the moniker “The Baby Face Assasin.”

When is Shannon Courtenay’s next fight?

Shannon Courteney fought with Dorota Norek on 4 December 2020. The date of her next match is uncertain.

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