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Courteney Cox Net Worth: Movies & TV-Shows

Famous American actress Courteney Cox has a whooping net worth of around $150 Million.

Courteney Bass Cox, famous as Courteney Cox, was born on June 15, 1964, in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.

Meanwhile, she is famous for portraying the role of Monica Geller on the NBC television show ‘Friends‘ which aired from 1994 to 2004.

Besides appearing in several hit movies, Courteney is also a director and producer.

Courtney Cox in an event.
Courteney Cox in an event.

And, she has appeared in series like Cougar Town, Family Ties, and Scream as her famous television shows.

Also, for her performance, Courteney has been awarded awards from ‘Golden Apple Awards,’ ‘Women’s Image Network,’ and ‘Screen actor Guild Awards.

Therefore, Courteney grabs her immense millionaire status from her acting skills in various ventures & projects and, investments, endorsements, and advertisements.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are quick facts about Courteney Cox before getting to know her net worth in detail:

Full name Courteney Bass Cox
Nickname Cece
Birthdate June 15, 1964
Birth Place Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Gemini
Age 59 Years Old
Father’s name Richard Lewis Cox
Mother’s name Courteney Bass Copeland
Sibling Three ( Virginia, Dorothy, and Richard Jr)
Education Mountain Brook High School, Mount Vernon College
Marital status  Divorced
Ex-Spouse Micheal Keaton, David Arquette, Johny McDaid
Children One
Weight 61 Kg
Height 5 feet and 5 Inches
Eye Color Green
Hair Color  Black
Occupation  Actress
Net Worth  $150 Million
Social Media  InstagramTwitter, Facebook
Active Since 1984-Present
Last Update February, 2024

Courteney Cox: Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox grabs her net worth from various ventures.

And Cox used to earn an excellent salary of around $1 Million per episode during her peak career.

Further, from her most awaited reunion of the show, ‘Friends’ was aired, from which she earned around $2.5 Million.

Net Worth of Courteney Cox in different currencies 

Meanwhile, here is the net worth of Courteney Cox in different currencies around the globe:

Currency Net Worth
Euro €129,285,750
Pound Sterling £110,015,835
Australian Dollar A$205,584,000
Canadian Dollar C$188,566,500
Indian Rupee ₹11,174,992,500
BitCoin ฿2,992.57

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Courteney is able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle due to her handsome net worth.

Courteney has an expensive hobby of buying, renovating, and upgrading a house before selling it.

And Cox is brand enthusiastic and wears expensive Rolex Watches, which cost $6500 to  $75000.

Similarly, her Jewelry includes Jennifer Meyer’s Jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, and bangles, which cost over $1000.

Courtney Cox is posing for camera.
Courteney Cox is posing for the camera.

And Cox is a massive lover of several sports like tennis, basketball, and surfing.

She is a fitness enthusiastic and clean freak and is energetic in real life as her character of ‘Monica Geller.’

Cox is into running, hiking, and pilates exercise. Also, she does yoga regularly and goes for around 20 minutes jogging. 

And, her foods included light breakfast, chicken, fish, steak, and vegetables.

Also, she takes a lot of fluids and takes vitamins like Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and Vitamin D.

Also, the gorgeous Courteney is a huge music lover.


Meanwhile, Courteney is a vacation lover and travels quite a lot, either shooting or refreshing.

And, in 2019, she has been to Cabo San Lucas beach in Mexico with her friend’s co-star Jenifer Aniston.

Also, she has been to Venice, St.Barts, Northern Ireland, and various other places.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, Courteney is financially independent and has invested in many real estates.

And, she owns a beautiful house in Malibu, California, which cost her around $17.5 Million. But, she sold the property to grab another luxurious mansion in Malibu.

Moreover, the price of another mansion that Cox bought in Malibu was around $33.5 Million.

The property resided by the beach and was designed by famous architect John Lautner.

Following this, Courteney bought another two luxurious apartments in Sunset Strip in the Beverly Hills at around $5 Million, which was a cheap deal.

Eventually, she sold the property at around $13 Million profit in each property to the music producer in 2014.


Meanwhile, the friend’s star, Courteney Cox, has a massive ride collection.

And, she has the famous Porsche 911, which costs over $216,000.

also, Courteney has a beautiful Mercedes MK Class, which costs over $49,900, and the expensive Range Rover Vogue, which can cost up to over $210,000

Not only these, but famous character ‘Monica Geller also has Lexus ICS F in her ride collection, which is around $44,900.

Also, the actress has the particular Jaguar d type, which might cost above $3 Million.

Lastly, Cox owns a BMW7 Series, which is around $157,000.

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Movies, TV-Shows, and Endorsements


Meanwhile, Courteney is a famous personality and has given many commercially successful movies.

Initially, she played the role of Tarah in ‘Down Twisted’ that was released in 1987, which made just around $80K in global earnings.

Further, Cox has portrayed in the ‘Masters of the Universe’ in the same year, making over $17.33 Million in the box office collection.

