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Who is Amy Mickelson? – Family & Net Worth

Amy Mickelson is the wife of the well-known professional golfer Philip Mickelson. Also, she is a former actress and model, and activist.

Amy’s husband, Philip Alfred Mickelson (Phil), is an American master golf player of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA).

Additionally, Amy Mickelson acted in the 1988 movie, Sunset alongside Bruce Willis in the role of Alfie’s wife.

Likewise, Amy Mickelson is a celebrated figure in PGA Tour circles, known for greeting people warmly and with a smile on her face.

Amy Mickelson (Source: Playerwiki)
Amy Mickelson (Source: Playerwiki)

Formally, her name was Amy McBride before her union with Mickelson.

Having said that, Amy Mickelson became more popular and well-published after her marriage with Phil Mickelson.

Moreover, she is loved by all in the world of golf because of her gentle nature, optimistic personality, and down-to-earth attitude.

And also, due to her immense support towards her husband’s career, she is held in high regard among the other pro golfers’ spouses.

In the article, we have mentioned detailed information about Amy Mickelson’s personal life, social media, and net worth.

Amy Mickelson: Quick Facts

Full name Amy Mickelson/McBride
Nickname Amy
Birthdate 1972
Birthplace California, United States 
Residence  California
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Horoscope Gemini 
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1972″] Years Old
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s name Unknown
Sibling Unavailable
High School  Hill Crest High School, Utah
College Arizona State University, Phoenix
Height  5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight 60 kg (123 lbs)
Body Figure Bust Size – 33 inches
Waist Size – 26 inches
Hip Size – 35 inches
Hair Color  Blonde
Eye Color  Hazel Green
Tattoo Unknown
Profession Actress & Activist
Marital Status  Married
Husband Name Philip Alfred Mickelson
Children 3
Children’s Name Amanda Brynn Mickelson, Sophia Isobael Mickelson, Evan Samuel Mickelson
Active   1992-present
Net Worth  $1.5 Million
Salary  Unavailable
Social Media  InstagramTwitter
Phil Mickelson Merch Signed Shirt, Signed Cards, Framed Photo
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Amy Mickelson: Family and Education

Being a native of America, it can be presumed Amy spent her entire childhood and teenage years on American soil.

Regardless, her family has changed their residence address now and then.

Sad to inform you, there are not any details regarding her parents and siblings. The only family members we know of Amy are her children and husband.

However, she attended Harvest Park Middle School to complete her early education and later joined Hillcrest High for high school. She was Foothill High’s freshman princess in 1986.

Amy Mickelson With Her Family
Amy Mickelson with her Family

Ultimately, her family moved to Utah, and Amy graduated in 1990 from Hillcrest High, just south of Salt Lake City. 

Firstly, Amy joined the University of Utah for college education, but she transferred to Arizona State University, Phoenix, one year later. 

And we all know that she met her future husband and the love of her life, Phil Mickelson, during her college attendance.

Amy Mickelson: Age and Body Measurements

Being [calculate_years datestring= “00/00/1972”] Years Old, Amy is reasonably fit & slim and cheerful & healthy at her age.

Amy Mickelson was born on the 1st of June, 1972, rumoredly in the California city of the United States. Therefore, Amy’s sun sign is Gemini.

Moreover, she is only around 60 kilograms or 123 pounds with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches or 1.67 meters.

Similarly, her physique is pretty lovely, too, with a bust size of 33 inches, 26 inches of waist, and a hip size of 35 inches.

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Amy Mickelson: Relationship and Marriage

Phil and Amy met at the Arizona State University for the first time in 1992.

At the time, Phil was a senior, and Amy was a junior and a cheerleader on the Phoenix Suns NBA Cheerleading squad.

Also, at the time, Amy aspired to become an actress, but Phil was already a celebrity in the sports industry.

“When he told me he was a pro golfer, I thought he worked in the shop at a golf course,” she wrote in One Magical Sunday, which was released in 2004.

The first date they had was a tennis match between them. Later on, Phil Mickelson invited Amy to attend the ‘Bob Hope Celebrity Pro-Am’ in Palm Springs, California.

And Amy accepted his invitation to the Celebrity Pro-Am and became very acquainted with golf, though she confesses that she does not know much about the game.

The pair continued meeting each other and developed feelings for each other over time.

Amy and Phil dated for four years and eventually tied the knot on November 16, 1996.

Amy’s Children

Following the solid marital bond, Phil and Amy Mickelson shared three children.

They birthed their first child, Amanda Brynn Mickelson, on 21st June in 1999, after three years of marriage.

Her loving husband, Phil, made it to the hospital in the nick of time and witnessed the birth of his first child and still helped the nurses cut the cord.

Similarly, two years later, their second child, Sophia Isobael Mickelson, was born on the 23rd of October.

In 2003, they had their third child, a son named Evan Samuel Mickelson.

However, her last child Evan faced many challenges that almost left mother and child lifeless.

