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Cate Blanchett Family: A Mom To 4 Kids, Husband Andrew Upton And Net Worth

Cate Blanchett family consist of her husband, Andrew Upton, and their four children, Dashiell Josh, Roman Robert, Ignatius Martin, and Edith Vivian Patricia. 

Catherine Elise Blanchett AC is an actress and producer from Australia. She is regarded as one of the best actresses of her generation, having worked in independent films, blockbusters, and on stage.

Blanchett made her stage debut opposite Geoffrey Rush in David Mamet’s Oleanna for the Sydney Theatre Company in 1992.

She was also cast as Clytemnestra in a production of Sophocles’ Electra that year.

Cate Blanchett has joined the cast of Netflix’s fantasy film “The School for Good and Evil,” alongside Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, and Michelle Yeoh, according to filmmaker Paul Feig during a discussion at the 6th Annual Women in Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles.

Cate Blanchett Family: Life OF A Mom To 4 Kids

Blanchett and Upton are married with four children: Dashiell Josh, 18; Roman Robert, 15; Ignatius Martin, 11 and Edith Vivian Patricia, 5. 

Blanchett has balanced her successful career with her marriage to Upton and their four children. Four years after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first son, followed by their second son three years later.

Cate Blanchett Family
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They welcomed their third son in 2008, and in early 2015, the couple, who couldn’t imagine their lives apart, adopted a daughter.

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On April 23, 2004, the actress and her husband welcomed their second child, Roman Robert Upton. Blanchett revealed that he was named after Roman Polanski, a French film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor, but Roman is also the French word for book.

Blanchett’s third son, Ignatius Martin Upton, was born on April 13, 2008. His given name was inspired by the book “Captain Underpants.”

After three boys, the actress and her husband decided to adopt a daughter. Their child, born on March 6, was given the name Edith Vivian Patricia Upton and was adopted as a baby in 2015.

Meet Cate Blanchett’s Husband, Andrew Upton 

Andrew Upton is the adoring husband of Cate Blanchett, a Hollywood actress. Andrew Upton has been by Cate’s side through good and bad times in her acting career.

who is cate blanchetts husband m
                             Blanchett’s Husband, Andrew Upton Image Source:(closerweekly)

Like his starlet wife, Cate Blanchett, Andrew Upton is no stranger to the entertainment world. He is a screenwriter, playwright, and director.

He was born in Australia on February 1, 1966. In addition to this, he has dabbled in acting. He has appeared in Journey’s End and

In the mid-1990s, Andrew and Cate met for the first time in Australia. In a media interview, Cate previously told The Herald that she met Andrew while working on the 1997 film Oscar and Lucinda.

Andrew and Cate have previously collaborated on several projects. Aside from their separate careers, the two co-own Dirty Films, a production Company.

In the year 1997, Andrew and Blanchett tied the knot. On December 29, 1997, the couple exchanged vows. The couple has four children, three sons, and one daughter.

How Much Is Cate Blanchett Net Worth?

Cate Blanchett is a well-known Australian actress with a net worth of $95 million. She is famous for playing various roles in both independent and mainstream films. 

Cate earned $13 million between August 2017 and August 2018, making her one of the top ten highest-paid actresses in the world.

The family lived in Brighton, England, for ten years before returning to their native Australia in 2006. When they moved to Sydney, they spent $7 million on a mansion in the north shore suburbs. 

They then spent another $5 million to buy a neighboring property and renovate the combined double lot. They listed the House for $14.7 million in September 2015. 

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