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Darren Wang: Movies, Wife, Brother & Net Worth

Darren Wang is a Taiwanese actor mostly known for his roles in movies like Our Times, Suddenly Seventeen, and Fall in Love at First Kiss.

Alongside his acting, Wang is also high in fashion and is popular in China for his looks.

The actor even won the Fashion Award at the 2015 GQ Man of the Year Awards and won it again in 2017.

Darren Wang posing in a sweater (Source: Pinterest)
Darren Wang posing in a sweater (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, Dallu is credited for acting in 23 movies and TV series combined.

Hence, if you want to know more about Darren, you have come to the right place. 

This article will provide information about his early life, net worth, lifestyle, and relationships.

Quick Facts

Birthname Wang Talu
Stage Name Darren Wang, Talu Wang
Other Names Wang Dae Ryuk, Xiao Dao, Dallu Wang, Wang Dallu
Date Of Birth May 29, 1991
Religion Buddhism
Nationality Taiwanese
Ethnicity Taiwanese
Age 33 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of birth Taipei City, Taiwan
Current residence(s) Taipei City, Taiwan
Sex Male
Father’s name Wang Tai-ching
Mother’s name NA
Blood Type O
Profession Actor
Active years 2008-Present
Source of Wealth Acting, Endorsements
Annual Salary NA
Agent NA
Agency Comic Ritz Productions
Skin color White
Height 5’11” (1.81 m)
Weight 143 lb (65 kg)
Figure Slim
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Marital status Unmarried
Alma Mater Toko University
Net worth $1 million – 5 million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Weibo
Last Update May 2024

Darren Wang: Early Life, Education & Family

Wang Talu was born on May 29, 1991, in Taipei, Taiwan, to Taiwanese parents. 

Wang Tai-ching is Talu’s father’s name, whereas his mother’s name isn’t disclosed.

Likewise, Darren’s father was a car mechanic while his mother taught kids in school.

According to various websites, the dashing actor also has a sister, but it isn’t official as he hasn’t clarified it!

Moreover, Darren attended a local high school in Taiwan.

The actor was highly active in sports during his high school years and played soccer, tennis, and basketball.

As Wang was physically fit, he wanted to become a model growing up!

Darren Wang and his parents on his birthday (Source: 8 Days)
Darren Wang and his parents on his birthday (Source: 8 Days)

It was not till high school that he became interested in acting.

During his last year at high school, Darren landed his first role in the TV series, Mysterious Incredible Terminator.

Moreover, the dashing Taiwanese completed his Alma mater at Toko University, Puzi City, Cjiayi County.

As the actor started getting essential roles in series and films, Wang Talu realized that he was meant for acting!

Darren’s parents didn’t want him to become an actor initially, but he has proved his parents wrong today.

Darren Wang: Age, Height & Weight

Darren is currently 33 years old.

The 10,000 Miles actor is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs about 65 kilograms.

Likewise, Wang has Black colored hair and eyes to match his highly fair skin tone.

The actor has a muscular build, and Darren works out to maintain his physique.

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Darren Wang: Career 

TV Shows 

Wang’s career started as an incredibly handsome teen who appeared in commercials and started modeling for Chinese brands.

The incredibly handsome rapper started his acting journey through a 2008 television series.

In 2008, Wang started in episode 8 of Mysterious Incredible Terminator as Yang Shengkai.

Likewise, the cameo role in the series made Darren gain exposure, experience, and fans.

Similarly, in 2010, Wang Talu portrayed the role of Xiao Hai in Gloomy Salad Days; he acted in Episodes 15 and 16.

Moreover, the same year, he was cast as Gu Yongen on Channel-X by TTV.

Additionally, he had a cameo role in Episode 8 of the series.

Xiao Dao’s breakthrough was in 2017 when he landed the leading role in Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi.

Likewise, he acted as Hu Tian in the Chinese drama web series.

In 2020, Darren acted in The Wolf as Chu You Wen alongside actors like Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, and Xin Zhilei.

Additionally, he acted as Zhu Youwen in 49 episodes of the historical fiction romance.

After that, Darren also had a short role in Quiet Among Disquiet the same year.


The Taiwanese actor made his movie debut in the 2010s, In Case of Love, where he appeared as Lu Lu. 

Likewise, in 2012, Wang Dae Ryuk acted as Xiao Jie in Love’s Two Faces, followed by A Choo and 7 love Design. 

In 2015, Darren played the role of Hsu Taiyu in Our Times.

Darren Wang and his co-star Lin Qin during the filming of The Wolf (Source: Pinterest)
Darren Wang and his co-star Lin Qin during the filming of The Wolf (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, in 2017, Dallu Wang acted in 10,000 Miles as Sean Fang and in Legend of the Naga Peals as Ni Kongkong.

The versatile actor then acted as Ma Ke in A Better Tomorrow 2018. 

Furthermore, Suddenly Seventeen, Railroad Tigers, Yo-Kai Watch Movie: It’s the Secret of Birth, Meow!, Fall in Love at First Kiss, The Rookies, and The Last Wish were the movies Wang acted in.


The actor has also expanded his career to music throughout his fascinating career.

In 2016, Darren sang alongside Wang Kai, Wu Yonglun & Sang Ping for the official soundtrack of Railroad Tigers: Big Brother and Playing My Beloved Folk Lute.

