Don Lemon Illness

Don Lemon Illness: Weight Loss And Surgery Details Explored

People are concerned about whether Don Lemon is suffering from any type of illness due to his weight loss.

Don Lemon is a television reporter from the United States who was born on March 1, 1966.

Lemon then worked for NBC as a news Journalist, appearing on programs such as Today and NBC Nightly News until joining CNN as a correspondent in 2006. 

The Journalist has also been nominated for three regional Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He is the host of the Don Lemon Tonight television show.

Don Lemon Illness: What Happened To Him?

Don Lemon has no type of illness as he is fit and healthy.

In fact, Don is focusing more on his health and trying to avoid junk food.

While co-hosting a Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation luncheon at Susan Gutfreund’s penthouse, the CNN anchor stated that he is concerned about his health.

Don remarked that he is a man of a certain age and changing his diet. To do so, he must eliminate fried foods from his diet.

He stated that because he is a Southerner at heart, he must limit his consumption of “catfish, french fries, hush puppies, crab cakes, crawfish bisque, and gumbo.” He also stated that he loves fried chicken.

Don Lemon does not appear to be sick. Similarly, the reporter has not provided any information regarding his illness or served as a point of contact for the vast majority of people and followers.

As a result, Don’s illness appears to be a rumor.

He appears to be in good condition and to live a happy life with his partner and three pets.

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Don Lemon Weight Loss Journey

Don Lemon is a Journalist who looks to be losing weight, and others are concerned about his health.

Don served as a data correspondent for Today and NBC Nightly News. He began working for CNN in 2006 and has been a correspondent and host of CNN Tonight since 2014.

Don Lemon Weight loss
Don Lemon before and after his Weight loss

The television Journalist from the United States has spent the majority of his career on the air. As a result, people began to notice his weight loss in 2022. He appeared a lot thinner on the show than he had previously.

Don has expressed his desire to lose weight because he is concerned about his health and well-being. He added that he has reached a particular age and that he now needs to adjust his eating habits, which required him to give up fried meals.

Don is a Southerner, therefore, he keeps a food diary that includes catfish and fried meals.

In 2016, he reacted to a question about his weight reduction by saying that he had lost 25 pounds since gaining the weight and that it was time to get rid of it.

Don Lemon Announced Departure From ‘CNN Tonight’: Was Anything Wrong?

Don Lemon stunned viewers by announcing that he would stand down as host of “CNN Tonight” effective immediately in order to focus on an unannounced new project — but he is not quitting CNN.

Lemon’s harsh, abrupt remark led many viewers to believe he was departing the cable news giant entirely, but Lemon confirmed immediately after Friday’s broadcast ended that this was not the case. “Good day, everyone. It’s not what you think. I’m not going to leave CNN.”

“So I came back to my office after the program, everybody calm down,” Lemon remarked in a video attached to the post, chuckling. 

He explained that he never said he was going. He just announced that “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” was coming to an end. He further added that since he’s not leaving CNN, people will have to wait until Monday at 10:00 am to find out. 

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