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Joe Buck: Sportscasting, Criticism, Charity & Net Worth

When talking about legendary sportscasters, Howard William Cosell from ABC’s Wide World of Sports often comes to mind. However, these days, Joe Buck of FOX Sports steals this thunder.

Joe Buck is the leading play-by-play announcer for FOX Sports National Football League(NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) coverage.

With an incredible resume and long-lasting career, Buck is considered one of the best sports announcers in the business.

He has also worked along with many iconic sports figures. At the same time, he is keeping audiences engaged with his play-by-play analysis.

Joe buck
Joe Buck ready to announce

However, not everyone is a fan of Buck. Like it is said, with great fame comes equal criticism. Fans often criticize Joe for his remarks as he has not played a day in professional sports.

Further accusing him as the product of nepotism, the Emmy award-winning announcer has a massive amount of haters. Many sports fans still question him being the best sports announcer. What is your opinion?

But before we unravel more information on him. Let’s check quick facts of him.

Quick Facts


Professional Name Joe Buck
Full Name Joseph Francis Buck
Nickname Joe
Birth Date April 25, 1969
Birth Place St. Petersburg, Florida
Nationality American
Country of Origin United States of America
Profession Sports commentator,  Announcer, Film Producer, Actor, Screenwriter
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
School St. Louis Country Day School
University Indiana University
Horoscope Tauras
Father’s Name Jack Buck
Mother’s Name Carole Lintzenich
Brothers Dan Buck, Jack Buck Jr.,
Sisters Beverly, Christine, Julie, Besty, and Bonnie
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/25/1969″] Years Old
Height 6ft 1inch (1.85m)
Weight 81kg(178lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Married Yes
Spouse Michelle Beisner (m.2014)
Ex-Spouse Ann Archambault (1993-2011)
Children 4 (Trudy, Natalie, Wyatt Joseph, and Blake Andrew)
Net Worth $15 million
Social Media
Last Update
[current-month], [current-year]

Buck is a famous American sportscaster for his work with Fox Sports.

His resume includes lead play-by-play announcer for the network’s National Football League and Major League Baseball coverage.

Additionally, he has served as the play-by-play announcer for the World Series since 1996.

Joe is an actor and writer as well. Additionally, He has made several movie appearances in Fever Pitch (2005), Tour de Pharmacy (2017), and Deconstructing Harry (1997), for instance.

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Joe Buck: Overview

Joe Buck was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America. Originally, his birth name was Joseph Francis Buck.

He holds American Citizenship. He is native American that makes his ethnicity White. Buck is the son of late broadcasting legend Jack Buck and Carole Lintzenich.

Joe buck has seven siblings, including five sisters, named: Beverly, Christine, Julie, Besty, Bonnie, and two brothers: Dan Buck and Jack Buck Jr.

Joe Buck
Joe Buck in his youth

Buck grew up in Clayton-Richmond Heights, St. Louis, Missouri. He finished his schooling at Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School.

Afterward, he joined Indiana University Bloomington as a major in B.A. (English) and a minor in telecommunications.

Joe Buck: Age, Height, Weight, and Horoscope

Joe was born on April 25, 1969, which makes him 51 years of age as of March 2021. We can say that he is handsome at first glance.

He is quite huge as he stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. Further, he maintains a weight of around 80 kgs. Joe Bucks has a well-maintained body. In this case, it is an advantage to capture his audience’s attention.

Similarly, He has a fair complexion with brown hair and green eyes. The horoscope sign is Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull. Tauras person is smart, ambitious, and trustworthy.

Joe Buck: Personal Life

Joe exchanged vows with his childhood sweetheart, Ann Carolyn Archambault, on January 23, 1993. The marriage took place in a relatively small ceremony with a few close attendees.

Joe Buck
Joe Buck on his wedding day

The couple welcomed two beautiful daughters, Natalie Buck and Trudy Buck.

Their relationship lasted for two decades before they called it off in 2011. After the divorce from Joe, Ann is living a relatively peaceful life with Scott Kitchel in Ladue, St. Louis. Occasionally, she appears on her daughter’s Instagram account.

Ann Archambault prefers to stay low-key about her personal life and stays out of the limelight, and she rarely makes public appearances.

With Michelle Beisner

Soon after Joe pursued reporting, Michelle Beisner has crafted out the broadcasting career herself. The TV personality currently works for ESPN.

She is a member of the Monday Night Countdown and Monday Night Football broadcast crew.

Through the help of a mutual friend, he asked for her number. Beisner had a bad impression of him beforehand, all due to his criticism.

She thought he was a proud and arrogant person. But soon after knowing him, she realized that he was very different. Shortly afterward, they began going out with each other.

Joe proposed to her after dating for less than a year. The couple became engaged in August 2013.

Currently, Joe is married to reporter Michelle Mary Beisner. On April 12, 2014, they tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As a matter of fact, they have been inseparable since they started dating.

On the other hand, the couple welcomed twin children, Wyatt Joseph Buck and Blake Andrew Buck, on April 26, 2018.

The family seems to get along with each other. The family still lives together in Florida. Above all, their bond is growing strong by each year.

Joe Buck’s career overview

Buck grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, wherein his father was the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals.

He started broadcasting in 1989. Inspired by his father, he eventually called play-by-play for Louisville Redbirds, a minor league affiliate of the Cardinals.

Soon after, he became a reporter for ESPN’s coverage of the Triple-A All-Star Game.

Joe with his Father
Joe with his Father

Shortly, he also worked alongside his father on local television and KMOX Radio to call the Cardinals game. Simultaneously, he was the play-by-play voice for the University of Missouri basketball broadcasts.

As a result, Buck gained experience as a broadcaster calling plays as an undergraduate. Eventually, this career path led him to broadcast nationally.

