Shannon Seeley: Eating Disorder, Bodybuilder & Net Worth

Shannon Seeley is a bodybuilder who has emerged into a land of fame in the fitness world from a rather long struggle with bulimia. Growing up, she feared that the eating disorder might cost her life, so she decided to start lifting weight and building her body.

It changed her life, bringing her both fame and fortune. Once, her bulimia had led her to sit in front of a mirror holding a knife, searching for fat to cut off her body.

But now, she has managed to turn her life around and become a bodybuilder who can deadlift over double her body weight. What an inspiring figure she is!

Strong Shannon Seeley
Shannon Seeley showing Her Muscles

Below, we will go through her journey through bulimia to her success. Also, learn exciting facts about her, her career in bodybuilding, and her relationship with her husband.

Quick Facts

We have extensively collected information about Shannon’s life, and we suggest you stay tuned until the end of the article to know more. However, before diving into her life in detail, let’s scan some quick facts about her.

Name Shannon Seeley
Nickname Shannon
Birth Date 1992
Birth Place Michigan, USA
Mother’s Name Etta Empie -Cook
Father’s Name Larry Empie
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Degrees Health Science, Nutrition and Finance
Age 28 years (as of December 2020)
Height 5 feet 4 inches (160 cm)
Stage Weight 130-140 lbs
Off-Season Weight 160-170 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Hairstyle Straight
Build Athletic
Marital Status Married
Husband Kyle Baxter
Number of Children 1
Daughter’s Name Adley Baxter
Profession Professional Bodybuilder
Net Worth N/A
Source of Net Worth Fitness Trainer and Social Media Influencer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Magic Spoon Merch Life Breakfast Cereal.

Shannon Seeley | Age, Build and Nationality

Shannon was born in 1992 in Michigan, US, to Etta Empire (mother) and Larry Empire (father). She is 28 years old, but as we don’t know the month and the date of her birthday, her zodiac sign is unknown. She is an American national, and her religion is Christian.

Body Measurements

As she is a bodybuilder, we all must be curious to know her body measurements. She has a well built athletic physique, with astonishing bulky muscles.

Once she starved herself of any nutrients by puking out her foods, she is an idol for many people battling through their own mental illness or insecurity.

Talking about her body measurements, she stands tall at the height of 5ft. 4 inches and weighs an average of 150 pounds. Her stage weight is 130-140 pounds, and her off-season weight is 160-170 pounds.

Because of the constant fluctuation in her weight, her chest-waist-hip ratio is unknown. She has dark brown straight hair and her eyes are grey.

Shannon Seeley | Battle with Bulimia

When she was a young girl, Shannon hated her body because she always considered herself too chubby with the mocking she still had to endure from other kids. This was what led her to develop bulimia.

Later, she decided to change her lifestyle and start eating, but it was very hard for her. She sought professional help and coupled it with proper dieting and exercise, which let her build her body.

Starting of Bulimia

Shannon was bullied about her weight at the age of nine. The kids at her school always called her chubby, and eventually, she couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror without feeling fat and disgusting.

She started to take extreme measures to lose weight, which led her to develop bulimia, an eating disorder marked by binge eating, followed by purging to lose weight.

Shannon Seeley During School Days
Shannon Seeley During School Days

She felt trap in a cycle of food restriction, as well as binging and purging. Because of that, she was sick all the time, felt alone, and with constant throwing up, her serotonin levels dropped dramatically, making her feel depressed all the time.

Peak of Bulimia

Shannon would run for six to eight miles a day before recovery, intake 8,00 to 10,000 calories within a fraction of a day, and throw it all up afterwards. She used to take 20 to 25 laxatives and starve herself for days. This continued for nine years.

It pushed down her weight to as low as 98 lbs and a UK size six.

She was exhausted all the time, too moody, and absolutely hated herself. She even went as far as to sit in front of a mirror with a knife in her hand, looking for fat to cut off her body.

The scale was her best friend at that time; she would weigh herself hourly throughout the day. The numbers on the scale controlled her life. It defined her self worth.

This lifestyle continued until she reached her lowest point when she was a senior in high school in 2014.

Initiation into Bodybuilding

Because she was eating poorly, her body was always sore, brittle, and sick. She found it hard to keep up with athletics. About three months into her senior year of high school, she played football in gym class, and a classmate landed on her leg and broke it.

