Sharon Summerall: Don Henley, Marriage & Net Worth

Sharon Summerall is a former model born in Texas, United States. She performed professional modeling for major modeling agencies like Elite in Chicago at a young age.

Despite that, Sharon did not make a name for herself in the field of modeling, though. As a model, she was active in the domain from the period of 1986 to 1987.

Sharon Summerall
Sharon Summerall posing fr a camera

Sharon may not be popular or recognizable as a model; however, she is famous for being the wife of the musician Don Henley.

Don is a celebrity singer, songwriter, and widely recognized in the music sector.

Quick Facts

Let’s dive into some quick facts about Sharon Summerall:

Name Sharon Summerall
Nickname Sharon
Birth Year Unknown
Currently living in Dallas
Birth Place United States of America
Birth State Texas
Age Unknown
Religion Christian
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height Unknown
Build Average
Relationship Status Married
Marriage date May 20, 1995
Partner Don Henley
Children Three children ( Annabel Henley, Will Henley, Julia Henley )
First Child December 17, 1995
Profession Mathematician and Teacher
Net Worth Unknown
Social Media Not Available
Don Henley Merch The Very Best Of, Building The Perfect Beast, Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits 
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Sharon Summerall: Early Life

Sharon was born in Texas, United States, and lived much of her early life in Texas.

However, not much is known about her early life as she has decided to conceal much of her past information despite being married to a celebrity.

She was, however, a model during the late 80s. Sharon has also not revealed any information to the public about her family or her childhood in general.

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Sharon Summerall: Career

Education-wise, Sharon’s background remains unknown due to her private nature.

However, Sharon eventually proceeded towards the glamour and entertainment industry opting to become professional modeling.

Modeling Career

Primarily from 1986 to 1987, Sharon was active in the modeling industry.

Specifically, she worked for Elite, which was a popular modeling agency at the time.

Sharon Summerall Modelling
Sharon, during her modeling days.

She continued to work as a freelance model during that time. Pursuing that path, she also did work with “Eva Models” in Paris.

This provided her with good exposure in the field and helped her establish some good connections. These connections eventually also helped her meet her husband, Don Henley.

Sharon Summerall’s Relationship with Don Henley

Sharon and Don initially met up in 1994, while Sharon was still partly involved in the modeling sector.

Right after meeting each other, they instantly liked each other, which led to dating.

Within four months of knowing each other, both knew that they were made for each other. This eventually led to marriage plans rather quickly too.

Sharon Summerall with husband
Sharon and Don together during an event

It did not take long for the couple to think of marriage means the positive compatibility shared.

And that proves to be the reason why their marriage is continued even till date.


Within 11 months of meeting each other, the pair decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Subsequently, on May 20, 1995, the couple proceeded to marriage. This was after a brief but very positive relationship they shared.

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Grand Marriage Event

On May 20, 1995, the couple exchanged vows. Realizing that Sharon Summerall is the love of his life, Don did not want to leave any stones unturned for their marriage.

Sharon's marriage with Don
Sharon and Don dancing at their marriage event

During their marriage, celebrities like Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen were present.

Other stars like Tony Bennett, Glenn Frey also attended the marriage ceremony.

The wedding reception was in the Grand Vista Ranch. In the marriage event, Don himself sang the Beatles’ song “In My Life.”

Secrecy of Marriage despite Celebrity Attendance

Although the event itself was magnificent, however, Don Henley and Sharon Summerall managed to keep the event away from the eyes of the media.

Guests attending the event even described the event as a rock and roll hall of fame.

Like Bob Seger, Jackson Browne, too, was rumored to have been present at the wedding.

Marital relationship with Don

Don Henley initially was not so lucky as for the relationships and even was involved in major controversies.

However, all that changed with the entry of Sharon into his life.

Sharon always had a calm and positive influence on him. She kept him grounded despite the glitz and glamor in his life.

This led to the relationship having not only a smooth start but a rock-steady continuity too.

Even to date, Don appears in many interviews and praises Sharon for being the rock of his life.

Who is Don Henley?

Don Henley was born on 22 July 1947 in Gilmer, Texas. His birth name was Donald Hugh Henley.

He is one of the founding members of the famous band, The Eagles.

Don Henley
Don Henley

He also was the co-lead vocalist and drummer in the band. He later also went on to become a record producer and songwriter as well.

Don Henley: Early Start

Don was interested in sports and music right from a young age. While in school, he formed a band called Four Speeds, where he also met Kenny Rogers.

Later with the death of one of their band-mates, they were signed to Amos Records.

In 1971 they disbanded the group. He was then recruited as a member of Linda Ronstadt, which also had Glenn Frey.

A tour was planned, and this tour itself led to the foundation of The Eagles.

Don Henley: The Eagles

Don has been involved in major hit songs, including Hotel California, Get Over It, The Long Run, and Witchy Woman.

The Eagles had a significant impact not only in his home country but worldwide as well. 

The Eagles
Members of the Eagles posing for a photo

Later, however, the band broke up due to creative differences, and Don proceeded towards a solo career and tasted success in that venture.

Relationships and Controversies

Don Henley was involved with Loree Rodkin in 1974. Subsequently, in 1975, he also began dating Stevie Nicks.

After this, he also had a relationship with the bond girl, Lois Chiles.

In 1980, he suffered a major controversy where a 16-year-old girl was found naked and overdosed in his home. He was arrested.

Later in the early 80s, he dated Maren Jensen.

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Sharon Summerall: Children

Both Sharon and Don always wanted kids, and subsequently, they went on to have three beautiful children. They have two beautiful daughters and one son.

Their children are named Julia Henley, Annabel Henley, and Will Henley.

Not much, however, is known about their kids. Their first daughter Annabel was born on December 17, 1995.

Sharon and Don were both agreed that their children should be far from the limelight. Due to this reason and Sharon’s parents being in Dallas, they moved to Dallas.

Further, Don also thought that raising their kids in Los Angeles was rather tough. With that, they moved to Dallas and have lived there ever since.

Diagnosis with Sclerosis

Early on in her life, she faced issues with her health. After meeting with Don in 1994, she began suffering from sclerosis.

Moreover, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In addition, she has been receiving treatment ever since.

The disease hence is under control thus far, with regular check-ups.

Sharon Summerall: An inspiration for Don’s Music

Sharon and Don share a strong bond and love for each other. This is further implied because Don loves composing music for Sharon.

He has written songs about her and dedicated many songs directly to her. Songs like “Everything Is Different Now” from Inside Job are dedicated to her.

Don has regularly stated in several interviews about Sharon bringing the change in his life.

He has revealed that he took a long to settle down as he had not found the right person. This shows the love that the couple share for each other.

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Sharon Summerall: Net Worth

Sharon had a successful brief modeling career. However, since she is private about her life, there is no information about her net worth.

Her husband, however, has amassed a net worth of $200 million. 

Social Media Presence

Sharon Summerall does not have any social media presence. Given her decision to stay away from any limelight, she does not like to share information on social media.


Is Sharon Summerall married to Don Henley?

Sharon Summerall is indeed married to Don Henley. In addition, they got married on May 20, 1995, and have two daughters and a son.

Are Sharon Summerall and Don Henley still married?

Yes, Sharon Summerall and Don Henley are still married.

Is Sharon Summerall involved in the music industry like her husband?

No, Sharon Summerall is not involved in the music industry like her husband, but she has worked as a model.

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