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Beyonce Net Worth: Charity, Houses & Cars

Beyonce has a staggering net worth of $500 million. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

In Houston, Texas, the singer was born on September 4, 1981, to her mother, Celestine Tina Knowles, and father, Mathew Knowles.

From an early age, she has performed in various dancing and singing competition.

Beyoncé at the premier of The Lion King
Beyoncé at the premiere of The Lion King

Beyonce first rose to fame as a lead singer in one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child.

Likewise, the group released seven albums, five of which went platinum.

In 2003, after leaving Destiny’s Child, she released her debut album called Dangerously In Love.

Further, US Billboard featured her album’s singles Crazy in Love and Baby Boy at number one.

Likewise, Beyonce has won and been nominated for various music awards throughout her career.

Quick Facts

Before we dig into the net worth of Beyonce, here are some quick facts about her:

Birth/Full Name Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Celebrated Name Beyonce
Net Worth $500 million
Profession Singer, Actress, record producer, songwriter, businesswoman
Gender Female
Birth Date September 4, 1981
Birth Place Houston, Texas, Unites States
Father’s Name Mathew Knowles
Mother’s Name Tina Knowles
Siblings Solange Knowles (Sister)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/04/1981″] Years Old
Weight 137 lbs (62 kg)
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.69m)
Body Type Slim
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Tattoo None
Marital Status Married
Husband/Spouse Jay-Z
Children Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi Carter, and Sir Carter
Genres R&B, Pop, Hip-hop, soul
Labels Parkwood, Columbia, Music World
Associated Acts Destiny’s Child, The Carters
Awards and Achievement Academy Awards, Grammys Awards, African Entertainment Awards, AICE Awards, American Music Awards, Apple Music Awards, etc.
Awards Nominated 1337
Awards Won 576
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Twitter
Official Website Beyonce
Years Active 1997 – Present
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Beyonce: Net Worth and Income

As of [current-year], Beyonce has a mind-blowing net worth of $500 million, primarily from her music career.

However, other various investments and businesses also add to her net worth.

Beyonce also has various endorsement deals in her pocket, from which she earns anywhere around $18 million annually.

She has also pocketed a whopping $8 million from the Coachella Music Festival, being the first black woman to ever to it.

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Beyonce: Houses and Cars


Beyonce has enormous portfolios of real estate.

Likewise, the singer currently resides in a $88 million mansion in Bel Air, California, United States, with her husband Jay-Z and three children.

The house features a fifteen-car garage, full basketball court, multiple pools, media room, bulletproof glass, and two acres of additional land.

Nonetheless, the monthly mortgage for the mansion is estimated to be anywhere around $250,000.

Similarly, she also owns a home in New Orleans which she bought for $2.6 million.

In 2008, Beyonce and Jay-Z bought an $8 million mansion on Indian Creek Island in Miami.

Later in 2010, the couple sold the mansion for $9.3 million.

The mansion was ultra-exclusive and had seven bedrooms.

Likewise, in 2015, the couple bought a $5 million NYC Condo.

However, the couple later sold the Condo in 2017 for $9.95 million.

Similarly, the couple also bought a mansion in Hamptons for $26 million. It’s usually considered as a home away home by the family.

Further, Beyonce owns a $4 million private island in the Bahamas.


Beyonce has multiple cars in her collection, and they all represent the style of the singer.

The singer owns a Cadillac Escalade, featuring twenty-inch rims and 420 horsepower. It’s one of the favorite rides of the singer.

Likewise, she owns a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limousine, worth $125,000. The Limousine features a bathroom, TV, and custom upgraded leather interior.

Beyonce usually prefers this ride when traveling with family.

Similarly, the singer also owns vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 2 worth $1 million, with 110 mph top speed, and goes 0-60 mph in 10.9 seconds.

Beyonce with her Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2
Beyonce with her Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2

The vintage masterpiece features a 6.2L Rolls Royce V8 engine, power steering, superb suspension, short wheelbase, and elegant exteriors.

She also owns a classic Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, worth $507,500, with a top speed of 207mph, and can go 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

The car has a supercharged V8 engine with 626 horsepower, a low center of gravity for aerodynamics, a five-speed automatic suspension, and a high-performance ceramic brake.

Furthermore, her husband has various luxurious cars in his collection, such as Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari F430 Spider, etc.

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Beyonce: Lifestyle and Vacation


Beyonce lives an extravagant lifestyle.

She is very conscious of her health, as she regularly does yoga and exercise to keep her body fit and follows a healthy diet.

As for her fashion, she is earnest when it comes to dressing up. She has staff helping her to choose the dress for any events or parties.

Likewise, for her casual day-to-day looks, we can see her wearing shorts/jeans with matching shirts/t-shirts.

Outside of her music career, the singer is also an activist and philanthropist. She does a lot of charity works and fundraisers.


Beyonce has been to various countries.

In 2018, between the European and North American tours, Beyonce and her husband took a vacation in Europe, sailing around the Mediterranian sea.

Likewise, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were pictured in Italy, on a luxurious yacht, enjoying the coastal beauties. The Yacht’s rent cost $1.4 million for a week.

Later the same year, the couple was spotted in Paris, France, enjoying a romantic evening on an Eiffel Tower’s rooftop.

Similarly, in 2016, Beyonce was spotted in Hawaii on a family vacation.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z enjoying their family vacation in Hawaii
Beyoncé and Jay-Z enjoying their family vacation in Hawaii

Likewise, Queen B has also been to the Dominican Republic, where she and her husband rented a 35,000 sp ft villa, took a romantic walk on the beach, and played some golf.

