Hyunjin Pants Accident: What Happened To Him? Where Is He Now?

Hyunjin Pants accident is one of the most concerning topics for his fans. They are eager to learn more about what happened to him.

The Stray Kids idols are among the most aesthetically beautiful icons in the KPOP world. 

The South Korean boy band Stray Kids was formed by JYP Entertainment through the reality above show in 2017.

The group also includes Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. For unknown personal reasons, Woojin, one of the original nine members, left the group in October 2019.

Stray Kids released their pre-debut extended play (E.P.) Mixtape in January 2018 before making their official debut on March 25 with the EP I Am Not.

Hyunjin Pants Accident

Hyunjin Pants accidentally gets lost in the ground losing Stray Kids at ISAC.

Hyunjin seems to enjoy “straying” from his group in line with their nickname. While the joke might not have worked, we are sure Stray Kids’ most recent escapades will. We are talking about how Hyunjin lost his bearings on the ground.

Several K-pop groups recently participated in the prestigious ISAC, also known as the Idol Star Athletic Championship, for those who may not be familiar.

For those of you living under a rock, ISAC is a sporting event that features idols from various groups competing against one another as spectators watch from the stands.

Screenshot 50
Hyunjin loses Stray Kids at ISAC. Source: ZOOM

Despite having a full schedule and many activities, Stray Kids attended the event, just as in years past. While waving and adoring the Stays, Hyunjin, the rapper for Stray Kids, seemed to have forgotten about his fellow bandmates.

At first, Hyunjin looked everywhere to locate his friends, but in vain. He then moved closer to the walls so he could see the ground more clearly before finally motioning for help.

When that failed, he simply decided to give up and sit on the tracks like other idols.

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What Happened To Hyunjin Pants?

The other Stray Kids were eventually located by Hyunjin, who even directed them toward his seat. This brought the boys back together again.

Despite how dramatic it may look! But when it comes to Hyunjin, you’ll be amazed at the rapper’s adorable antics.

The boys are back to work, booked, and occupied with their numerous commitments now that ISAC has done filming.

Stray Kids even scheduled additional dates to their Maniac tour, which they had recently finished in America, to connect with as many Stays as possible.

Where Is Hyunjin Pants Now?

Hyunjin Pants is with his boyband, “Stray Kids.” He is currently doing what he loves the most, music. 

Stray Kids Hyunjin accidentally shows his bulge in the United States
Stray Kids’ Hyunjin accidentally shows his bulge in the United States. Source: Music and Mundial

Most of Stray Kids’ tracks are K-pop, hip-hop, and electronic music. Since almost all of the members participate in songwriting, composition, and occasionally arranging, they might be described as an idol group that “self-produces.”

Their discography has since been characterized as falling under a certain “mala taste genre” with the release of “God’s Menu,” and their album No easy was influenced by the “noise music” subgenre.

The group’s name, “Stray Kids,” was chosen by the members, not by JYP Entertainment. Later, it came to represent the idea of joining together uncommonly. It originally referred to a kid who is lost and wants to achieve their goals.

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