Best Teams in NFL history

15 Greatest Football Teams of All Time

Since the start of American Football, there have been historic football teams that have dominated the pitch every single match throughout the season.

So today, We will be listing the 15 greatest football teams of all time.

On this list, you will see legendary teams that were the best in defense/offense, won many super bowls and paved the way for the new generation of American football players.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

15 Greatest football teams of all time

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1979

Coming at number 15 on our list is the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers team, a deadly team that was full of savvy veterans who were coming right off a Super Bowl championship win.

Pittsburgh Steelers started hot that season with an early 4-0 record coming off an eight-game win streak in the previous season.

Facing then 1979 Steelers was a nightmare, and it brought fear to the opposing teams, and with each win, the team was getting better and stronger.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1979 team
Pittsburgh Steelers 1979 team

Their coordination and defense were world-class and were praised by everyone at that time.

The team ended the season with a record of 12-4 with their hands on the AFC Championship and, of course, the super bowl championship.

14. New England Patriots – 2016

The 2016 New England Patriots team is a new era legendary team that will be remembered throughout the history of the NFL. 

They were being coached by arguably the best coach of all time in the NFL, Bill Belichick. This was one of the biggest factors in the win.

But the absolute reason they were that dominant in that season is that they had Tom Brady in their team. One of the best quarterbacks of all time.

New England Patriots were so favored that even if they were losing by 25 points in the third quarter, the fans still believed they would make a comeback.

This team had unimaginable mental fortitude and crushed everyone in the league in that season. They ended the season with a stat of 14-2.

13. Dallas Cowboys – 1977

Next on our list is the 1977 Dallas Cowboys team who was known for their unpenetrable defense.

Complimenting their defense was another extraordinary quarterback, Roger Staubach, and one of the best running back of all time, Tony Dorsett.

Tom Landry coached this team, and by the end of the season, they had a stat of 12 wins and only 2 losses.

They had Randy White and Harvey Martin, who were the best at that time.

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12. Philadelphia Eagles – 1949

The 1949 Philadelphia Eagles were on a roll from the previous year as they won the championship.

And despite outperforming themselves the previous year, they did not slow down; rather, they stepped it up and brought their A-game in the 1949 season as well.

The key to their success might have been their team of war veterans who were disciplined and did not take any losses lightly.

They were the kind of team that would put all on line to win every single snap of the game.

The Eagles ended the season with a record of 11-1 and became one of the best football teams.

11. St. Louis Rams – 1999

St. Louis Rams, also widely known by their nickname, “The Greatest Show On Turf,” is a team that destroyed every team in the 1999 season.

The team was known for their extremely offensive lineup that helped them push as they wished, and they always controlled the field momentum.

They were supposed to be the most favored team to win the super bowl that season as they ended their season with a stat of 13-3.

But unfortunately, they had to slow down due to the injury of their quarterback, Trent Green.

Despite not having one of their star players, they still qualified for the Superbowl that year.

10. Green Bay Packers – 1996

Led by Brett Favre and Reggie White, considered the best at their position, the Green Bay Packers were unstoppable.

Brett Favre was one of the best quarterbacks at that time, and every season, he was performing outstandingly.

He won the MVP title for three consecutive years from 1995 to 1997.

Then on their defense, they had Reggie White, who was a nightmare to the opponent’s offense.

As a result, the 1996’s Green Bay Packers defense is one of the greatest defensive ends in NFL history. 

9. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1975

Next on our list is Pittsburgh Steelers’ 1975 team. 

Pittsburgh Steelers is a team that is known for their defensive capabilities more than their offense.

However, they had one of the best defenses in the league since the beginning of the team.

In the 1970s, the steelers were unstoppable in the span of 6 years; they won four Superbowl titles.

Despite all those wins, the most remembered Steelers team is the one from 1975. 

With the likes of Joe Green and Jack Lambert, their defense was already world-class but what made this team even better is their quarterback and wide receiver. 

