Cyril Nri Gay

Yes, Cyril Nri Is Gay And Married: Meet His Partner And Kids

Cyril Nri is a famous British Actor and director in television programs such as The Bill and Doctor Who. His fans are very desperate to know about his personal life. This article will provide information about Is Cyril Nri gay or married.

Before we learn about Cyril Nri‘s personal life, let’s first learn about himself. Cyril Nri is a famous British-Nigerian Actor, writer, and director. He was born on 25 April 1961 in Nigeria and immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1980s to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, he began his acting career in the theatre and later got many work in television and cinema. His most famous project are The Bill, Doctor Who, Lovejoy, and Rogue One: A Star Ways Story. He has also directed several plays and TV episodes. His recent work was an episode of  Hollyoaks in 2016.

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Now Lets’s talk about Cyril Nri’s sexuality, whom he is married to, and details about his partner and kids.

Yes, Cyril Nri Is Gay And Married

Yes, Cyril Nri is gay. Nri now considers himself gay and is very open about his sexuality. Nri was married to Diana for 14 years, but they signed a divorce in 1997. They have two children together, and Nri has been upfront about his sexuality and ties with his kids.

Cyril Nri Gay
Although there is no picture of Cyril Nri’s current partner and ex-wife, have a glimpse of himself. (Source- The Republic monitor).

During an interview with The Guardian, Nri stated that he struggled a lot with his sexuality, and when he came to London, he felt secure to talk about his sexuality. Moreover, He was inspired by the LGBT community in London, which he described as a kind and encouraging community. 

He thinks everyone with sexual exposure should be free to love whomever they choose. Additionally, it was not easy for him to come out as gay, and it took him some time to gain the guts to do so.

Meet Cyril Nri, Partner, And Kids

As you have already read earlier, Cyril Nri was previously married to Diana, but they subsequently divorced, and he discovered he was gay. However, he is currently dating someone.  

Cyril Nri Gay
Cyril Nri is a British Actor of Nigerian descent and best known for his role as Adam Okaro. (Source- The Stage)

Moving on to his current partner, nothing is known about him, including his name, early life, career, and photo. Nri and his current partner have managed to keep their relationship very private. They seem to prefer to keep it away from the public eye and the controversies.

Despite keeping his current partner’s identity private, he has not evaded talking about his previous relationship and kids. He has talked about the difficulty of balancing long-term relationship and raising children as gay guy.

Talking about his children, as stated above, he has two children from his previous relationship. and he often talks about his kids with the media. Still, he has never revealed their names or educational details as he has kept a low profile.

Moreover, he has spoken about the difficulties and challenges he has to suffer in a  long-term relationship and raising children as gay man. Despite all the difficulties, he is loving Father who wishes his kids the finest.

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