Emi Chicoine Conjoint

Who Is Emi Chicoine Conjoint? Dating History And Relationship Timeline With Max Gibier

Emi Chicoine’s conjoint has been a topic of discussion as fans want to know more about her relationship status.

Emi Chicoine is a Canadian Actress, model, and social media personality. The movies L’oeil du cyclone (TV Series) 2022, Noémie dit oui (2022), and Niagara have made her well-known (2022).

With her iconic portrayal of Marilou in Plan B II, Emi Chicoine immediately won the hearts of Quebecers. She also impressed the critics, who praised her as a young Actress with great natural talent.

Who Is Emi Chicoine Conjoint? Relationship Timeline

Emi Chicoine is in a relationship with her long-term conjoint (boyfriend), Maxime Gibeault.

Emi Chicouane Conjoint
Emi Chicouane with her conjoint. (Source: Instagram)

Maxime Gibeault is also an actor with whom Emi co-stars in the movie Noémie dit oui and the television show District 31. They first bonded on the set of this anti-prostitution pamphlet, where he portrayed his violent and dangerous pimp.

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On her Instagram, Emi frequently posts images of her boyfriend. Thousands of people comment on and like her Instagram post.

Emi Chicoine Wikipedia: Her Biography Explored

Emi Chicoine doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her name. However, her hard work and dedication might soon lead her to be listed on Wikipedia.

Emi was born in Quebec’s Saint-Lambert in Canada. She is the daughter of director Alain Chicoine from Quebec. She developed a strong desire to play due to her early exposure to sets. Her parents also enrolled her in an artistic agency when she was seven years old.

She studied film at Collège André-Grasset in Montreal. Chicoine became accustomed to being in front of the camera and working on sets at a very young age. She has a natural ease on the scenes thanks to her passion, instinct, understanding, and sense of the game. 

Emi stands out for its ability to adapt quickly to various game and production genres and styles.

Emi Chicoine’s Career As An Actress

In 2015, Emi made her acting debut in André Forcier’s movie Embrasse-moi comme tu m’aimes. She can also be seen in Alexis Durand-2016 Brault’s film, “It’s the heart that dies last.”

In 2019, Louka Hogue’s Bowling Métropolitain and The Translation of Carla Turcotte, two short films in which she appeared, were both directed by Hogue. This most recent short film was a semi-finalist at the DMOFF (Direct Monthly Online Film Festival) and was in the official selection. 

Emi Chicouane Conjoint
Emi Chicouane Mirror Selfie (Source: Instagram)

She has appeared in a few “Bye Bye” episodes from 2009 to 2019 and can be seen acting in them. She also performs distribution for the KOTV show What if? and the Aetios television series Cheval-Serpent I and II. 

Emi appeared in the 2019 Zone3 production L’Effet secondary season, which aired on Radio-Canada. In 2020, she joined Six Degrees and L’oeil du Cyclone.

She debuted Noémie dit oui by Geneviève Albert and Niagara by Guillaume Lambert in 2021.

The young actress can also be seen in “Demand So Rosalie II” and the “Télé-Québec” web series “OFF.” She performs in the online series “La Panne I and II.”

Emi Chicoine’s Father Inspired Her To Be An Actress

Emi revealed that her father often brought her with him on film sets. She used to walk backstage and ask everyone questions all the time. She also spoke with the technicians and quickly saw that she had an ease and affinity with the profession of the actress.

Chicoine ultimately joined a casting company. She initially tried out for third or silent roles before landing her first significant role in André Forcier’s Embrace me as you love me.

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She acknowledged that she has a great relationship with her father and that he has greatly influenced who she is today.

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