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Outer Banks Cast Drew Starkey Weight Loss Before And After: Diet And Work Out

Drew Starkey has gone through a weight loss journey recently. The American actor was seen in a toned-down physical appearance in his recent Instagram post.

The native of Hickory, North Carolina, is one of the most famous actors in the American TV industry. He began his career by acting in the short movie The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation as Patrick Clemens in 2014.

After that, Drew has been a part of big projects bagging 32 acting credits to his name. He is mainly known for his effortless portrayal of characters on screen and his charming personality. Nowadays, he is busy with Netflix’s action-adventure tv series Outer Banks, in which he has played one of the lead characters, Rafe Cameron.

However, nowadays, he is drawing the interest of netizens because of his new look, in which he appears to be much more skinny than usual.

Drew Starkey Weight Loss

Drew Starkey has recently lost significant weight, making him less bulky. The fans noticed this appearance change after the Outer Banks actor uploaded an image on Instagram on February 9, 2023.

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That image was made public via Instagram with the collaboration of the official Instagram page of the Outer Banks TV series.

drew starkey weight loss
Drew Starkey looked skinny than before in his Instagram post (Instagram)

The actor hasn’t made any statements regarding his new looks, but fans have assumed that the new look was to complement the looks of the character he was playing in the Netflix series.

However, this is not the first time Drew has toned down his weight for the shake of a character. He has been doing it since 2020, which is visible on the Instagram posts that he has made over the years.

Drew Starkey Before And After Weight Loss

The Outer Banks actor has gone through a long weight-loss journey whose changes could only be observed after analyzing his old images.

In fact, his newer fans might not even notice a change in his physical appearance if they had known him recently. Everything started when the American actor got the role of Rafe Cameron in 2020, one of Outer Banks’ lead characters.

Drew Briskey Before And After Weight Loss
Drew Briskey Before And After Weight Loss (Instagram)

The star started working out regularly to enjoy the character more, eventually reducing unnecessary fat buildup in his body.

If we observe his past images, we can see that the actor has a lot of fat content on his body. However, his recent images reflect that Drew has increased muscle mass, and he looks even more charming with a chiseled jawline and a muscular body.

Drew Starkey’s Diet And Work Out Plans

Drew Starkey is undoubtedly one of the most loved actors associated with Outer Banks. He has created a massive fanbase while actively working in the showbiz industry since 2014.

Due to his nature of not expressing himself, fans miss out on many details regarding the actor’s personal life. Because of this, most of his workout details and diet plans are still under the curtain.

However, judging his body type, we can assume the lad has been following a strict diet of protein-rich food items.

Reports claim that Drew follows a non-vegetarian diet usually composed of chicken and steak. Other than that, the diet also consists of vegetables like avocados, artichokes, and others to keep his gut healthy.

The actor still needs to update something about his workout regime, but it is common to think he hits the gym daily to maintain his shape.

Whenever accessible, Starkey hangs out with his friends and does activities like traveling and sightseeing. Despite being a famous young actor, he has perfectly balanced his personal and professional life.

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