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Are Bojan And Bogdan Bogdanovic Related? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

“Are Bojan and Bogdan Bogdanovic related?” Today we will clear the confusion of every basketball fan.

Keep in mind that both athletes are active players in the National Basketball League (NBA), which is the cause of the misunderstanding.

Bogdan Bogdanović is a Serbian-born professional basketball player playing at the Atlanta Hawks as a shooting guard. 

Aside from playing in NBA, he represents the Serbian basketball team internationally. 

He was the 27th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft but made his NBA debut in the 2017-18 season.

Meanwhile, Bojan Bogdanović is a Croatian professional basketball player who is a small forward for the Detroit Pistons. 

He has been active since 2004, playing for various teams such as Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, and Utah Jazz.

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Are Bojan And Bogdan Bogdanovic Related? Family Tree Explored

No, Bojan and Bogdan Bogdanovic aren’t related at all. The only thing common between these guys is their love for basketball. 

Even though they have different backgrounds and cultures, these two men have distinguished themselves as elite athletes. 

Bogdan was born on August 18, 1992, in Belgrade, Serbia, to his dad, Dragan Bogdanović, and mother, Koviljka Bogdanović.

The Serbia player grew up in the city with her sister, Bojana Bogdanović. It is reported that his family originated in Plužine in Montenegro.

Since childhood, Bogdan has had a lifelong interest in athletics.

The Bogdanovic

The Bogdanovic (Source: Soaring Down South)He initially debated between basketball and football because he found both quite enticing. 

Finally, he decided to play basketball instead of football and put sports above anything else.

On the other hand, Bojan was born on April 18, 1989, in Mostar, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia, to his father, Mario Bogdanovic.

Mario was a professional basketball player in Croatia, but his mother’s identity remains unknown. 

The talented athlete grew up with two younger sisters, Ivana Bogdanovic and Martina Bogdanovic. 

His family is extremely important to him, and he loves to spend time with them. 

Bojan And Bogdan Bogdanovic Net Worth Difference

According to Players Bio, multi-talented athlete Bojan Bogdanovic has a staggering net worth of $25 million. 

He is among the top-earning players in the NBA and has gained $49 million. 

Bojan and the Brooklyn Nets agreed to a three-year, $10 million contract on July 20, 2014.

After that, the Croatians made a deal with the Indiana Pacers, which was reported to be $21 million over two years.

The Utah Jazz signed him to a four-year, $73 million deal on July 7, 2019, making him the highest-paid Croatian athlete.

Bojan was scheduled to make $17 million under his deal for the 2019–20 season, making him the Utah Jazz team’s current third-highest-paid player.

However, throughout the next years, his pay climbed gradually. He made $19.5 million in the last year of his current deal.

Likewise, Bogdan Bogdanovic has a whopping net worth of $62 million, as stated by Wealthy Gorilla.

Bojan and Bogdan Bogdanovic Playing As A Opponent

Bojan and Bogdan Bogdanovic Playing As A Opponent (Source: A Royal Pain)Bogdan was able to negotiate his contract when he entered the league since he chose to play overseas after being selected rather than in the NBA.

As a result, he began his career with a big wage and has been highly compensated ever since, signing a four-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks worth $42 million.

After being part of the Atlanta Hawks, Bogdan could cash out $18 million each year, making his total $54 million by 2022. 

Moreover, during the 2017-2020 season, while he was part of the Sacramento Kings, he earned around $27 million. 

Looking at the wealth of both players, it is clear that Bogdan Bogdanovic is the player with a higher net worth. 

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