Shannon realized that because of her poor nutrition, and she was causing disorder in her body. She vowed to get stronger and decided to take up weight lifting.

The gym soon became her release from stress and school, and she began to love the weights. Her body was getting more robust, and with more muscle, her bones began to get stronger as well. She realized that she could gain muscles efficiently.

Looking at her progress, one of her friends recommended her to consider bodybuilding as a career. This was what sparked her to take up bodybuilding. The bodybuilder also got admitted into a college on scholarship thanks to her running ability.


After her friend’s recommendation, she started bodybuilding. She has been doing it ever since after she fell in love with the sport and the process of competing.  It helped her in recovery by giving her something else to focus on besides food.

However, learning the proper way to be healthy was highly challenging for her. Finally, after hospitalization, months of therapy, and spurts of illness associated with her issues, she learned that she should rely on no one else but herself to reach her goals of becoming a bodybuilder.

Shannon Seeley With Her Trainer
Shannon Seeley With Her Trainer

She paid a trainer to help her stay accountable, knowing that if she didn’t do what the trainer told her to do, she would waste not only his time but her own as well.

She forced herself out of the vicious binge and purge cycle, which slowly allowed her to see what her body was capable of.

“Overcoming bulimia was one of the absolute hardest obstacles I ever had to overcome. Unlike those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, you can never get away from food with an eating disorder.”

-Shannon Seeley

After a few years, she could afford an amazing coach, Bill Tocco of WarRoom Nutrition, and he has been her rock ever since.

By her side, he has been by life challenges, numerous breakups, and finally, the marriage to her husband, Kyle Baxter, has always pushed her to the potential that he knows she has.

Shannon Ray | Career

It was 2014 when Shannon discovered bodybuilding when she decided to beat her bulimia. She went on to compete in the first show of her life, which she ultimately wins. She won shows in 2015 and 2017 as well.

Since then, she has won four out of the eight competitions. Having a healthy weight of 160lbs, she can deadlift up to 400lbs.

Shannon Seeley | Net Worth

Shannon is doing well for herself as a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. Our Titan Nutrition Athlete also has massive followership on platforms, including Instagram. Thanks to this, she has continued to rake in reasonable sums of money.

Her actual net worth is not known but what is known is that she is earning well from her career and endorsement deals. She gets deals with brands such as Magic Spoon and Titan Nutrition, among others.

Shannon Seeley | Relationship and Marriage

Shannon is a married woman whose husband is Kyle Baxter. Kyle is a retired US Army and a bodybuilder.

He competed in his first-ever bodybuilding event in 2018. They got married in September 2018.

Shannon with her Family

In 2019, Shannon took her time off serious training and competing to have her first child with her husband. The name of her daughter is Adley Rose Baxter. She was born in May 2019.

Following her child’s birth, Seeley went back to bodybuilding and dieting to get back to her physique. Initially, she said she never thought she would get back her body after baby’s birth, but all she has been doing is already yielding so much result.

She was preparing to participate in competitions in 2020 before the coronavirus outbreak, which disrupted every sport and competition.

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What We Can Learn From Shannon Seeley

Shannon is very open about her struggles and achievements, and this is what makes her so inspiring. Being a bodybuilder makes one appreciate what their body and mind are capable of, and she is happy with what she has overcome and built for herself.

The Bodybuilder says that she is like any other human in the world. She is struggling to find her place in society while facing harsh criticism for being a female bodybuilder.

She hopes to convey to the world that muscles can be achieved differently. We have to want to help ourselves to recover.

“I’m human. I have my good days and bad days. There are days where I loathe my appearance and am a bit more negative than I should be about myself, but it passes.”

-Shannon Seeley

Being a self-motivated person is another speciality of hers, which she got after lots of pain and realization. She keeps saying that we will never be successful if we are forced into therapy without truly knowing anything to recover. We have to be a change in ourselves.

She is also very genuine and down to earth, and we can see that in her Twitter post above. Her story gives us something to relate to as we all have our own struggles and give us the strength to do something about it.

Social Media Handle

Instagram: Over 100K followers

Twitter:  Over 9K followers


What is your cheat meal?

Shannon Seeley’s cheat meal is Gummy Candy.

What is that one ingredient Shannon Seeley can’t live without?

Whey isolate is that one ingredient Shannon Seeley can’t live without.

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