Hiroshi Yamamoto (archer)

Hiroshi Yamamoto: Personal Life, Career & Net Worth

Hiroshi Yamamoto is a Japanese Archer, born on October 31, 1962. Moreover, he is still a well-known public figure in Japan.

Furthermore, his celebrity status has helped the rise of Olympic Archery in the country of Japan.

Hiroshi Yamamoto
Hiroshi posing for a camera

Moreover, he has also achieved the number one position in the game of Archery. 

He has also won a bronze medal in Archery. The Japanese archer won it in the 1984 Summer Olympics. 

The article discusses the Japanese star’s personal life, career, net worth, and social media. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the former no.1 archer: 

Full Name Hiroshi Yamamoto
Birth Date October 31, 1962
Birth Place Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Residence Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Nickname Not Available
Hobbies Archery, Teaching
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Physiology graduate
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Archer and Teacher
Marital Status Not Available
Wife/Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Net Worth $100k – $1million
Archery Merch Arm Guard, Bow & Arrow, Gloves
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Hiroshi Yamamoto: Age, Height, and Weight 

The former no.1 archer is now [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old. The Japanese archer height is currently not known. 

Furthermore, the [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old seems to be very fit for his age. While his exact weight is currently not known. 

Since he was born in October, his zodiac is Scorpio. Scorpio spirit animal is a snake.

Furthermore, People with zodiac Scorpio are calm, ambitious, and passionate. 

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Hiroshi Yamamoto: Personal Life

The former no.1 archer is Japan’s most decorated Olympian Archer. In addition, he has competed in five Olympic Games.

The Japanese athlete was talented from a very young age. His skills and abilities on the bows were exceptional. 

Furthermore, he won seven national titles in high school and college.  Yamamoto’s achievements remain a national record until now.


The Japanese athlete underwent surgery in August 2020.

Furthermore, the surgery was to remove a portion of a rib to reduce numbness in his arms and fingers.

Hiroshi Yamamoto with fans
The Japanese archer is a massive celebrity in his country. So he is here, seen with his fans.

Unfortunately, Archery requires arms and fingers to be used over and over again.

Moreover, the Japanese archer’s arms and fingers became numb enough to cause him to wake up several times during the night.  

The Japanese athlete chose surgery over a long-term rehabilitation program recommended by the doctor.

So, he could quickly return to the top stage. However, the operation went well.

Although the numbness has gone away, there was still damage in unexpected places reportedly. 


The former no.1 archer decided to hang up his bow and arrows after failing to qualify for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

He had, however, become a high-school teacher by that time.

Moreover, he taught his students the art of Archery and the competitive spirit.

Furthermore, he made a comeback, and he made the Archery team at the 2004 Olympics.

With the help of a bowstring made by one of his students, he won his first three individual elimination matches.

Moreover, he won the silver medal in that event. The news that a 41-year-old teacher had won an Olympic silver medal sparked a media frenzy in Japan.

Furthermore, he quickly rose to prominence as a talk-show host and media celebrity.

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Hiroshi Yamamoto: Career

The archer made his international debut in 1981, and his first Olympics was in 1984 in Los Angeles.

Moreover, [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old won an individual bronze medal in the Olympics.

When he was 21, the Japanese archer finished just one point behind Rick McKinney of the United States, winning silver with his last arrow.

Furthermore, Yamamoto also competed in men’s Archery at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

In 2004, he advanced to the quarterfinals after winning his first three elimination matches.

Furthermore, he defeated the first-ranked archer in the quarterfinal. 

There, he faced Tim Cuddihy of Australia, whom he defeated to win the bronze medal.

The archer then competed for the gold medal against Marco Galiazzo of Italy. Unfortunately, he lost the final.

Hiroshi Yamamoto focusing during a competition
Hiroshi  focusing during a competition

The Japanese Olympian has been a frequent guest on Japanese television programs since 2004.

Furthermore, he has become a well-known public figure in Japan.

Moreover, at the 2004 Summer Olympics, he was also a member of Japan’s 8th-place men’s archery team. 

Yamamoto continued to win. He won the Archery World Cup team gold medal in 2006.

However, after winning the Archery World Cup, he became a university professor.

Furthermore, at the age of 47, he began studying physiology. Eventually, the now [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old became a medical doctor at 52.

Furthermore, the Japanese star is also a member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizing committee. And he’s not finished with Archery, not at all.

Moreover, he attempted to qualify for the Japanese Olympic team in London in 2012 but failed. 

However, as he grew older, his body couldn’t keep up, and injuries plagued him.

Qualifying Defeat

After celebrating his 58th birthday, the former no.1 was eliminated from qualifying for the All Japan Championships.

Furthermore, it was the first time the Japanese archer failed to progress through the qualifying round. 

Moreover, the Japanese athlete is yet to retire. 

Hiroshi Yamamoto: Net Worth

The Japanese star is a successful archer and a teacher; he currently lives in Yokohoma, Japan. 

The [calculate_years datestring=”10/31/1962″] years old net worth is estimated to be around $100k – $1million.

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Social Media 

The Japanese archer cannot be found on social media platforms. Moreover, he is no fan of these platforms. 

Hiroshi Yamamoto: Quotes

Sport has a profound impact on athletes, fans, and spectators alike.

Furthermore, he added, “the magnitude of the effort is proportional to the importance of the impression.”

And he also stated, “Players have to work very hard to make the biggest impression and achieve the most meaningful goals.”

Frequently Asked Questions 

When was Hiroshi Yamamoto at the top of Archery?

Hiroshi was no.1 in the world of Archery in 2006. Furthermore, he spent 121 days at the summit.

Moreover, he was listed as the top archer in the world on July 11, 2006.

Does Yamamoto have tattoos?

Tattoos are taboo, and people from the older generations in Japan don’t like tattoos. Hence, Yamamoto doesn’t have any tattoos. 

Is Hiroshi Yamamoto Capricon? 

No, the Japanese archer, now the teacher, was born in October. Hence, he is a Pisces. 

What is the rank of Hiroshi Yamamoto on the World Archery Ranking now?

The former No.1 archer Hiroshi was at the top 10 of the World Archery Ranking in 2018. 

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