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Who Are Kavita Karkare Family? Death Cause- Hemant Karkare Wife Dies Of Brain Haemorrhage

Kavita Karkare had a small family with her husband, the late Hemant Karkare, and their three children. Unfortunately, Kavita took her last breath on 29 September 2014 due to a brain hemorrhage.

The lady was a professor at the NSS B.Ed college, Tardeo, and used to reside in Dadar. The Karkare family was devasted to lose two pillars of the family in a short time.

Who Are Kavita Karkare Family?

Kavita Karkare is the beloved wife of 26/11 hero Hemant Karkare. Hemant was killed during the action in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. At the time, he was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS).

Kavita Karkare  Family
Kavita Karkare with her husband Hemant Karkare (Source: Rediff)

Kavita’s husband was given the Ashoka Chakra in 2009 after his postmortal. He had a mechanical engineering degree from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. 

Hemant diverting his aim, went for Indian Police Service (IPS) as a member of the 1982 batch and served the nation for twenty-six years.

Kavita’s three children are Jui Karkare, Sayali Karkare, and Akash Karkare. Among the three children, Jui Karkare Navare is the oldest one. The forty-one-year lady is settled in the United States with her husband and two children.

Jui made her appearance in late November 2019 to make her loss public and present her Father to the world.

Kavita’s second daughter Sayali’s details are not much known to the public. Likewise, the Karkare couple’s son Akash was a twelve-class student during his Father’s demise.

According to sources, he scored 78 percent in his HSC examination. The Karkare children were well-groomed and guided by their parents. 

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Kavita, Hemant Karkare Wife, Died Of a Brain Hemorrhage

Kavita, a patient with hypertension, suffered a massive brain hemorrhage on 27 September 2014. After feeling unconscious, she was rushed to the PD Hinduja Hospital in suburban Mumbai on Saturday morning.

Hemant Karkare wife Kavita Karkare
Kavita Karkare talking about ill-equipped police force after the demise of her husband (Source: News18)

Soon after the suffering, the fifty-seven-year lady slipped into a coma. Two days later, on 29 September, she was declared brain dead through the statement by the hospital read.

Rushing the lady to the hospital on Saturday morning, two days later, she could not survive the illness and left the world.

The lady had probably gone through various traumas after the sudden demise of her beloved husband. The nightmare undoubtedly led the lady to overthink and reach the situation.

Kavita Karkare Afterdeath Cremated At Worli

After the mother’s demise, Kavita’s children acceded to donating their late mother’s organs to treat needy patients. The lady probably had shown an interest in organ donation with her children.

The mortal remains of the lady were cremated at Worli in south Mumbai. Their children survive both Kavita and her husband, Hemant.

The Indian nation, as well as the world, lost a precious couple. The public was saddened due to the ultimate demise of the martyr and his wife in a short period.

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