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Who Are Jason Connery And Mia Sara? Dashiell Connery Parents, And Net Worth

American Actor Dashiell Connery Parents, Jason Connery And Mia Sara hold a higher command in the American Entertainment Industry.

Dashiell Connery is an aspiring Actor following the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, who have had a remarkable impact on the Hollywood Fraternity.

The [calculate_years datestring= “06/03/1997”] years old Actor was born as Dashiell Quinn Connery on June 3, 1997, in America.

The Actor has appeared in movies including Outcry, Pandemic, and Tommy’s Honour. When he was 12 years old, Dashiell appeared in his Father’s directorial film, Tommy’s Honour.

Explore Dashiell Connery Parent Relationship

Dashiell was born to his parents, Jason Connery And Mia Sara, an established American Actor.

Sara and Jason met on the sets of ‘Bullet to Beijing, and after dating for a year, his parents tied the knot in June 1996. 

Regrettably, his parents split in 2002. However, Dashiell chooses to stay with his Father, who is paving his path to an established Hollywood Career.

Dashiell Connery Parent
Dashiell was born to his parents, Jason Connery And Mia Sara, an established American Actor.(Source: hot core)

Dashiell has several pictures with his parents on his Instagram account @tharealjamesbud, where he has 11.2 k followers and 805 posts credited on his official handle.

Dashiell Connery Mother: Who Is Mia Sara?

His mother, Mia Sara, is a former American Actress who gained immense popularity for her breakthrough starring as Sloane Peterson in the comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Sara received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for portraying Melissa Walker in the 1994 science fiction film Timecop.

His mother is the first Actress to play the DC Comics character Harley Quinn in a live-action adaptation.

 In 2010, Following her separation from Jason Connery, she remarried Brian Henson, the oldest son of Muppets creator Jim Henson.

Dashiell has a step-sister, Amelia Jane Henson, from his mother and her husband, Brian. Her daughter was born in 2005.

 Mia was born to her mother, Diana, a stylist, and photographer. Her Father, Jerome Sarapochiello, was a photographer and artist. 

Besides acting, she earned her private pilot’s license and owned a motion-picture production Company with Danielle von Zerneck.

Meet Dashiell Connery Father, Jason Connery 

Dashiell’s Father, Jason Connery, is a renowned British Actor and director famed for appearing in the third ITV Drama series, Robin of Sherwood.

Jason is the son of Australian Actress Diane Cilento and Scottish Actor, Sean Connery.

Dashiell Connery Parent
Jason is the son of Australian Actress Diane Cilento and Scottish Actor, Sean Connery. (Source: Distractify)

In 2014 he participated in BBC One’s Celebrity MasterChef and featured in the sitcom George Lopez.

In 2008, Jason made his directorial d├ębut with the film, Pandemic, in which his son, Dashiell, made his acting debut.

His Father gained immense popularity after Jason portrayed James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s television Drama Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming in 1990. 

In April 2021, his Father married Fiona Ufton, his girlfriend of five years.

Connery directed Tommy’s Honour, a film celebrating the lives of golf pioneers Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris. His movie opened at the 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival, for which he received Best Feature Film at the 2016 British Academy Scotland Awards.

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How Much Is Dashiell Connery’s Net Worth In [current-year]?

Despite his aspiring career, sources claim, Dashiell Connery’s earnings must be around $50,000 to $ 80,000.

As per Talent, the average income of aspiring American Actors makes $31,588 per year or $16.20 per hour.

Moreover, American actors make $27,300 per year at Entry level positions, and established actors earn up to $65,000 per year.

According to Celebrity Networth, his mother, Mia Sara’s earnings at $ 50 million as of [current-year].

IdolNetworth estimates his Father’s earnings at approximately $46 million.

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