Joining Fox

Joe box was hired as an NFL announcer by Fox Sports back in 1994. Joe became the youngest man to announce a regular slate of National Football League games on network television at 25.

Just two years later, he became the youngest play-by-play announcer to call the World Series. He was twenty-seven then. Later, he announced baseball games starting in 1996 as the lead play-by-play analyst.

Meanwhile, Buck also hosted a talk show for HBO Sports, “Joe Buck Live,” in 2009, and hosts “Undeniable with Joe Buck” on DirecTV’s Audience Network.

Firstly, the seven-time Emmy Award winner has been the FOX play-by-play analyst for MLB since 1996. Next, he has called the 23 World Series.

Further, he has announced 25 MLB League Championship Series and is the MLB All-Star Games voice.

As of 2015, Buck also took on the announcer’s role for the U.S. Open in golf. All in all, He’s announced six Super bowl.

He has appeared in many shows like “Joe Black Classic,” “The Sporting News,” “Superbowl XL,” “Funny or Dies,” “Pitch,” and American Dad. Soon, he became the new host of NFL Films Presents in 2014.

Meanwhile, Joe also published an autobiography, “Lucky Bastard,” in 2016.

Joe recently found out that he will be joining his legendary father, Jack Buck, as he was also awarded Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In 1996, Jack Buck won the award, making him and Joe the first father-son duo to earn the distinction prize.

He is still working for Fox Channel, Fox’s Major League Baseball, and the National Football league. Whether you like Buck or not, his work profile is impressive.

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Joe Buck: Criticisms

But, despite this impressive resume, many sports fans would beg to differ regarding the quality of Buck’s announcement. Their main criticism is that he didn’t earn his spot in broadcasting by hard work.

Given that, sports fans have a love-hate relationship with Buck. Despite calling games since the age of 25, Buck has encountered many pessimists along the way.

Qualification as a Broadcaster

Some have expressed that he doesn’t show enough emotion and is just plain boring to watch. Some fans dislike his enthusiasm, while others find Buck to be an ineffective announcer.

Others attack his broadcasting style and lacking insight. Buck’s angriest opponents, though, accuse him of being biased. Buck also got many controversial calls.

Joe isn’t necessarily the greatest sports broadcaster ever, but the fan pick on his work goes too far.

Accusations of Nepotism

Fans accuse Buck’s success is merely due to nepotism. The major criticism of Buck is that he had a career largely due to his father.

The Huffington Post quoted Buck’s words on living in his father’s shadow as well as the impact of his Dad:

“I’m my dad’s kid, and I’m still, right or wrong, fighting that uphill battle, and I’m not saying that makes sense.”

Then he added,

“I mean my dad didn’t hire me at FOX… but it certainly gave me my start, and I think I’m always kind of fighting that.”

Buck has come a long way in his career, and he doesn’t usually let the haters get to him. Nevertheless, he learned to laugh it off.

Buck talks openly about the hate. He admits he’s seeing a therapist, help him keep the haters from getting under his skin.

Vocal Cord Diagnosed

People with a Taurus horoscope are predicated on suffering from both the neck and throat areas.

As a result, in 2011, shortly after broadcasting Super Bowl XLV for Fox, Joe informed he was diagnosed with a virus on his left vocal cord that drastically reduced his ability to speak.

Regardless, he continued to broadcast baseball for Fox during the 2011 season. After an operation, he resumed his position as the network’s lead NFL announcer that fall. 

In 2016, Joe revealed that the problem was not due to a virus but rather caused by anesthesia used during multiple hair transplantation procedures.

While talking with Graham Bensinger, Buck admits that the toughest thing he’s ever dealt with was the paralyzed vocal chord due to anesthesia used in his hair plug surgery.

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Joe Buck: Charities

Despite all these criticisms, he is still good at heart. Evidently, he is active in many local charities.

Joe giving opening speech at his charity event
Joe giving the opening speech at his charity event

Joe Buck hosts a Classic golf tournament that has raised more than $5 million since 2000.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Joe Buck Imaging Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The center acquires more than 15,000-square-feet in size.

The center also has X-Box games for patients, an aquarium, and baseball memorabilia.

Moreover, this unit provides various imaging services, including CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, fluoroscopy, and ultrasounds.

Also, it has the largest pediatric radiologist team in the region. Lastly, it performs more than 100,000 radiology exams a year.

Additionally, Buck also works closely with the Parkinson’s Foundation, Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club, and the City of Hope.

Joe Buck: Net Worth

This information isn’t always easy to find because, unlike athletes, broadcasters’ contractual information is strictly private. However, with several high-profile works from the last two decades, he has amassed a fair sum of wealth.

Joe takes an annual salary of $6 million further if you count NFL football games that total over $300,000 per game.

Also, he makes more money from other projects and endorsement deals with Holiday Inn, Budweiser, and National Car Rental. Occasionally, He gets actor gigs.

Currently, he’s one of the highest-paid sportscasters.

Finally, we can roughly estimate the total net worth of American sportscaster to be around $15 million.

Social Media Presence

Buck is an easy target on social media.

In June 2015, Buck announced he would quit Twitter. Buck explained that he quit Twitter because of negative people and allowing criticism to affect how he works.

The fan started a petition to remove him from the Fox broadcast team for the Royals’ appearance in the 2015 American League Championship Series.

Instagram: over 27k Followers
Twitter: over 269K Followers
Facebook: over 7k Followers


Did Joe Buck play any professional sports?

Joe has never played sports professionally, which has affected his credibility in sports fans’ eyes.

How much does Joe Buck make per year?

As per, Joe Buck makes $6 million each year.

Where does Joe buck live?

Joe currently lives in Florida.

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