Danny Mcbride.

Danny Mcbride Net Worth: Movies & Charity

Famous American actor, comedian, producer, and writer Danny Mcbride’s net worth is around $25 Million.

Daniel Richard Mcbride, famous as Danny Mcbride, was born on December 29, 1976, in Statesboro, Georgia, United States.

Meanwhile, Danny is famous for his collaboration with Jody Hill in various projects.

Danny Mcbride is posing for the camera.
Danny Mcbride is posing for the camera.

Mcbride is famous for his role in the HBO television series ‘Eastbound and down,’ ‘Vice Principals, ‘ and ‘The Righteous Gemstones.

Interestingly, Danny was raised by his mother and stepfather, who worked in Quantico, VA’s US Marine base as Civilian Support.

Mcbride became successful in the industry, grabbing millions of dollars, and his earning sequence will be discussed below in more detail.

Quick Facts

Here are the quick facts about Danny Mcbride before getting to know him in more detail.

Full Name Daniel Richard Mcbride
Nickname  Danny Mcbride
Date of Birth December 29, 1976
Age 47 Years Old
Place of Birth Statesboro, Georgia, United States
Education Courtland High School, North Carolina School of Arts
Profession Actor, Comedian, Producer, and Writer
Active years 2003 – Present
Nationality American
Father James Ricard Mcbride
Mother Kathleen Marie Chaby
Siblings Emily, Liz
Marital Status Married
Spouse Gia Ruiz
Children Declan, Ava
Ethnicity English, Scottish, Irish, German
Gender Male
Religion Roman Catholic
Complexion White
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 1.78m
Weight 91kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Net Worth $25 Million
Social Media Not Active
Last Updated April 2024

Danny Mcbride’s Net Worth and Income

Danny has been able to grab his astounding net worth from various ventures starting from acting to writing.

And, Mcbride earns a salary of as much as $100k per episode from his projects like ‘Eastbound and Down’ and ‘Good Vibes.’

Furthermore, Danny estimated earnings annually surpass over $8 to $12 Million.

Therefore, Danny Mcbride’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

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Danny Mcbride’s Net Worth in different currencies

The listed below are Danny Mcbride’s net worth in various currencies around the globe, including the famous Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €22,623,750
Pound Sterling £18,983,500
Australian Dollar A$34,200,000
Canadian Dollar C$32,021,875
Indian Rupee ₹1,903,378,750
BitCoin ฿596.09

Lifestyle and Vacations


Out of his earnings from various projects, Danny lives a luxurious lifestyle. Earlier, Mcbride spent his childhood in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Surprisingly, this millionaire actor Mcbride doesn’t like to be the center of attraction.

Regarding his food, Mcbride is a non-vegetarian. Mcbride’s interest in telling stories came from his mother.


Danny likes to spend his free time with vacation destinations all over the globe.

And Mcbride loves spending time on beaches and had spent his time in Suvillian’s Island Polar Bear Plunge with his colleagues.

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Houses and Cars


Mcbride is known for his multiple properties in various places. His house in Los Angeles is worth around $2.3 Millon.

And Danny sold his mansion in Hollywood Hills in 2017 for around $4.5 Million.

Likewise, in 2017, Richard paid around $4 Million for a creek-front home near Charleston, South Carolina.

Also, Mcbride had put his condo for sale for around $1.85 Million in 2020, which he purchased for about $1.4 Million around ten years back.


Despite his very secretive lifestyle, Mcbride is spotted having beautiful rides with him.

Mcbride owns a 1973 Coronet, which is worth around $27.5K. Danny has a Dodge SRT that costs over $37.5K and a Mercedes Benz that costs over $98K.

Movies, Endorsements, Investments, and Books


Danny Mcbride’s net worth is attributed to his movies and tv shows earnings.

His noticeable performance was seen in Pineapple Express, released in 2008, which made over $102.4 Million in the global box office collection.

Likewise, he was part of another movie named ‘30 Minutes or Less‘, which collected over $41.146 Million in the global box office.

Following this, This is the End was another project of Mcbride that earned over $126.5 Million at the box office collection.

Furthermore, ‘The Angry Birds Movie‘ released in 2016 was Mcbride’s one of the successful projects grossing over $352.32 Million in the worldwide market.

Also, he was a part of the sequel, ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ that aired in the year 2019, managed to make over $152.01 Million in global earnings.

Mcbride in Other Roles Than Acting

Danny has been successful as a screenwriter, associate producer, producer, and acting skills.

And, Danny has been part of a movie as Screenwriter, Associate Producer, Second Unit Director, and Story creator in a film called ‘Underworld’ released in 2003.

The movie made over $95.7 Million in the global market collection.

Also, Mcbride has credits as a screenwriter in ‘Underworld 3’, which had earnings of over $89.1 Million in a worldwide box office collection.

