Ann Calvello

Ann Calvello: Early Life, Husband & Net Worth

There may be many beautiful, bold, athletic, and baddie women in the sports, but not like Ann Calvello. Ann Calvello is a legendary name in roller skates.

Ann Theresa Calvello or Ann Calvello is a notable American personality in the sport of roller derby. She was popular for her bad temper, madcap makeup, tanned skin, white lipstick, and crazily dyed hair.

Calvello was considered one of the meanest skaters at the time. Her fans called her “demon of skates,” “the roller derby queen,” and ” banana nose.”

Ann Calvello
Roller derby queen: Ann Calvello

She was involved in roller derby for seven decades, starting from the 1940s to the 2000s.

If you want to know about this skater, keep reading this article for detailed information about her life, career, husband, net worth, etc.

Quick Facts

However, before diving into the detailed information, let’s have a look at some amazing quick facts to get you started:

Name Ann Calvello
Real name Ann Theresa Calvello
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1 August 1929
Nickname Roller Derby Queen
Demon of the Derby
Banana nose
Birthplace Newport, United States of America
Date of her death 13 June 2018
Death place Burlingame, California, USA
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/01/1929″] Years Old
Zodiac sign Leo
Moonstone Periodt
Children Name Theresa Ann Langely and Teri Conte
Body type Athletic
Hair color Dyed
Skin Tanned
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 71 kg or 156 lbs
High School Presentation High School, USA
Pet Cats
Profession Original Roller derby skater
Annual salary $44,680 (estimated)
Brothers Tony Calvello and Joey Calvello
Last Location California
Husband Roy Langley 
Bill Prieto
Net Worth $5 million
Merch Five Strides on the Banked Track: The Life and Times of the Roller Derby
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Ann Calvello: Early Life, Parents, and Education

Ann Calvello was from Newport, Rhode Island, United States. She was born on 1st August 1929. 

Similarly, the skater was an American national having Italian ancestry.

Her mother was an Austrian immigrant, whereas her father was a military man. However, her parent’s name is not known.

In June 1974, Calvello graduated from Presentation Highschool located in San Fransico, United States of America. 

She used to skate from a very early age. Ann, along with her friends, used to roller skate in the cobblestone street. 

They used to visit different places with their skates. Ann was a tomboy and had a lot of guy friends who used to skate with her.

Slowly and gradually, Ann’s hobby turned into a professional career in no time. 

Ann Calvello: Height, Weight, Age, and Zodiac Sign

Bold and beautiful roller skater weighed about 156 lbs or 71 kgs. The skater stood tall at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches or 172cm.

Wild makeup, polka dot dyed hair, banana nose, confidence was the distinct character of Ann.

Born on 1st August, her zodiac sign was Leo. Similarly, her moonstone was periodt.

Like Leo Personality trait, she was fierce, confident, outspoken, ambitious, and she loved to be the center of attraction.

The flamboyant showman gave herself the nickname “the lioness” in honor of her zodiac sign, Leo.

Ann Calvello left the world at the age of 76.

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Ann Calvello: Career

The lioness started her professional career as a roller skater after competing in International Roller Speedway League in 1948.

Calvello was a team member of the original Roller Derby, and she became the captain of the team within six months.

She used to go to Salt Lake City, Utah, to train herself. Ann Calvello played for the San Fransisco team called bombers for six years, from 1954 to 1960.

She enjoyed skating in Los Angeles and San Fransisco with Annis Jensen and Gloria Mifsud during that time.

She quit Roller Derby in 1964, and she again joined Mexican City Cardinals in 1963.

Similarly, Ann also skated for Australian Thunderbirds for three months.

Moreover, she played against Texas Outlaws, and since Ann was too good, Australian Thunderbirds wanted Calvello to stay in their team for a whole year.

After that, Ann again changed the team and joined Shamrocks in 1965.  

Ann Calvello
Demon of Derby during competition

She even kept on skating until the age of 70. Ann traveled to different places like Europe, Australia, Cuba, the USA, and the Philippines, while she skated for the various leagues. 

Ann used to say, “Tickets up, stomach in,” posing for photographs.

Calvello was featured in Rollergirls, a reality tv show aired on A&E Network on February 27, 2006.

Similarly, she has also appeared in Holy Rollers and Rhinestone Cowgirls.

She had also skated in San Quentin Jail, where she impressed prisoners with her unique skating styles.