Following this, Cox has a role in the movie ‘Cocoon: The Return,’ which collected around $18.9 Million from the worldwide box office earnings.

In 1990, Cox played in the Shaking the Tree in the role of Kathleen, which managed to make over $15.3 Million in worldwide earnings.

Her famous movie was ‘Scream,’ which was released in 1996, for which Cox Played the role of the Gale Weathers.

The movie had a gross worldwide collection of over $173 Million.

Similarly, the second part, ‘Scream-2‘ released in 1997, made over $172 Million in the worldwide box office collection.

Furthermore, ‘Scream-3’ made over $161.8 million globally in the box office, around $89.1 in the domestic earning, and over $72.7 Million in the international market.

Also, Courteney is famous for another successful role in The Longest Yard, for which she played the role of Lena.

And, the movie collected around $191.5 Million in the global box office collection.

Following this, another unique project Cox has been a part of is ‘Bedtime Stories,’ released in 2008. The movie managed to grab almost over $221.4 Million in worldwide earnings.

Furthermore, Scream-4, released in 2011, grabbed around $95.9 Million in the global box office collection.

Also, she has played in a movie called ‘Zoom’ which managed to make around $12.5 Million from the global box office collection.

Cox has played in movies like “Mothers and Daughters” and “The Tripper.”


Meanwhile, Courteney is famous for various performances on T.V. as well.

She made a debut in the T.V. show ‘As the World Turns’ in 1984. Also, Cox played in ‘Misfits of Science‘ between 1984 and 1986.

Further, she has the leading role in the series ‘Cougar Town.’

Apart from these, Courteney has been portrayed in numerous episodes of various T.V. series.

Earning from ‘FRIENDS’

And, Coz is prominently famous for her role as Monica Geller in Show ‘Friends,’ from which she has earned over $88 Million alone.

Meanwhile, for the first season, Courteney was awarded around $22,500 per episode.

Eventually, the amount rose to around $40,000 per episode in the Second Season.

Further, she was paid around $75,000 per episode in season three, which climbed to around $85,000 per episode in season four.

Following this, Courteney was paid as high as $100,000 per episode in season five, and the graph increased to around $125,000 payment for a single episode in the sixth season.

And, the cast members, including Courteney, were paid as high as $750,000 for each episode in Season-7 and Season-8.

Moreover, in the last two seasons, the actress was paid as high as $1 Million per episode along with her cast members.

Also, around $10 Million Annual royalty is paid for cast members of the ‘FRIENDS.’


Meanwhile, with her iconic beauty and popularity, Cox has grabbed numerous endorsement deals with multinational companies.

And Cox has been the brand ambassador for beauty brands like Pantene and Avon, worth over $5 Billion.

Also, she has appeared in the advertisement of Avon for their product named Avon Spotlight Perfume which costs over $70.

Cox easily earns over $1 Million annually from her various endorsements and appearances.


Initially, Courteney was signed as a model by the Ford Modelling Agency.

Meanwhile, Courteney debuted on the T.V. in 1984, in ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘Misfits of Science’ Tv shows.

And, her prominent exposure came when she portrayed the role of Monica Geller in the franchise ‘Friends,’ which turned out to be immensely successful globally.

Courtney is smiling at camera.
Courteney is smiling at the camera.

Following this, Cox began playing in several movies like Scream, Scream 2, which the critics also praised.

Also, Courteney appeared as the guest judge in a talent show called ‘The Gong Show.’

Further, Courteney has acted in numerous movies and series, which has led her to the beholder of such immense wealth.

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Meanwhile, Courteney is also famous for her charity works on various noble causes.

Cox has helped design and signs a pair of shoes for the Stuart Weitzman charity shoe auction benefitting ovarian cancer awareness and research.

Furthermore, Courteney has also founded the Omnipeace foundation with David Arquette.

And, the charities that she is involved with are Feeding America, Healthy Child Healthy World, Last Chance for Animals, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, and Lili Claire Foundation.

Also, she has supported causes like Human Rights, Hunger, Rape and Sexual Abuse, and Disaster Relief.

3 Interesting Facts about Courteney Cox

  • Meanwhile, as per her character in Friends, Courteney is a neat freak and loves cooking.
  • And, she was offered to play the character of Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ at first, to which she refused.
  • Also, in 1985, Monica made American television history by speaking out the word’ ‘Period’ in Tampax advertisement, which was a strict taboo back then to speak about menstruation.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Courteney is very popular on social media platforms and has millions of fans over her platform.

Instagram: 11.8 Million 

Twitter: 1.4 Million

Facebook: 2.3 Million


Does Courteney Cox have a Partner?

Yes, Currently, Courteney Cox has been dating Johny McDaid since 2013.

Can Courteney Cox play musical instruments?

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox knows to play piano and drums.

What is Courteney Cox doing now?

Courteney reunited with her Friends cast for the awaited ‘Freinds Reunion’ episode on HBO Max on May 27.

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