What Happened To Russian Poet Artem Kamarin And Alexandra Popova?

What Happened To Russian Poet Artem Kamarin And Alexandra Popova? Where Are They Now?

What Happened To Russian Poet Artem Kamarin And Alexandra Popova? Russian poet was arrested and rapped by Russian Police for singing anti-war poems online. 

As a result of releasing his performance of an anti-war poem online, Russian poet and activist Artyom Kamardin was arrested and subjected to torture, including horrifying sexual violence, by law enforcement officials, according to Natalia Zviagina, Amnesty International’s Russia Director.

“Even by the appalling human rights standards of contemporary Russia, the specifics of Artyom Kamardin’s detention and torture are horrifying. It appears that Russian law enforcement officials believe they can violate anyone’s rights, including those of those who oppose Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, with perfect impunity. 

The world must not turn a blind eye but instead remind the Russian leadership that individuals responsible for all crimes against international law, including war crimes committed in Ukraine and human rights breaches committed in Russia, will be brought to court.

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What Happened To Russian Poet Artem Kamarin And Alexandra Popova? 

Armed Police entered the residence of Artyom Kamardin and his girlfriend Aleksandra Popova on September 26, 2022. They were captured together with their companion Alexander Menyukov. 

Police allegedly assaulted Kamardin and raped him with a dumbbell during the search, which their counsel was not permitted to see. 

Aleksandra Popova claims that she was made to see a video of this incident by law enforcement agents.

Artem Kamarin
Artem Kamarin Giving Interview About The Incident (Source: Perlid)

The anti-war poem “Glory to Kievan Rus; Novorossiya sucks” was mocked and performed before Artyom Kamardin was made to make an “apology” video.Aleksandra Popova claims that she was verbally and physically abused by Police officers who yanked her hair, glued stickers to her face with superglue, and threatened to gang rape her. Alexandra was later found to have bruises and head injuries.

According to his attorney, Artyom Kamardin has a concussion, several bruises, and other injuries. His current state of health is unknown because the authorities declined to admit him to the hospital.

Along with activists Nikolai Dayneko and Yegor Shtovba, Artyom Kamardin was named a suspect in a case of “inciting hate or hostility with the threat of violence” (Article 282(2) of the Russian Criminal Code). The Russian police could spend up to six years in prison if found guilty.

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Where Are Artem Kamarin And Alexandra Popova Now? 

Later on September 26, OVD-Info stated that Alexandra Popova had been freed from Police custody. She claimed to have had her hair yanked out, superglue put on her mouth and face, rape threats made, and she was shown a film of the officers raping Kamardin.

Artem Kamardin participated in a poetry reading on September 25 that was intended to oppose Russia’s mobilization. He read the words there, for which he later had to apologize.

The Russian Police Filmed The Rape Video Of Artem Kamarin

There is yet more to the story. The poet was allegedly raped using a dumbbell for the forty-eight hours of his preventive custody. Particularly, the Novaa Gazeta Europe website asserts a version backed by the young man’s attorney and friend. He was initially spotted at night, when an ambulance was transporting him to the hospital.

Before the members of the investigation committee were made to watch the footage of the rape, another, Aleksandra Popova, claimed to independent websites that she heard her screams in the cell next to her.

Artem Kamarin
Artem Kamardin Assaulted By The Russian Police(Source: RunDownBulletin)

MI Popova asserts that she was warned that she would be subjected to gang rape. Upon being freed from prison, a young woman disclosed a medical report detailing a concussion, bruising, and head scratches. Among other things, the officers sprayed super glue on her mouth and face.

In Russia, violence in detention facilities, such as jails or Police stations, is a common practice that rarely results in consequences. In October 2021, dozens of hours of film that revealed the existence of an organized rape system by the administration in some Russian prisons were made public. This was the last significant discovery.

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