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Did Robert Gordon Died Of Leukemia? Death Cause; Was He In Hospital?

Robert Gordon Died Of Leukemia. As the popular musician died at 75, people have wondered about the cause of death.

Robert Gordon leaves behind fond memories and a stellar career for us to ponder. 

Growing up in Maryland, Robert was introduced to the field of music from a young age. With time, he developed his likeness to the area and chose it as his career choice.

Years later, when he died, he had already become one of the most successful musicians of his genre. With time, people started to appreciate his genius and the fanbase grew. 

Gene Vincent, Jack Scott, Billy Lee Riley, Eddie Cochran, and other well-known era rock and roll musicians were among Gordon’s influences. In 1964, when he was 17 years old, he made his recording debut with the Confidentials. 

The songs “Summertime,” “Money,” and “There is Something on Your Mind,” among others, were recorded by The Confidentials, with Robert (then known as Bob) performing as the lead vocalist.

Did Robert Gordon Died Of Leukemia? Death Cause Explored

After the popular singer’s death, people are starting to question the reason behind his death.

Some people have said that the singer from the old days had Leukemia which finally became the reason behind his death. 

Robert Gordon, a pioneer of the rockabilly revival and a well-known figure in the punk rock scene in New York City in the 1970s, passed away on Tuesday at 75, his record Company confirmed to Variety. 

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Although no specific cause of death was given, his family just started a GoFundMe effort to support him in his fight against acute myeloid Leukemia.

The label will release Gordon’s farewell album, “Hellafied,” on November 25. It reunites him with British guitarist Chris Spedding once more.

Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon leaves behind an unpalpable legacy.
(Source: Billboard)

Gordon, born in Bethesda, Maryland, on March 29, 1947, was a compulsive radio listener and record collector with a preference for Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, and Gene Vincent. 

After singing in several local bands during his teen years, including the Confidentials and the Newports, Gordon enlisted in the National Guard to escape being drafted for service in Vietnam.

He then got married at the age of 19 and had two children. His record Company, Cleopatra Records, posted a Facebook notice of his passing.

The statement continues, “Cleopatra Records would like to extend our sincere sympathies to his family and friends. We enjoyed working with Robert and will miss his commanding baritone voice and unwavering devotion to his craft.

Robert Gordon Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

According to online sources, Robert had managed to amass an impressive net worth of around $1 million- $5 million during his time as a musician.

He has had a successful career, and his songs will be remembered long after he is gone.

Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon, a revolutionary singer; one of his kind.
(Source: Spotify)

Gordon relocated to New York City in 1970, and a few years later, he became a member of the Tuff Darts, a punk rock group.

The Tuff Darts recorded “All for the Love of Rock and Roll,” “Head over Heels,” and “Slash” in 1976 for the compilation CD Live at CBGB’s, which also featured several other New York, City-based bands.

The same year, Robert had a cameo appearance in Amos Poe’s underground film Unmade Beds, a punk/New Wave homage to Jean-Luc Godard. Deborah Harry, the lead singer for Blondie and painter Duncan Hannah, also appeared in the movie.

As the popular singer has left behind his mourning family, his fans have gathered to wish the family courage in times of trouble. 

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