Charlie Brown Voice Actor Suicide

Charlie Brown Voice Actor Suicide Cause: What Happened To Him? Where Are His Family?

Charlie Brown’s voice Actor committed suicide, and people were unaware of the reason behind it.

Charlie Brown’s iconic voice was first lent by Actor Peter Robbins, who passed away at age 65.

Robins’ family revealed that he committed suicide on January 18, 2022, according to Fox 5 TV in San Diego. Robbins had known Phil Blauer, one of the station’s anchors, for a long time. He also contributed to documenting Robbins’ battles with mental illness over time.

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Tuesday, Blauer tweeted that “my heart is broken today” after learning of Robbins’ passing. Added, “May he find eternal peace in heaven. I just hope he finally scores a touchdown among the heavenly hosts.”

Charlie Brown Voice Actor Suicide Cause: What Happened To Him?

The cause of the suicide of Charlie Brown’s voice Actor was not officially revealed. However, many suspect that the reason behind his suicide might be bipolar disorder.

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In the 1966 television special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Robbins, then a young Actor provided the voice for one of Charlie Brown’s most famous quotes: “I got a rock.”

Peter Robbins
Peter Robbins talking to a young fan while signing autograph (Source: providencejournal)

In A Charlie Brown Christmas from a year ago, Robbins spoke for the many people who have trouble getting into the holiday spirit. Given that Christmas was approaching, but he wasn’t happy, he claimed he assumed something must be wrong with him. Additionally, he claimed that his feelings weren’t what they should have been.

Charlie Brown made this statement just before the rest of the Peanuts crew came together to transform a lonely tree with their love.

Charlie Brown Voice Actor: Meet Peter Robbins Family

Robbins’s parents, immigrants from Hungary who had fled the destruction of World War II, gave birth to him in 1956 as Louis Nanasi.

Robbins voiced Charlie Brown until his voice began to crack in his early teens after snagging the coveted part of the world’s favorite blockhead.

Robbins battled addiction and bipolar disorder throughout his adult life and served jail time. In a 2019 interview, he attributed his ability to turn his life around to the care he received following the worst of those difficulties.

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In addition to naming his own dog Snoopy and appearing at conventions where he signed autographs for young fans, Robbins embraced many aspects of having played one of America’s most adored characters. On his upper arm, he even got a tattoo of Snoopy and Charlie Brown hugging each other.

Peter Robbins Mental Health: What Was He Suffering From?

Robbins, who had bipolar disorder, made headlines in 2015 when he was given a five-year prison term for threatening several people, including well-known figures. In 2019, he was released.

Charlie Brown Voice Actor Peter
Peter Robbins and Charlie Brown (Source: cheatsheet)

Robbins’ life had taken some unexpected turns. But even in the worst circumstances, one thing never changed and kept him optimistic.

His final episode with Peanuts occurred just before his voice changed around the age of 14, and Robbins would run into trouble in his adult years, long after he stopped doing voice acting.

Peter Robbins Drug Addiction Got Him Arrested

He started looking for escorts and fell into prescription drug and alcohol addiction. He eventually began dating one woman consistently, and starting in 2012, that relationship resulted in a string of legal issues and jail terms.

On January 13, 2013, Robbins was accused of threatening a deputy sheriff.

Instead of a one-year prison sentence, the court allowed him to serve time in a treatment facility. Still, by 2015, he had broken the terms of his probation by consuming alcohol, smoking marijuana, and skipping domestic violence classes.

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He was expelled from the mobile home where he resided due to drug and alcohol use. He was sentenced to a mental health examination while in custody for breaking the terms of his probation after having an outburst in a San Diego courtroom.

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