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Does USC Trojans QB Caleb Williams Have Brother? Family Ethnicity And Religion

Whether Caleb Williams has a brother or not is a question that fans have. Continue reading to learn more about him.

Lincoln Riley, Caleb Williams’ coach, will be reunited with them. After waiting almost a month in the NCAA transfer portal, Williams signed a contract with the USC Trojans and transferred out of the Oklahoma Sooners.

After Williams played his first year with the Sooners in 2021, who Riley coached during that season, the coach and quarterback will be on the field again. Williams, the great quarterback, will be one of the favorites to win the Heisman trophy this year.

Football fans eagerly anticipate his game now that he has transferred to the USC Trojans, as are his parents. Therefore, let’s look at them.

Does Caleb Williams Have A Brother? 

We don’t know about his siblings.

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Caleb Williams and Mario Williams are not brothers. They aren’t related. Yet, they were Oklahoma teammates under Lincoln Riley in 2021. They played well together and formed a solid pitch-and-catch combination for the Sooners.

Who Are Caleb Williams’s Parents? Father And Mother

Carl Williams and Dayna Price are the parents of Caleb Williams, who was born and raised by them. His parents have seen Caleb’s professional development and are undoubtedly pleased with what he has accomplished in such a short time.

Because of Caleb’s grounded and humble upbringing, he could begin his professional career on friendly terms.

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Randy Trivers, the football coach at Caleb’s high school, is adamant that Caleb’s parents are the driving force keeping him grounded. He continued by saying that Carl and Dayna were excellent parents who did a great job of raising their son.

The main contributors to Caleb Williams’ achievement are his parents, Dayna Price and Carl Williams. Since Caleb was a young child, his father has always been very considerate of the choices he made for him.

Additionally, Carl has set a goal for his son Caleb to be selected first overall in the NFL draft when he becomes eligible in the 2024 season. Dayna and Carl must have been wed for more than 20 years.

Caleb Williams Ethnicity Details

American football quarterback Caleb Williams is of mixed racial and cultural heritage. Carl, his father, is of African American descent. Meanwhile, it is presumed that Dayna, his mother, is Hispanic.

American citizen and 6 feet 1-inch tall player Caleb is 20 years old. He has 210 pounds on him. He is also reputed to be a devout Christian.

Who Is Caleb Williams’s Girlfriend?

Relationship status: Caleb Williams is dating Valery Orellana. More than a year has passed since they started dating. The stunning young lady resides in Chapel Hill and attends the University of North Carolina.

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