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DJ Bliss Is Married To His Wife Danya Mohammed, Kids Family And Net Worth

Fans are excited to know about Dj Bliss’s wife. They also want to learn more about his family and personal life. 

Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, an Emirati DJ, emcee, TV personality, and radio broadcaster who works in Dubai, goes by the stage name DJ Bliss.

In addition to being extensively involved in the nightclub and DJ scene in Dubai, he is well known for his music production, which includes co-producing Wyclef Jean and releasing his song and compilation album The Projects.

Virgin’s Middle East album chart saw the album, which BMGI Middle East released, peak at number 10.

DJ Bliss Is Married To His Wife, Danya Mohammed

The longest-married pair on Dubai Bling is DJ Bliss and Diva Dee, who have been together for seven years of joyful marriage.  

She is a proud Emirati. Danya wants her fans to know that she is the “first Emirati Female” to appear in a Netflix reality series. Given that her female co-stars are from Lebanon, Iraq, and India, it seems this is the case.

Meet Dubai Blings Danya Mohammed aka beauty vlogger Diva Dee 750x492 1
Danya Mohammed, aka Diva Dee. Source: Celebrity land

In Netflix’s “Dubai Bling,” Danya Mohammed is introduced as Marwan-Al-Awadhi, also known as DJ Bliss’ wife. Still, she has also made a name for herself as a well-known YouTuber, businesswoman, and social media personality.

Danya found it difficult to establish her own identity and strike a balance between her career and family. Still, she was able to reinvent herself as a brand in her own right and now has thousands of online followers.

It should go without saying that the social media star’s involvement in the reality series has increased her notoriety.

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Meet DJ Bliss Kids And Family

On September 9, 2018, Danya gave birth to her son Zayed, beginning her adventure as a mother and Bliss’s new journey as a Father.

On October 2, 2020, their daughter Meera joined the family. They seem to have a happy family.

dj bliss wife
DJ Bliss and his wife, Danya Mohammed with their child. Source: California celebrity

They wed in a glorious ceremony in 2015. In Dubai, it’s either go big or go home, but Danya might have found her grandiose wedding too much. She laughed as she recalled that she “knew 50 of the 600 guests that attended” her March 2015 wedding.

DJ Bliss Net Worth Explored

The 41-year-old Marwan has performed on stages with musicians including Nicki Minaj, BeyoncĂ©, Drake, and Kanye West. The market realist’s website also indicates his alleged $1 million net worth.

DJ Bliss, one of the most well-known figures and performers in the UAE and the region, has expanded his career internationally.

The first citizen of Emirati to sign with a major worldwide record label, such as BMG, in 2003, and most recently “Universal Music,” the largest music Company in the world, is DJ Bliss.

DJ Bliss began his music career in the late 1990s by working modest DJ gigs at amusement parks before winning a guest DJ role on a Dubai radio station.

He soon received the Middle East Regional “Palm DJ of the year award” only a few years later. His subsequent appearance for “The Ministry of Sound” in London would give him his first taste of stardom on a global scale.

Making well-liked YouTube Vlogs and staying in touch with his devoted fan base on various social media platforms are key components of DJ Bliss’ formula for success.

DJ Bliss continues to push the boundaries of music and entertainment. Watch this space for new songs to come.

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