Terry Bradshaw was their quarterback, and their wide receiver was Lynn Swann.

8. Dallas Cowboys – 1992

The Dallas Cowboys 1992 team was one of the most destructive teams in terms of offense in the NFL.

With legends like Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin in their arsenal, they were just unfair to play against.

And on top of all those legendary players, they were coached by one of the best in the game, Jimmy Johnson.

The team ended their season with a record of 13-3 and dominated everyone, and in the end, they won the Superbowl.

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7. San Francisco 49ers – 1994

Next on our is the San Francisco 49ers 1994 team, which consisted of the likes of Deion Sanders and Steve Young.

Those two players were the core of the 49ers in the 1994 season as Deion held his end in the defense and was even awarded the best defensive players of that season.

Steve Young Throwing the ball
Steve Young is Throwing the ball.

Whereas Steve young was a scoring machine. On average, Young was scoring around 500 points in the regular season.

Despite playing extremely well, Young had not won any super bowl titles with the team, but that curse ended that year as the 49ers crushed everyone and lifted the super bowl title.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1978

You must be wondering why are so many Steelers team mentioned in the same list, well they were one of the best football teams in the 1970s.

A team that was so strong and so good at the defense that the NFL had to enforce rules to stop the domination of the Steelers in the 1970s.

The 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers team had the best defense in the NFL history. As a result, their defense was nicknamed Steel Curtain Defense.

Despite the rule changes by the NFL board, instead of stopping the domination, it backfired, and the Steelers were better than ever.

They ended the season with a total stat of 14-2 and became the first team to win at least 3 Super Bowls.

5. Washington Redskins – 1991

The 1991 Washington Redskins was one of the most vicious teams in the league.

With Joe Gibbs as their coach, Mark Rypien as their quarterback, and 1,000-yard receivers Gary Clark and Art Monk. They shredded every team to pieces that year.

They finished the season with a record of 14-2 and claimed the super bowl title. Again, they showed their dominance over everyone in the 1991 season.

Mark Rypien stepped it up in the finals of the Superbowl match as the team was facing buffalo bills.

He won the MVP award in the final match for his career-defining performance.

4. Miami Dolphins – 1972

The next team on our list of best football teams is the team of Miami Dolphins 1972.

The only team in the history of the NFL who were undefeated in the whole season. They finished the whole season without any loss.

Led by their head coach Don Shula, they were on a roll and no one in that season was ready to face them.

They ended the season with 17 wins and 0 losses with a super bowl title to their name.

3. Green Bay Packers – 1962

The 1962 Green Bay Packers team led by the legendary coach Vince Lombardi was one of the best teams in NFL history.

The team was so well organized it was scary to face them.

They finished the season with a 13-1 and went on to play the Superbowl championship games.

The Packers managed to reach the finals easily. However, in the final, they faced one of the best football teams at that time, The New York Giants.

The game was extraordinary, and the Packers emerged victorious in the end.

Later on, all the 11 players of the 1962 Green Bay Packers team were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2. San Francisco 49ers – 1984

Coming as the runner-up on our list, we have the 1984 team of San Francisco 49ers.

Another legendary team that is still remembered to this day for their offensive lineup.

The team was led by one of the best coaches of all time, Bill Walsh, and leading the team on the pitch was their quarterback Joe Montana.

Finishing the season at the record of 15 wins and 1 loss, they were untouchable.

They won the Super Bowl XIX, and with that win, it was one of their best season of all time.

1. Chicago Bears – 1985 

On the top of our list, we have the 1985 team of Chicago Bears.

One of the most iconic teams of all time had the best coaches, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan.

Chicago Bears finished their regular season with a total record of 15 wins and 1 loss.

Chicago Bears celebrating
Chicago Bears celebrating

The team consists of Walter Payton and Jim McMahon, Known for their exceptional offense.

And complementing the team’s offense was their defensive lineup Buddy Ryan, who played a big part in the win of the super bowl finals.

Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl XX and celebrated by carrying their head coaches out of the field.

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