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Kamil McFadden: Early life, Career & Net Worth

When you believe the universe is against you, that is when you work harder and show them who you are. That is the exact life story of the one and only Kamil McFadden.

Who is Kamil, you may ask? Kamil McFadden is an American actor who rose to fame after acting in KC Undercover’s Disney show.

But unlike his Disney character that has an inferiority complex in the show, Kamil is very confident in real life.

He supports the movement Melanin Monday that showcases how black people are proud of their heritage.

Kamil McFadden in the recent years.
Kamil McFadden in recent years.

Kamil had grown in the media’s eyes, with his first role coming in when he was just six years old. 

He had recently worked in the animated movie Rise of the Guardians in 2012.

In this article, you will find detailed information that there is to know about Kamil McFadden.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick and exciting facts just in case you did not know about the talented Kamil McFadden:

Full name Kamil McFadden
Date of birth 10th of September in 1996
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/10/1996″] Years Old
Birthplace Atlanta Georgia, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Kimberly Parks
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight 72 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $One million
Siblings Older brother
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Not Available
Profession Actor
Nickname Kamil
Salary Not Available
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2002 AD
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Kamil McFadden: Early Life

Kamil McFadden was born on 10th September of 1996. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.

KaKamil’s father’s name has not been revealed, and neither has any information about his profession or whereabouts. His dad was out of the picture when Kamil was just a baby. 

His mother’s name is Kimberly Parks. Unfortunately, any information about her profession and whereabouts has not been detailed.

He has an older brother. His brother’s name is Kimario McFadden. 

Despite being apart in age since the brothers grew up together, they were best friends. They still have an excellent bond to this day.

Since Kimberly was a single mother, she struggled to make ends meet, and the family struggled a lot. 

Kimberly made sure that her boys were raised right despite the financial hardships.

Kamil was homeschooled as a kid and was taught by Jinoki Ahmed. She taught him about the reenactment and the black movement’s history as a kid. 

Because of this, Kamil grew very aware of his culture and proud of his heritage.

Kamil was very fond of acting, singing, and dancing as a child.

And his mother was his biggest supporter and supported the fact that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

When he was just six, the actor auditioned for the Youth Ensemble in Atlanta, for which he was selected.

McFadden even got a chance to make a six-day tour in China because of this. 

After this opportunity, Kamil became known in the entertainment industry, which helped his career bloom. 

He never went to college as he had already started on his career path.

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Kamil McFadden: Personal Life

Kamil is an American citizen. Moreover, he is of Christian faith and is black in ethnicity.

Being born in September, Kamil is a Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign.

Virgo people have traits such as being loyal, humble, kind, stable, fun, and humorous.

Kamil is the perfect example of Virgos when it comes to their perfectionist side, as he puts all his efforts into his work.

Kamil is a nature lover and can be seen chasing a waterfall whenever he can. He also likes to go hiking and trekking in the nature trails.

Kamil sees nature as a part of himself and calls it his escape. He can be seen on vacations whenever he can.

Kmail loves a good book and listening to smooth jazz music in his free time. 

Kamil is an animal lover, and he often advocates for their rights. 

He is also part of the Melanin Monday movement. It is a movement about making people culturally aware.

Kamil is an extroverted person and loves to go out with his friends. He has remained free of controversies and maintains a good image in public.

Kamil is interested in photography and would have become a photographer if not an actor.

KaKamil’s brother Kimario was born on the 13th of April in 1991. Kimario is a professional football player.

He played football at the South Carolina University, and later, he was drafted by the NFL. 

He has played for the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and currently plays for the Toronto Argonauts.


Kamil has kept it hidden under the wraps all these years regarding his dating life. As a result, there are no rumors of him ever dating.

The actor is very private about his relationships. After being in the public eye, he wants to keep some things away from it.

Let us hope that when he is in a relationship, he tells the world about his relationship, he will do it so himself. 

The actor is straight in terms of sexual orientation.

Kamil McFadden: Professional Career

McFadden started his career with theatrical works in Raisin in the Sun and Library Dragon.

He has also worked in Holiday Urban Soup, Times, Jeremy, and the Lie.

He has also been cast in Houf of Payne for two episodes. Kamil has also worked in Cartoon Network’s Daily Wedgies and Fried Dynamite show. 

Kamil McFadden in the past.
Kamil McFadden in the past.

His most notable work came in the show KC Undercover where he worked alongside Zendaya. He played the role of the brother of the main character named Ernie.

Ernie Cooper has also guest-starred in the show Austin and Ally.

Hififilm’s credits include Grown Ups 2, Trammel, Peacock Feathered Blue, and An Evening with Andrew Young. 

 Kamil has expanded his horizon from being just on the screen to working as a voice actor.

He worked as a voice actor in Rise of the Guardian in 2012.

In recent years, Kamil has taken a break from the movie industry. Instead, he has been working on himself recently.

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Kamil McFadden: Net Worth

By being in the movie industry, Kamil has earned not only fame but also fortune to his name.

Kamil McFadden has an estimated net worth of $one million as of [current-year].

He mainly earns from his acting role, but he has also earned bucks from his brand endorsement deals and advertising deals. 

His exact annual income has not been detailed. Kamil does not indulge in a lavish life but rather enjoys a quaint life.

But it can be safely said that Kamil has a comfortable life because of his earnings.

Kamil McFadden: Net Worth

When it comes to height, Kamil is five feet and four inches tall. He weighs somewhere around 72 kgs.

His exact body measurements have not been revealed. Unfortunately, neither has information about his shoe size. 

Kamil has brown hair and brown eyes. He has a dark skin complexion.

The actor has an athletic build because of his daily workouts and balanced diet.

He has a good face structure and flawless skin. He does not have any visible tattoos.

Kamil McFadden: Social Media

Kamil is very active on social media. He uses Instagram and Twitter.

His Instagram is a verified account and has more than 238 thousand followers. In addition, he often shares pictures of his friend and colleagues.

While his Twitter account is also verified and has more than 13 thousand followers, he shares tweets about his upcoming projects.

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Is Kamil McFadden married?

No, Kamil McFadden is not married.

Does Kamil McFadden have any children?

Kamil McFadden does not have any children.

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