After Dave Lipshultz took over Roller Derby, Ann became captain of Southern Stars.

And, then due to scarcity of gas around the 1970s, the team couldn’t fly to different places to compete.

Therefore, Roller Derbies started falling apart. And Ann never retired official, but she did not compete in any league or games from the 2000s.

Ann Calvello: Injury

The skater got injured multiple times during her career as a professional roller skater.

She broke her nose twelve times. Other injuries include crack rib bones, broken collarbone, broken elbows, and tail bone. 

Ann Calvello: Rivals and Fight

In an interview, Ann revealed that back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s AND 60S, her rivals were Mary Youpelle, Gerry Murray, Midge Brasuhn, and Anis Jensen.

She had a long-term feud with Joan Weston, popularly known as “Blonde Bomber.”

Ann Calvello fought with her old teammate during her bomber days, Carol Meyers Roman, in the dressing room.

Ann grabbed carol in the waist and head. And then other equipment started flying around during the fight. 

As a result of the horrible fight between Calvello and Carol, Carol had to get 17 stitches in her head right before her marriage.

However, even after having a horrible fight, they managed to get rid of the cold relation between each other.

Furthermore, Carol even allowed Ann to be her bridesmaid at her wedding.

Ann Calvello: The Demon of the Derby

The Demon of the Derby is a biography documentary that shows the life of Legend Ann Theresa Calvello. Sharon Rutter directed it, and it was released in 2001.

The Demon of the Derby
The Demon of the Derby: A documentary on Ann’s life

The documentary highlights the roller skating legend’s significant events, how she came into the limelight?

Ann Calvello: Marriage, Husband, and Children

Roy Langely was the first husband of Ann. They started their marital life on 23 August 1952 in the United States of America.

After marrying Ron, she even left Roller Derby to give more time and effort to the relationship, but it failed. Eventually, they got divorced in 1956.

Ron and Ann were blessed with a daughter named Theresa Ann Langely on 11 August 1953.

After that, it is believed that she started dating a man called “Koko” while she was in Hawaii. However, it is still unsure whether Koko and Ann got married or not.

Regardless, the Roller Derby queen again married Bill Prieto of San Bruno. They stayed in San Bruno, California. The couple also had a cat as a pet.

Bill and Ann had a child together named Teri Conte.

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Ann Calvello: Final Years and Death

She stopped competing in the games in the 2000s. However, she used to appear in different programs.

Calvello appeared on the finale of Roller Jam in 2002 in the match race with Kenneth Loge III.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with liver cancer a week before her death. Doctors said she had six months to live, but she passed away sooner than the doctors had assumed.

Moreover, her husband took her to the hospital when she complained about chest pain, but she couldn’t return home as she passed away in the hospital.

The roller derby lost its star on 14th March 2006.

Ann Calvello: Net Worth

She has been involved in roller skate for seven decades, so; we can assume that she had accumulated a huge sum of money during her career.

She also made money by appearing in different shows., winning competition or league during her career.

And Calvello’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million approximately.

Moreover, her estimated annual salary as a roller skater was $44,680.

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Ann Calvello: Social Media

Roller Derby queen is not available on any social media platform.

Ann Calvello: Trivia

  • Ann loved skating for were the Phil Panthers, NY chiefs, and the bombers.
  • She loved skating against and with Annis Jensen, popularly known as “Big Red.”
  • Calvello loved traveling to different places. Her favorite traveling destinations were Australia and Hawaii.
  • Except for roller skating, her hobbies include sunbathing and watching old movies.
  • She used to call her fans “cubs.”
  • Her first husband, Roy Langely, was a Roller Derby referee.
  • She has also worked as a bagger in the supermarket.
  • Her favorite color was gold and orange.
  • During her career as a roller skater, Ann admired Bobby Johnson as she gave Calvello a chance to be a captain and run the team.
  • In her favorite line, “Tickets up, stomach in Tickets refers to her breasts as she believed that sexy clothing would draw the attention of her fans.
  • The nickname “banana nose” was given by her fellow skater.


When is Ann Calvello’s day?

Ann Calvello Day falls on 15 April. The mayor of Indianapolis declared April 15 as Ann Calvello’s day on 15 April 1972.

Did Ann Calvello have a tattoo?

Yes, Ann had eight tattoos on her body, and all of them were images of the lion. She may have made it in honor of her astrological sign, which is Leo.

What happened to the Demon of the Derby?

The demon of the derby suffered from liver cancer in 2006.

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