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Jeremy Paxman Net Worth: Wife Children Age And Parents

Jeremy Paxman is regarded as one of the wealthiest journalists with a very high net worth. Being one of the most successful journalists of our time, Jeremy has published several books and articles and is a prolific announcer.

He is an English broadcaster, journalist, author, and television presenter with an impressive career.

Paxman joined the BBC Radio Brighton, part of the BBC media, in 1972. However, he did leave after five years with a move to London.

He worked with big media – Tonight Show and Panorama, after which he worked as the newsreader for BBC Six O’Clock News.

Paxman has one of the most impressive careers many journalists dream of. His accomplishments in journalism are considered legendary.


Jeremy Paxman is one of the most highly regarded journalists in the entire world. 

With such respect for his name in the industry, he is among the wealthiest in the field.

It is estimated that Jeremy Paxman has a net worth of $1.5 million in total. 

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Jeremy Paxman steps down as the host of the University Challenge.

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He served as the Editor of the college newspaper, ‘Varsity,’ during his tenure at St. Catharine’s College.

In 1972, Paxman took part in the graduate trainee program that BBC hosted. With this opportunity, Paxman started working at a local BBC.

He joined the team of The Tonight Show and moved on to Panorama. He later joined the BBC1 Breakfast Time reporting.


Jeremy Paxman was never tied down but stayed with his beau for 35 years.

He lived together with Elizabeth Ann Clough until the pair separated in 2016.

The couple lived together in Stoner, Oxfordshire, in Paxman’s home. They had three children together.

Paxman and Elizabeth had their first child, Jessica, in 1991. The couple is also parents to Jack and Victoria, twins who are currently 23 years old. 

There were also rumors that Paxman was seeing his book editor, Jillian Taylor, who is 29 years younger than him. 


Jeremy Dickson Paxman was born in England in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire. He is currently 72.

He was born on 11 May 1950 to his parents, Arthur Keith Paxman and Joan McKay Paxman. 

Paxman graduated from Malvern College. He is of British nationality.

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Jeremy Paxman has been active as a Broadcaster, Journalist, and Author since 1972.

He was married to Elizabeth Ann Clough from 1981 to 2016. He has three children with her.

Paxman is closest with his brother Giles Paxman among the siblings in the family.

Jeremy Paxman used to work as the presenter of University Challenge but recently stepped down due to Parkinson’s disease.


Paxman was born in the city of Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire.

He is the son of a steel company team member and former Royal Navy lieutenant and typewriter salesman Arthur Keith Paxman. He later left the family and settled in Australia.

His mother was Joan McKay Paxman, who passed away in 2009.

Jeremy Paxman was the eldest of 4 siblings. Giles was the British Ambassador to Spain and Mexico, and James was the chief executive of the Dartmoor Preservation Association. 

Their only sister, Jenny, is the producer at BBC Radio.

Paxman was brought up in the cities of Hampshire, Bromsgrove, and Peopleton in Worcestershire.


Jeremy Paxman is of Christian descent and British nationality.

He prefers to stay private and out of the spotlight from media and news.

Jeremy Paxman supports Leeds United Football Club and enjoys fly fishing.

Paxman is a patron of the charity of Sustrans and east London homeless charity, Caritas Anchor Home.

In his youth, Paxman considered himself a socialist but later described himself as a  conservative supporter.

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