Also, she has been to Thailand, where she was pictured riding a scooter with her husband.

Likewise, she has also been to Iceland.

And for the couple’s ninth wedding anniversary, they took a helicopter ride around the grand canyon.

Beyonce: Charity

In 2002, Beyonce, alongside Tina Knowles and Kelly Rowland, built The Knowles-Rowland Center for youth in Downtown Houston.

Likewise, in 2005, after the tragic Hurricane Katrina, Beyonce and Rowland founded the Survivor Foundation to provide necessary supplies to the Hurricane victims.

Similarly, in 2007, she founded Knowles-Temenos Place Apartment, providing living space for forty-three displaced individuals.

Beyonce has donated over $7 million for the maintenance of the building.

In 2009, she donated her salary of $4 million from the film to Phoenix House, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization.

Similarly, in April 2011, Beyonce partnered with the Then – U.S First Lady Michelle Obama to build a National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation.

Beyonce also donated $100,000 to the Gulf Coast IKE Relief Fund.

Also, in June 2016, she donated over $82,000 to United Way of Genesee County to support victims of the Flint water crisis.

Following year, Beyonce with her husband donated over $1.5 million to civil rights groups, Black Lives Matter, Hands Up United, and Dream Defenders.

In August 2017, after Hurricane Harvey, she launched the BeyGood Houston event to support the victims.

Furthermore, she donated over $75,000.

Recently, in May 2020, she provided 1000 free Covid-19 tests in Houston.

Additionally, she also provided 1000 gloves, masks, hot meals, essential vitamins, and grocery vouchers.

Likewise, in April 2020, she donated $6 million to National Alliance in Mental Health, UCLA.

She further donated $1 million to the fund and donated $500,000 to help the housing crisis in the US.

She has also donated $15 million to Usain Bolt Foundation to support its cause in rebuilding homes in Haiti.

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Beyonce Movies, Endorsement, and Business


Beyonce first started her acting career with MTV’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera back in 2001.

And, as Foxxy Cleopatra on Austin Powers in 2002, which grossed $296 million worldwide.

The following year, Beyonce earned $1 million for the film The Fighting Temptation.

Likewise, in 2006, she starred in Pink panther, earning another $1 million. The film collected $158 million worldwide.

The actress got another role in the film Dreamgirls the same year, which collected $155 million worldwide.

Subsequently, in 2008, Cadillac Records grossed over $8 million, the lowest of any of her film’s Box office earning.

The following year, the singer starred and produced a film named Obsessed, which made $73 million worldwide.

In 2013, she returned as Queen Tara in the animated film Epic, which earned $262 million worldwide. She earned a staggering $5 million from the film.

After taking an extended break from the film industry, she makes her epic comeback in the live-action film The Lion King, in which she voiced Nala.

The film earned over $1 billion worldwide, earning Beyonce a mind-blowing $17.3 million.

Further, in April 2019, she signed a $60 million deal with the streaming giants NetFlix and released her Homecoming Concert Film.


Beyonce is affiliated with various brands and companies.

Her first endorsement deal was in 2002 with Pepsi, where she appeared in various commercial and promotional ads for the brand.

However, her biggest endorsement year was 2007, signing deals with Samsung, American Express, DirecTV, etc.

Nearly after a decade, in 2013, Beyonce again signed a $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi.

Further, she has also appeared in series of ads for H&M women wears, Toyota, and McDonald’s


In 2006, Beyonce launched her first designed clothing line with her mom, House of Dereon, which discontinued in 2012.

Likewise, in 2014, she initially launched Ivy Park Activewear line with Topshop as Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd.

However, in 2016, Beyonce officially announced the launch of Ivy Park.

And in 2018, Parkwood Entertainment got full ownership of the brand and partnered with Adidas for the 2019 and 2020 collections.

Additionally, she also has her fragrance brand named Heat, Pulse, and Rise, which the singer established in 2010.

Since its founding, the business has earned over $400 million in revenue.

Beyonce: Career

Beyonce’s career started in 1996 when the singer joined Destiny’s Child. They released their first debut album in 1997.

Destiny’s child’s third album became number one on the Billboard 200. It earned many Grammy Award nominations.

Beyonce decided to continue her career as a solo artist and later released her solo album Dangerously in Love in 2003.

Similarly, she released her second solo album, B’Day, in 2006. 

In 2011, she released her album ‘4’ and served as the executive co-writer and producer.

3 Facts about Beyonce

Here are some interesting facts about Beyonce, which you may not have heard of:

  • Queen B is the most nominated woman in Grammy history, sixty-six nominations, and the first woman to win six Grammys in one night.
  • Beyonce’s toe was broken by her bodyguard accidentally in an attempt to protect her from the crowds of fans.
  • In 2011, Beyonce became the first-ever solo female to headline the Glastonbury Festival’s main stage.


“Y’all are so cute, and y’all talk so proper over here. I love England.”

“I get nervous when I don’t get nervous. If I’m nervous, I know I’m going to have a good show.”

“I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life, and I’ve never even been to the ‘hood. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ‘hood.”


Is Beyonce allergic to perfume?

Yes, Beyonce is allergic to perfumes, although her perfume brand comes chemically infused so that the singer doesn’t get any reactions.

What is Blue Ivy’s net worth?

The clothing line Blue Ivy has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

What was Beyonce’s first song?

Beyonce’s first solo recording was Bonnie and Clyde.

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