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Is Blake Lively Related To Robyn Lively? Sister Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Is Blake Lively Related to Robyn Lively? Robyn’s beautiful birthday greeting to Blake on Instagram has sparked curiosity about how close their relationship is.

Blake Lively is an accomplished actress known for her role in the famous TV series “Gossip Girls.” She has been in the American entertainment world for over 2 decades, and her excellent acting skills have rewarded her with multiple awards, including “The People’s Choice Award.”

Similarly, recognized for her role in the movie “Teen Witch,” Robyn Lively is also an eminent American actress. She has been serving in the acting industry for more than 4 decades.

Now, let’s learn more about their life and relationship. 

Is Blake Lively Related To Robyn Lively? Family Tree And Relationship Explained

Yes, Blake Lively is related to Robyn Lively. They are half-sisters.

Blake was born to Ernie Lively (father) and Elaine Lively (mother). On the other hand, Robyn was born to Ronald Otis Lively (Father) and Elaine Lively (mother).

So to clear things out, as Blake and Robyn share the same mother, they are half-sisters. However, their relationship seems to be stronger than any other sibling.

The sisters are mostly spotted together, so the public seems curious about their relationship. 

Blake Lively and Robyn Lively
Blake Lively and Robyn Lively (Source: IMDb)

Moreover, they are very close and even refer to each other as their best friends.

Recently, the sisters made headlines after Blake’s birthday bash.

Robyn wished her younger sister on Instagram with a cute photo montage. And she captioned the post as “Awww, you’re my best friend …. 🎶 Now everyone knows you’re barely younger than me 🥳 Happy Birthday, sweet sissy, you’re kinda special to me.”

The picture montage featured several photos of Blake and Robyn having fun together.

According to a source, the sisters had recently visited Disneyland for Blake’s pre-birthday celebration.

Likewise, talking more about the sister’s relationship, Robyn stated in an interview that their relationship has only grown stronger. She further added that previously they used to help each other with their work, but now they do mom stuff together.

Lively Sisters’ Age Difference

The Lively sisters have 15 years of an age difference.

As of 2022, Robyn Lively is 50 years old. She was born in Georgia on 7th February 1972.

Likewise, her younger sister, Blake Lively, recently turned 35. She was born in California on 25th August 1987.

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Blake Lively And Robyn Lively’s Net Worth Difference

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blake’s net worth is $30 million

And Robyn’s net worth is reported to be $500 thousand by Celebrity Net Worth.

So with this, we can say that the Lively sisters’ net worth difference is pretty remarkable.

However, though Balke’s earnings his higher than her sister’s, both the actresses have a comfortable life, thanks to their great acting careers.

Robyn began her acting career in 1978, while her sister Blake made her acting debut in 1998, i.e., 20 years after her elder sister.  

Nonetheless, the Lively sisters are still active in their careers.

Recently, Robyn has been involved in a famous Netflix show, “Cobra Kai.” And Blake’s most recent work is a music video, “I Bet You Think About Me.” She co-produced and directed the music video with Taylor Swift.

Apart from acting, Blake is also an entrepreneur. She owns a soft drink brand ‘Betty Buzz.’ 

Blake Lively’s Husband and Children

Lively’s husband is Ryan Renolds.

The pair exchanged their wedding vows on 9th September 2012. 

Before getting married, Blake and Ryan dated for a year. The couple initially met while they were shooting for a film, “Green Lantern,” in 2010 and are reported to be dating since 2011.

Likewise, Blake’s husband, Ryan Renolds, is an accomplished Canadian-American actor.

Now talking about their children, the couple is blessed with 3 daughters (James, Inez, and Betty). Their first child James was born in 2014, their second child Inez was born in 2016, and their youngest daughter Betty was born in 2019.

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