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Are Katrina Halili And Sheena Halili Related? Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Katrina Halili and Sheena Halili are not related to each other. They share the same last name and belong to the same country but are not associated with each other. 

Maria Katrina Iren Pe Halili, aka Katrina Halili, is a well-known Filipina actress, commercial model of Chinese descent, and businesswoman. She was born in January 1986 in Quezon City, Philippines.

Halili started her career in 2004; she played a movie Kilig… Pintig… Yanig when she was only 16 years old. She played in several tv series, dramas, and films. The actress is well-known for her role in Darna, Majika, Marimar, Sa Piling ni Nanay, D’ Originals, Destiny Rose, The Stepdaughters, and Pamilya Roces. 

Her fans also loved her role in Halili’s first anti-heroine role in TODA One I Love. However, she has also done many commercials and got her name through Tanduay T5, Kawasaki Curve, Flawless, and many other commercials. 

Halili is also the first Starstruck contestant to top the FHM Philippines 100 Sexist list, and she was the first one to win the title twice in a row. 

She is most prevalent in her own country Philippines. But people from other country has also started to know her, and they loved her performance. 

In 2017, She got the “Primera Kontrabida of the Philippines.” She has been awarded for her roles in movies, dramas, and tv series several times. 

Are Katrina Halili And Sheena Halili Related?

No, Katrina Halili and Sheena Halili are not related with each other. Katrina and Sheena are both actors from the Philippines and were born in the same country but have no blood relation. 

They hold the same nationality and last name, which has confused many fans and followers. Many people still believe they are related to each other. But Katrina Halili has explained to the media that they are not related to each other.

Katrina has only one brother named Ian Halili, and she doesn’t have siblings or a cousin named Sheena.

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Katrina Halili Family 

Katrina was born in 1986 in Quezon City, Philippines to Marilou Pe Halili, mother. The information about her father is unknown. Her mother, Marilou Pe Halili, was a single mother. 

She has a brother named Ian Halili; they were raised in the Philippines. She has a great bond with his brother. 

Although her mother was a single mom, she helped her with her career in all possible ways. She always helped Katrina to grow. Marilou Pe Halili is a proud mother. 

Kartina was with Kris Lawrence for almost 6 years. The information about their marriage is unknown.

Kris and Kartina had their first child together on September 18, 2012, and named her Katrence Lawrence Halili Cadevida. She is 10 years old now in the present day, 2022. 

Katrina Halili Ethnicity

Kartina was born in Quezon City, Philippines. She holds  Filipino nationality. Halili was born and raised in the Philippines along with her brother. 

Her mother raised them together; she was also Filipino by nationality. And the family belongs to White Ethnicity. 

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Katrina Halili Net Worth

Katrina is an actress, commercial model, and businesswoman from the Philippines. She is famous in her home country. 

She is seen in many popular series, movies, and tv shows. She has played several significant roles till now; she started her career in acting when she was 16 in 2004. 

The actorness Halili’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million to 5 million. Her net worth is mostly from her acting career; she is a businesswoman and earns from her business. 

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