Daniel was a screenwriter and executive producer in ‘Your Highness’ that was released in 2011  and was able to grab over $26.12 Million.

Following this, Mcbride was a character creator in ‘Underworld: Awakening,’ which made over $160 Million in the box office market.

Another successful project where Mcbride was as a screenwriter and Executive Producer was Masterminds (2016), which made over $30.85Million in worldwide earnings.

The most successful project that Mcbride was part of as a screenwriting and executive production was Halloween and Halloween Kills, released in 2018 and 2021. 

The movie crossed Million dollar clubs, collecting over $255 Million and $130 Million respectively in the worldwide market.

Similarly, with the role of Rico in a movie called ‘Hot Rod,’ Mcbride’s film was able to manage to make over $14.3 Million in the worldwide market.

Mcbride in Supporting Roles

Danny has also collected his net worth by portraying supporting roles in numerous movies.

He was a part of the movie ‘The Heartbreak Kid, Mcbride, a bumper successful in the box office with over $127.7 Million of earnings.

Likewise, Tropic Thunder (2008) and Up in the Air (2009) were other two projects that Mcbride was part of that managed to bag over $191 Million and $166 Million of earnings.

Following this, Danny was fortunate enough to be part of the blockbuster animated movie ‘Despicable Me’ released in 2010, a huge success in the box office, grabbing over $563.4 Million.

Also, as a supporting role, Mcbride was in another superhit movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2‘, a multi-millionaire earner with over $664 Million collections.

Following this, Sausage Party was another project where Danny was in a supporting role, and the movie made over $141 Million of earnings.

In the year 2017, Alien: Covenant was released in which Danny was in a supporting role that made over $238 Million in the global collection.

Therefore, with these various roles in Hollywood, Mcbride has been able to earn his impressive net worth despite his shy attitude.


Danny Mcbride’s net worth is attributed to his earnings from endorsement deals. And, he has been part of Mountain Dew advertisement.

In addition, Danny has made an endorsement deal with K-Swiss Shoes, a shoe brand company with over $500 Million in sales.

Danny is endorsing a product.
Danny is endorsing a product.

Also, Danny has been part of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto V. 

Therefore, Mcbride grabs over Thousands of dollars annually from his endorsement deals with various companies.


Danny has invested as a producer in various animated series.

Also, Mcbride has a joint venture with Spire Animation Studios to create the animated movie Trouble.

In conclusion, Mcbride grabs over Millions just from his investments as well.


Daniel is also famous for his writing skills and his acting career.

Meanwhile, his book ‘The Complete Underworld‘ is a graphic novel that costs around $12.56 for the paperback edition.

And Mcbride another book, ‘Underworld red in tooth and claw’ is a comic book which could be found on the online platform for around $33.05.

Similarly, Danny wrote ‘Faith Sealed Hope’ which could be grabbed for around $9.99 for the kindle edition.

His other literature, ‘Your Highness,’ costs around $5 for the paperback edition.


Danny in 2006 portrayed Fred Simmons in the low-budget comedy film ‘The Foot Fist Way, which he co-wrote with Jody Hill and Ben Best.

Danny Mcbride is speaking in an event.
Danny Mcbride is speaking at an event.

Following this, Mcbride also got an offer to be featured in the Tenacious D music video for Roadie in 2012.

Furthermore, Mcbride was into ‘The Righteous Gemstone,’ an HBO Series. Apart from this, Danny has voiced various characters in numerous movies.

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Danny is into various philanthropic acts and is known for his charity works.

Mcbride has donated his earnings to various organizations like Save the Children, Eye Care Foundation, and others.

He and his wife had donated a sum of around $45K to MUSC Shawn Jenkin Children’s Hospital in August 2020.

Additionally, Mcbride has made a donation of around $20K to the Medical University of South Carolina.

3 Interesting Facts about Danny Mcbride

  • Danny received an offer to play baseball for Pensacola Pelicans in 2009.
  • And Danny stopped wearing his favorite cowboy boots because that grabbed too much attention!
  • Also, Mcbride made films in the backyard while he was in sixth grade.

Quotes of Danny Mcbride

“As an actor, you don’t want to be typecast because Hollywood is so quick to put you in things that you’ve succeeded in before.”

“The dynamics are pretty much the same among me and my friends as they were when I was 18 years old.”

“I had a classic gym teacher in junior high who wore a weightlifter’s belt all the time.”


What Race is Danny Mcbride?

Meanwhile, Danny was raised Baptish while he had a catholic ancestor of Irish, Scottish, English, and Jewish accent.

When did Danny Mcbride get married?

Danny Mcbride got married in 2010 to Gia Ruiz. Gia is an American screenwriter, art director, and movie producer.

In addition, the couple has a son named Declan George McBride and a daughter named Ava McBride.

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