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Arizona State Sun Devils: Who Are Paul Tyson Parents And Where Are They From?

Paul Tyson has been on the news lately, but little is known about the athlete. Who exactly is Paul Tyson’s Parents? Let’s find out!

Paul Tyson is a quarterback for the Arizona State Sun Devils, who play in the Pac-12 conference. He completed his 10-of-16 passes for 150 yards in limited time, giving signs of good arm power.

ESPN ranks him as the 14th best pocket passer in the country and the 13th best prospect in Alabama. PrepStar ranks him as a four-star prospect and a Top 350 All-American.

Who Are Paul Tyson’s Parents? Where Are They From?

Paul Tyson’s father is Marc Bryant Tyson, and his mother is Lisa. Both of them are Canadian. They moved to Canada from a country that is now the Czech Republic.

His father reportedly ran an import/export company for tools and parts for about fifteen years before becoming the founder of Ready Mix USA in 1995. He is currently its president after selling his import/export company to CEMEX in 2010.

Paul Tyson’s grandfather, Brent Bryant, was a collegiate football player and coach from the United States. He is most known for leading the football team at the University of Alabama and is regarded by many as one of the finest college football coaches of all time.

Although Paul Tyson never met his great-grandfather, he knew his grandfather’s legacy well. When he was four, Paul Tyson started going to games at Bryant-Denny Stadium with his father, Marc Tyson.

Who Is Paul Tyson? Age And Wiki

Paul Tyson is currently playing for the Arizona State Sun Devils. He was born in Mobile, Alabama, and attended Auburn University there before transferring to ASU as a four-star quarterback prospect.

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PAUL TYSON (Source: rolltide)

Tyson is now 228 pounds and is said to be 20 years old, and while he may not be considered a “monster” just yet, we’re still just beginning to see what he can become. We should know a lot of action in Alabama’s spring game this August.

Paul Tyson was committed to Alabama in April 2018. He is a member of Alabama’s 2019 recruiting class. As a team member, Tyson started for Hewitt-Trussville and had a 19-5 record. High School in Trussville, Alabama. 

According to 247Sports, he stands 6-foot-4.5 and weighs 217 pounds. Still, there is much to learn about the quarterback prospect.

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Is Paul Tyson Single? Girlfriend Details

Paul Tyson doesn’t have a girlfriend – he has also never been in a committed relationship.

Paul is not active on social media and prefers to keep his private life off the internet. His personal life is obscure. He does not share much personal information on his social media accounts.

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Alabama signee Paul Tyson (Source YouTube)

However, it’s rumored that he sees one of his teammates from a different University. And news about them getting severe about their relationship has been blooming.

Paul Tyson’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Paul Tyson’s exact net worth has not been disclosed.

Even though top high school athletes now have more opportunities to earn money while participating in University sports, the debate over whether they should be paid more like professional athletes continues.

Several studies have been conducted, and the results indicate that college athletes should be compensated similarly to professional athletes (by sharing half the revenue from their games and paying high-profile players a higher percentage).

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