In 2017, Wang sang Proud Youths with his co-actors of Give Me Five for the OST of the Chinese variety show.

Likewise, in 2019, Darren sang the OST of The Last Wish, We Won’t Be Sad at the End, alongside Peng Yuchang & Wei Daxun. 

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Variety Show

Wang Dae Ryuk has also appeared in two variety shows: Give Me Five (2017) and Produce Camp 2020. 

Some Favorite Things of Darren Wang

  • Hobbies: Listening to Music, Singing, Watching Movies, Playing Basketball, and Modeling
  • Color: Blue
  • Drink: Whiskey
  • Food: Dumplings
  • Movies: Shutter Island, Pulp Fiction, and Inception
  • Series: Tom & Jerry
  • Actors: Stephen Chow and Colin Farrell
  • Band: Mayday
  • Animal: Cat, Dog and Tortoise
  • Travel Destination: Paris and New York City

Darren Wang: Controversies 

Along with fame comes problems and controversies, a few of which have surrounded Darren.

The handsome yet problematic actor was accused of being involved in Seungri’s scandal.

Li Seungri of BIGBANG was arrested for supplying prostitutes and other criminal activities.

Since Darren has been close with Seungri since 2015, people accused him left and right. 

Later, Wang’s team denied any involvement in the criminal case and asked the public not to believe in rumors.

Then in 2019, the Our Times actor was criticized for a drunken tirade with a reporter.

After partying, the actor was about to leave the club to go home but was left outside by his friends. 

Similarly, as Xiao Dao’s phone had already been off, he asked a reporter’s phone to call a taxi to go home.

Likewise, after being drunk, the actor grabbed the reporter’s phone and camera, trying to delete the content it had!

While some criticized Wang Talu, his supporters found out that this reporter was constantly following the actor; thus, Darren gave such a reaction.

During the 2020 version of the Produce Camp/ Happy Camp, Wang was accused of sexually harassing co-actress Li Qin.

The Taiwanese actor was accused of taking advantage of the Chinese actress during the filming of the Chinese variety show.

Many fans criticized Darren as a picture of Wang and Li appeared where he was hugging her from behind!

Darren Wang: Relationship

Wang Dae Ryuk is highly private about his relationships with women; he doesn’t want to ruin anything and wants to stay low-key.

Over the year, the actor hasn’t officially dated anyone, but some rumors did surround him.

Did you know that Wang once posted a photo on Instagram stating that Park Shin-Hye is his first love?

Similarly, in 2021, the paparazzi caught Darren kissing his then rumored girlfriend, Joey Chua. The two met at a Celebrity dating show, A Journey For Love.

The two were pictured kissing together multiple times on the street after coming out of a restaurant.

As of 2022, Darren’s official team states that he is still single, meaning that things between Wang and Chua aren’t official yet!

Similarly, the Taiwanese actor has also been linked with South Korean actress Kang Hanna.

Other than that, Wang was also rumored to date make-up artist Ivy Hsieh, alongside actresses Joey Chua and Li Qin. 

Darren Wang: Net Worth

Ta Lu Wang/ Darren Wang has an estimated net worth of $1 million-$5 million.

Likewise, Darren Talu Wang’s primary source of income is acting, sponsorships, and brand endorsements.


Wang is kind-hearted and a humble individual who loves to help others in need!

Recently, the Taiwanese donated to The Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. The donation proceeded to help the people facing COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

Likewise, the actor often donates to charities and helps the poor, children, people suffering from diseases, etc.

Even back in 2018, Wang was spotted attending the Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night.

Anna Bessonova is one of the most decorated rhythmic gymnasts of this generation!

Darren Wang: Social Media Presence

Ta Lu Wang is active on some forms of social media and is heavily influential over the youths.

Wang is active on Instagram; he has around 1 million followers.

Similarly, the dashing Taiwanese also has a Facebook, with around 955K followers.

Likewise, Xiao Dao has a Weibo account with 15.6 million followers.

The Super Me actor earns a lot from brand endorsements; thus, he frequently posts about brands and collabs them.

Darren Wang: Fun Facts

  • Wang Talu is scared of cockroaches and loves tortoises.
  • The actor loves to play basketball and idolizes Micheal Jordan.
  • Ben Wallace is Wang’s favorite basketball player.
  • Darren collects outfits and customers from the movie and dramas he acts in!
  • Nam Joo-hyuk, the Korean actor, is one of Wang’s best friends.
  • The actor is so white that Wang uses foundation to darken his skin slightly.
  • Likewise, Xiao Dao loves it when people appreciate his work.

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Darren Wang: FAQs

What type of role does Darren Wang prefer to play?

Wang has proven to be incredibly versatile with his acting skills. The actor born in Tapei loves to play characters with humorous behavior.

Likewise, Wang Talu likes to play complex roles that are arrogant and suave.

Did Darren Wang participate in the SuperNova Games 2018?

Yes, Wang Dallu participated in the SuperNova Games 2018.

Wang Dae Ryuk scored 23 points in archery during the SuperNova Games held in Beijing, China.

Did Darren Wang’s mother die?

Yes, the superstar’s mother died in 2020 due to a sudden brain tumor rupture.

The actor posted a photo showing condolences to his mother, who died at the age of 65.

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