While giving birth to Evan, Amy ruptured an artery in her uterus during the delivery, and the child stopped breathing for nearly seven minutes.

Phil said: “I didn’t really get into it too much, but Amy had a very dangerous delivery with the birth of Evan,” “He didn’t breathe for seven minutes.”

And further, he added, “had the emergency nurses not been there with the equipment ready, he might have had some severe brain damage or other circumstances.”

Fortunately, both Amy and her son recovered quickly and have been living a healthy and prosperous life.

Moreover, Amanda has graduated with a major in archaeology and the ancient world from Brown University, Rhode Island.

Amy Mickelson and Family After Phil's Victory
Amy Mickelson and Family After Phil’s Victory

Likewise, Sophia graduated, and young Evan has just finished his high school life.

So far, Amy Mickelson is a proud mother and blessed woman. Since her 22-year-old marriage has become a positive example to new generation couples of what a home should be.

Besides that, to this date, there have not been any controversies regarding the athletic duo. Moreover, the pair are enjoying their marital bliss.

Amy Mickelson: Battle with Cancer

During 2009 events, the doting wife of Phil Mickelson was appearing less and less in her husband’s tournament, as rumors had it that the duo was heading for a divorce.

Meanwhile, the truth was something else. The comely actress had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was medicating herself under the guidance of oncologist Tom Buchholz.

Tragically, in the same period, Phil’s mother was also diagnosed with the same ailment. So dealing and handling the time was difficult for not only Amy but the entire Mickelson family.

In fact, Phil Mickelson put a hold on his career for a while until his mother and wife were absolutely fine and back to good health.

Not only that, Phil’s golf community raised fundings and awareness in support of Amy and prayed and rallied for her excellent health.

Nearly 12 months after her treatment, she visited Augusta, Georgia, with Phil, for the 2010 ‘Masters Tournament finals along with her three children, who also accompanied them to the ‘Augusta National Golf Course.’

By 2012, Amy showed notable improvement in her health and started accompanying Phil during the tournaments again.

After completely recovering from breast cancer, the first event she attended was the 2012 ‘Ryder Cup.’

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From Actress to Activist

Initially, Amy desired to become an actor, and to enhance herself, she played college plays and learned dancing.

Then, in 1998, she acted in the movie Sunset, which was widely viewed by the public, and did some ramp-walk and advertisements for a few modeling agencies.

Regardless, after her first child, Amy declined her dream and dedicated herself to supporting her husband and raising her children.

Finally, after her victory against breast cancer, she became an activist.

Through campaigns, fundraising, and other maneuvers, she has continued to fight against the disease to help others.

Later in 2004, Amy co-founded a foundation with her husband called The Phil and Amy Foundation. The foundation aids research on breast cancer and helps low-income families battling cancer medication.

Additionally, during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, the foundation supported the victims with $1,00,000.

Furthermore, the foundation has collected more than a million dollars for KFFL and Coachella Valley Charity.

Amy Mickelson: Social Media

Despite Amy being an active social worker, she does not have any social media accounts to interact with people directly.

Nonetheless, she has her foundation’s website. In addition, you can contact Amy through the contact address provided on the foundation page.

Amy Mickelson With Her Husband On Fishing Trip (Source: Instagram: PhilMickelson)
Amy Mickelson With Her Husband On Fishing Trip (Source: Instagram: PhilMickelson)

In contrast to that, her husband, Phil Mickelson, is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

Mr. Mickelson has always been one to engage with his fans and provide them with entertainment.

Instagram: over 1.2 million followers

Twitter: over 779.2K followers

Amy Mickelson: Net Worth

Indeed, Amy has acquired wealth during her acting and modeling journey. 

The net worth of Amy Mickelson is estimated to be about $1.5 million.

On the other hand, her husband, Phil Mickelson, has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Moreover, he earns from the golfing career and endorsement deals.

Phil is one of the richest golfers in the world. He ranks third with $400 million behind Tiger Woods and Greg Norman.

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What Is Amy Mickelson Real Name?

Amy’s real name is Amy McBride. She changed her last name to Mickelson after her marriage to Philip Mickelson in 1996.

Are Phil Mickelson and Amy Mickelson still Married?

Yes, Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy have been married almost 25 years.

The couple has journeyed through the ups and downs of Phil’s professional career and Amy’s health to get to where they are today.

Their relationship has been rather exemplary to the young generation.

What kind of cancer did Amy Mickelson have?

In 2009, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer. But with the treatment done by oncologist Tom Buchholz, Amy recovered in about 12 months.

After two years of medication and chemotherapy, Amy gained her previous strength and was back in the field alongside her husband.

Is Phil Mickelson Richest Golf Player?

As of [current-year], Tiger Woods is the greatest, richest, and most famous golfer of all time. He has more than $800 million.

Phil Mickelson is the third richest golf player after Tiger Woods and Greg Norman with $400 million worth.

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