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Who Are Dira Paes Filhos Inácio And Martim? Meet Her Esposo Pablo Baiao

People are eager to know about the actress Dira Paes’s two Filhos (sons) and Esposo (husband).

Dira Paes, who is currently the Filó of the soap opera Pantanal, has captured the public’s interest during prime time on TV Globo. 

Wife of Zé Leôncio and ardent mother for Tadeu in the plot, the actress is also a mother and has a long-term relationship with the director of photography Pablo Baio. 

The Dira Paes children are two sons who entered various phases of the celebrity’s life.

Who Are Dira Paes Filhos Inácio And Martim? 

Dira Paes is the mother to two Filhos (sons). The kids rarely appear in public and are not on social media due to Dira’s preference for keeping them out of the spotlight.

Neither of them has begun to advance in their mother’s or father’s careers, and they grow up away from the spotlight. It is not frequently that the celebrity posts images of her children, and neither of them has a public Instagram account.

Dira Paes’ first pregnancy occurred when she was 38 years old. Inácio was born in April 2008, after her mother participated in the television series Casos e Acasos and the film A Festa da Menina Morta.

Inácio, her firstborn, is 14 years old. Martim, the youngest, is six years old. 

Dira Paes 1
Dira Paes with her husband and children (Source: dci.com)

In her official profile, the actress posed with her son and a coworker, Jose Loreto. 

According to a Caras story at the time, Inácio was delivered prematurely at around 35 weeks or roughly eight months. Dira and her son had no issues, although the baby needed to stay in the hospital for a few days until he acquired enough weight to go home.

Martim, the actress’s other kid, was born in October 2015. Dira Paes was 46 years old at the time and had been in the film O Segredo dos Diamantes the previous year. Dira disclosed to Contigo that she had lost two pregnancies before giving birth to Inácio.

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Dira Paes Esposo: Is She Married To Pablo Baiao?

Dira Paes has been in a relationship with her future Esposo (husband), the director of photography Pablo Baio for 16 years, but the two have yet to tie the knot. 

In an interview for Patricia Kogut’s column in O Globo in April 2022, the actress revealed that her eldest son, Inácio, has previously stated that he would like the two to marry, but she has not considered it.

Pablo Baiao
Dira Paes husband Pablo Baiao (Source: revistaquem.globo)

The celebrity also stated that when she discusses it with her beloved, the two joke that “a winning team doesn’t move.” As a result, Dira has no intentions of wearing the bridal gown and walking down the aisle anytime soon.

The two met on a film set and were already working on projects together, including Baixio das Bestas (2006), A Festa da Menina Morta (2008), and Ribeirinhos do Asfalto (2010).

The couple collaborated on Pasárgada, their first feature film together, in 2020, having previously solely collaborated on films by other artists. The film is still being finished and has no set release date.

Dira Paes’s Career As An Actress

Dira’s debut project as an actress was in 1985 when she was cast in the British film A Floresta de Esmeralda. 

The film was shot in parts of Brazil, including Pará, and the young woman auditioned and succeeded. Paes was 15 at the time of her release. After finishing high school, she moved to Rio de Janeiro and earned a degree in Performing Arts from Unirio. 

Following that, she appeared in films, television shows, and plays until making her television debut in Band with Carne de Sol (1986).

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