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Arthur Melo Injury – Salary And Net Worth: Girlfriend Parents And Ethnicity

Arthur Melo, a professional Football player, has recently been dubbed as an injury-prone player due to multiple reoccurring injuries to players over a year or two.

Brazilian professional footballer Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo, also known as Arthur or Arthur Melo, was born on August 12, 1996. He now plays as a midfielder for Liverpool and the Brazil national team.

Arthur Melo Injury

Brazillian professional football player Arthur has been suffering from different injuries in some recent years and recently has suffered from ankle problems which sidelined him for some eight odd days in the pre-season camp of his former Team Juventus.

Throughout the last three seasons, Melo has faced many challenges in regaining his form due to repeated injury and health problems.

Last season, i.e., the 21/22 season, Arthur, in total, missed one hundred and eleven days due to different health problems and injuries.

At the beginning of the season, he underwent surgery on his right leg due to multiple injuries that sidelined him for more than three months from the football pitch. He also had to miss some more games due to other damages such as Distortion of the ankle and coronavirus during the season.  

He also has had a history of missing games here and there due to injuries like leg injuries and ankle problems which has made the footballer’s career very challenging.

Arthur Melo’s Salary And Net Worth

Arthur Melo is an experienced footballer who earns good money for himself. Per the source SportsVirsa, it is believed that Arthur has a net worth of $7 million.

Melo has gotten an incredible contract that has allowed him to keep a sizable income while representing many teams.

When he transferred from Gremio to Barcelona, Melo received an initial cost of €31 million plus €9 million in additional variables. Like Melo, who received €72 million when joining Juventus, with an additional €10 million in variables.

Arthur Melo stepping out of his car.
Arthur Melo (Source: Youtube)

As a DM for Juventus, Arthur makes £125,000 per week, or £6,500,000 annually. The amount of Arthur’s wealth is £25,059,320. His current agreement will end on June 30, 2025; however, it seems that Arthur is moving to a Merseyside club in England’ Liverpool F.C.’ on Loan.

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Arthur Melo Girlfriend 

Regarding his romantic life, Melo seems to be in a committed relationship with Carolina Minarelli. Although Melo and Minarelli have been dating for a while, it is unclear when their relationship officially started.

Melo and his partner frequently upload photos on their Instagram account.

Arthur Melo with His Girlfriend During Holidays.
Arthur Melo with His Girlfriend During Holidays. (Source: Twitter)

We can tell from their postings that the couple enjoys traveling together and sharing their experiences on Instagram. In addition, Minarelli is a helpful companion who has supported Melo in several games.

Carolina has a variety of employment as a model. She also works as a dentist, according to her Instagram.

When in 2019, in an interview, She stated: “Although my routine is somewhat bizarre, I adore it. I may visit the [dentistry] office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. From Thursday through Sunday, I devote my time to the ballet Faust. It is simpler to acquire this flexibility because I am independent.”

Arthur Melo Parents and Ethnicity

Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo is his full name and was born to parents, Lcia de Melo and Alton de Melo, on August 12, 1996, in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. He has one sibling named Paulo Henrique.

Arthur Melo with his parents.
Arthur Melo with his parents. (Source: LifeBlogger)

They are of Brazilian nationality. However, their ethnicity isn’t apparent at the time of writing this article, and they are Catholic by religion.

At the time, Arthur’s parents were affluent middle-class families who ran a Roman Catholic home in the city of Goiânia, which had the fewest slums in the nation; their father established Arthur Melo’s family.

Alton de Melo has always been a dedicated worker who supported his family and close friends. However, Licia de Melo and Alton, Arthur’s parents, insisted on education or a mix of both when Arthur chose only to play football.

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